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Putin: Pfizer, Obama, Soros, Clintons, & Rockefeller’s Created Biolabs in Ukraine


President Vladimir Putin says Russia now has evidence that a slew of prominent politicians, Big Pharma companies and globalist billionaires participated in a global conspiracy in Ukraine involving biolabs.

According to the Russian MOD, the U.S. and other NATO nations have been engaged in illegal military-biological projects in Ukraine.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s former press secretary Iuliia Mendel complained on Twitter that Russia is spreading “baseless accusations that the U.S. military was developing secret biological weapons in Ukraine, but this time they were helped by the pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and Moderna.”

The Russian Defense Ministry again spread baseless accusations that the U.S. military was developing secret biological weapons in Ukraine, but this time they were helped by the pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and Moderna.

— Iuliia Mendel (@IuliiaMendel) May 11, 2022

NewsPunch has previously detailed the DOD-funded biolabs in Ukraine, and the illegal facilities have been confirmed by top U.S. officials.

Infowars.com reports: The U.S. Defense Department’s Biological Threat Reduction Program has provided funding to biolabs in Ukraine since then-Senator Barack Obama struck a deal back in 2005.

In a suspicious move, the US Embassy in Ukraine deleted documents related to the biolabs from its website when the story gained international attention.

The Russian government previously linked Hunter Biden, George Soros, the Pentagon & CDC to the biolabs, claiming, “The main objective of this project was to carry out a molecular analysis of particularly dangerous infections endemic to Ukraine.”

Russia has been complaining to the UN about these facilities for months, and now they have released more information allegedly linking Big Pharma companies to the scheme.

“It should be noted that the ideologues of US military-biological activities in Ukraine are the leaders of the Democratic Party,” Russia’s latest briefing stated. “Thus, through the US executive branch, a legislative framework for funding military biomedical research directly from the federal budget was formed. Funds were raised under state guarantees from NGOs controlled by the Democratic Party leadership, including the investment funds of the Clintons, Rockefellers, Soros and Biden.”

Documents released by the Russian government show a diagram featuring the parties allegedly involved.

The Russian MOD continued, “The scheme involves major pharmaceutical companies, including Pfizer, Moderna, Merck, and the US military-affiliated company Gilead. U.S. experts are working to test new medicines that circumvent international safety standards. As a result, Western companies are seriously reducing the cost of research programs and gaining a significant competitive advantage.”

According to Russia, one benefit of this widespread conspiracy is that “leaders of the Democratic Party” can use it to “generate additional campaign finance and hide its distribution.”

The German government is also named as an entity with biolabs in twelve countries, including Ukraine.

Russia stated, “On the German side, the program involves the Institute for Armed Forces Microbiology (Munich), the Robert Koch Institute (Berlin), the Loeffler Institute (Greifswald) and the Nocht Institute for Tropical Medicine (Hamburg).”

Vladimir Putin’s government noted, “The involvement of institutions subordinate to the Bundeswehr confirms the military orientation,” of the research Germany is engaged in.

Additionally, Poland was allegedly involved in some Ukrainian biolabs, jointly working alongside US-based Pentagon contractor Battelle Institute.

Russia added to its statement, warning, “provocations are being prepared to accuse the Russian Armed Forces of using weapons of mass destruction, followed by a ‘Syrian scenario’ investigation to fabricate the necessary evidence and assign blame.”

The Kiev administration’s request for personal skin and respiratory protection equipment to protect against toxic chemicals and biological contaminating agents is proof of the impending false flag, according to the Russian MOD.

“The special military operation of the Russian Armed Forces has crossed the US military-biological expansion in Ukraine and stopped criminal experiments on civilians,” the statement concluded.

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  1. But but but the ever relaible Herald has this….


    No one will ever deny that shit happens in war. In no conflict ever, has one side been squeaky clean. Some armies are tainted with higher levels of abuse, others less.

    However, my reading of this conflict is that the ASOV Nazis are the main perpetraitors of war crimes. And there are too many UK and USA commentators on this that support the Russian version of events for me to be completely mistaken.



    • I have seen videos that allege Russian war crimes, but I have seen lots of videos that show Russian prisoners shot in the legs and left to die. Yet only the alleged and debatable Russian war crimes are reported.
      I’ve said it several times already, both sides are bad, we should support neither and keep out of it.



  2. The anti Russian Propaganda in the media, YouTube, Facebook and other social media is so blatant to those looking for it. I had a very neutral comment on YouTube regarding the Russian invasion deleted. All I said was that NATO’s intervention in Kosovo was much the same rational that Russia has used in Ukraine, and that was enough to get it deleted.
    Now we have reports that Ukraine maybe in the process of asking for a cease fire. The media should get back to just reporting the facts and not twisting them.

    veritas vos liberabit.



  3. There was a noisy meeting in the Security Council at the request of Russia regarding the development of American biological weapons on its borders inside Ukraine:

    1- The Russian delegate handed over documents and evidence in the session record confirming the following:

    = Official Pentagon funding for an apparent biological weapons program in Ukraine

    = Names of American people and companies specialized in the evidence and documents involved in this program.

    = The locations of laboratories in Ukraine and the attempts made so far to hide evidence.

    2- The locations of the American laboratories that manufacture and test biological weapons in 36 countries around the world (12 countries more than the previous session).

    3- The diseases and epidemics, the means of their release, the countries in which they are being tested, and when and where the experiments were carried out with or without the knowledge of the governments of these countries.

    4- Among the experiments and relics is the virus responsible for the current pandemic and the huge number of bats used to transmit this virus.

    5- The peoples of America, France and Britain have, under the psychological pressure, been brainwashed into believing a fictional version of what is happening

    6- The World Health Organization denies knowledge of the biological experiments in Ukraine despite proof provided by Russia that its’ representatives regularly visited and were in correspondence with suspicious American laboratories around the world.

    7- China is asking why the US and UN desperately refuse to conduct an investigation by specialists to find out the truth, especially given the documents and compelling evidence?”



    • With that I one hundred percent agree. The left need a scape goat so Putin and Russia are it at the moment. Nobody must talk shit about the democratic West after the tyranny of Covid. Ther true colours came out on that one….



  4. Hmm why is this not headline news…


    Now watch things happen along the Donbass front.

    Reminds me of another Nazi leader that promised relief on the Eastern Front and forbad surrender…

    “He (Colonel Vladimir Baranyuk) was apprehended hiding in the fields together with a number of his men a few kilometers north of Mariupol.

    The commander of the marines now says the Ukrainian government lied to him and his troops in order to keep them fighting.

    “Kiev told us to hold on, [saying] that the units that will lift the blockade are coming, they’ll soon be here,” Baranyuk told RT.”

    Read the whole article https://www.rt.com/russia/555139-ukraine-mariupol-surrender-baranyuk/



    • RoL, I watch a YouTube channel and telegram chat called defence politics asia. It’s basically a Singaporean guy who monitors social media to get confirmation of claims and able to give updates everyday about where the front line probably actually is.
      Over the last few weeks, the Russian tactics have been clear and they’re winning. The retreat from around
      Kiev is because Russia doesn’t want to keep that part of Ukraine. It’s targeting the south east and coastal regions. I’m suspecting they’re destroying the massed army there and aim to grind them out.

      He’s quite funny to listen to and also reports on the wider Asian security issues. Like Turkey’s recent operations against the PPK.



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