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It’s the end of the line for Ukraine

RUSSIA is advancing on nearly all fronts in Ukraine, and the West’s armament deliveries have fallen 87 per cent in 2023 compared with 2022. There has been a 30 per cent fall in the supply of artillery shells of as the US diverted supplies to Israel. In Congress, Biden’s Democrats cannot get a $61billion package for Ukraine passed since the Republicans demand, as part of the total, sums for the existential crisis on the US’s southern border (where some 2million migrants are crossing yearly) and because Biden cannot say what the war aim in Ukraine is.

Ukrainian losses amount to about 400,000 troops killed or missing while Russian estimated losses vary between 50,000 and 250,000, but figures are very unreliable. The Ukrainian ‘counter-offensive’ has been a disaster with Russia gaining more ground than Ukraine since it began.

The extent of the sudden realisation that the West has foolishly believed its own propaganda but must now recognise impending defeat is clear from the hopelessly naive Daniel Hannan in the Sunday Telegraph. On July 15 2023 he wrote: ‘Take away Russia’s nuclear weapons – for Putin is finished and his country may soon collapse.’

But on December 9 2023 he was forced to admit: ‘Putin’s Russia is closing in on a devastating victory. Europe’s foundations are trembling.’

Even where Ukraine has made ground (in the Kherson area and around Rabotino) their troops are either being decimated in Krynki on the East bank of the Dniepr or retreating again around Rabotino. 

The Odessa publication Dumskaya writes: ‘The operation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to maintain a bridgehead on the left bank of the Dniepr is meaningless and only leads to large losses. Marines cross the river and most are killed as they approach the shore. Those who survived and crossed over will be ironed with everything that is in the Russian arsenal. People are just constantly being thrown across the river – wave after wave. There is no talk of any further breakthrough; now the forces are being wasted simply on staying there. For what? In this regard, the ongoing attempts to throw the Marines on to the left bank are something beyond good and evil.’

Following the pattern of hopeless resistance in other battles (Mariupol, Bakhmut) Zelensky refuses the advice of his generals to retreat and consolidate and instead throws decreasingly effective troops to their deaths for the sake of ‘heroic’ media headlines. No wonder so many have died, and Zelensky is at loggerheads with the Chief of the Armed Forces Valerii Zaluzhnyi with whom he no longer communicates directly. Increasingly other Ukrainian leaders such as former President Poroshenko and the Mayor of Kiev, Vitali Klitschko, are taking Zaluzhnyi’s side. The massive losses at the front have led to demonstrations in Kiev and elsewhere.

Following Zelensky’s failed trip to Washington and the frosty reception he got, he is threatened both by insurrection at home and lack of both military and political support from his Western allies.

The former CIA intelligence officer Larry Johnson, evidently still with contacts within the agency, says Zelensky has asked for security guarantees for his escape from Ukraine. The Italian publication Antidiplomatico writes that the Ukrainian leader was found a ‘safe’ successor in the person of his head of administration Andrey Yermak.

So desperate is the Biden administration to finance and arm Ukraine for the further slaughter of its citizens that the Secretary of State for Defence Lloyd Austin actually threatened congressmen in a closed committee session that if they did not authorise more funds for Ukraine, ‘we will send your uncles, cousins and sons to fight in Ukraine’. Needless to say, this disgraceful threat further turned Congressmen and women against the government.

There are already 62,000 women in the Ukraine Armed Forces and women are now working down mines, replacing the men conscripted into the army. The desperation of the Kiev Government can be seen not just in the recruitment of men up to the age of 70 and the vicious pressgangs dragging men off the streets but in this Ministerial Order which states: ‘In order to avoid suicide attempts in combat positions, new arrivals do not issue ammunition to mobilised (ie conscripts) military personnel.’

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      I agree it was a bit on the tiny side.
      ( a bit like a couple of blokes wives that they were skiteing about last night.) Knee high to grasshoppers apparently).

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  1. Just reading a Tolkien short story, called “The Story of Kullervo”. It’s based on a story written by a forgotten Finnish people whom lived in a land frequently conquered by Swedes and Russia over the years: “The Kalevala”. He structured his Elvish language and some of the Lord of the Rings mythology on these long forgotten people. The history of Greece/Europe/Russia/Mediterranea is a history of genocided peoples. Ukraine soil is famously fertile, but no one knows it is from a human blood & bone fertiliser



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