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Putin Will Tell Blackrock to Fuck Off




Ukraine will unconditionally surrender and then Russia will void any arrangements BlackRock made with the Zelensky regime, Scott Ritter says

The war will end with Ukraine’s unconditional surrender to Russia or, if NATO intervenes, it will end with the absolute destruction of Ukraine, Scott Ritter said.

Ritter feels it is more likely Ukraine will unconditionally surrender.  On this basis, he said, BlackRock will never realise the investment opportunities it is creating in collaboration with the Ukrainian government.  “Because Ukraine is going to lose the war, and Russia will make null and void any arrangement that Blackrock has signed.”

According to Ritter, Zelensky is a tool of Western intelligence and of Western governments who used him to manipulate Ukraine into serving as a proxy of NATO in a larger conflict against Russia.

“He is an actor who has been ably reading scripts handed to him by his CIA and MI6 masters.  And he had a successful first season, we could say. The show was well written and the product was seen by the viewership as being worthy of continued support,” Ritter said.

“But the second season has not been so successful. The second season, I guess we could have called it the ‘season of the counter-offensive’. And the counter-offensive has failed egregiously, and now the West is stuck with an actor whose script no longer motivates.”

Scott Ritter is a former Marine intelligence officer who served in the former Soviet Union, implementing arms control agreements, and on the staff of General Norman Schwartzkopf during the Gulf War, where he played a critical role in the hunt for Iraqi SCUD missiles.

Last week, Ritter joined Global Research News Hour to share his thoughts about the looming demise of the Russia/Ukraine war, the creation of the Ukraine Reconstructive Bank and his trip to Russia earlier this year.

Zelensky Has a Bad Trip

As Volodymyr Zelensky left Europe, we saw Poland begin to turn its back on Ukraine. And this is a very problematic issue for Ukraine, Ritter said.

“Poland serves as a conduit, a physical conduit, of munitions being sent to Ukraine. Polish personnel have fought by the tens of thousands in Ukraine on the side of the Ukrainian army as mercenaries. Poland has turned over significant numbers of tanks, artillery pieces, and riding vehicles. And now Poland has said it will no longer participate in that, that they will no longer send military equipment to Ukraine.

“And so, having Poland turned its back on Zelensky and on Ukraine was basically the precursor for what turned out to be a disastrous trip.”

Zelensky’s disastrous trip began at the 78th session of the United Nations (“UN”) General Assembly.  The theme of the session was ‘Rebuilding trust and reigniting global solidarity: Accelerating action on the 2030 Agenda and its Sustainable Development Goals towards peace, prosperity, progress, and sustainability for all’.

There are five permanent member states on the UN Security Council – but of all their leaders, Joe Biden was the only one to show up.  Zelensky also showed up and gave a speech.  “I welcome all who stand for common efforts,” he began.

“[Zelensky] spoke … to a largely empty conference room. The people that flocked to hear him in the past no longer care with what he says, because he’s irrelevant,” said Ritter.

Then Zelensky went to Capitol Hill.  “When he went to Washington D.C., he got snubbed by Congress,”  Ritter said.

Slate reported that House speaker, Kevin McCarthy, not only declined Zelensky’s request to address a joint session of Congress but barred him from the chamber’s private meeting room, directing the few House Republicans who wanted to greet him to do so at the National Archives, nearly a mile away.

“And then, with his tail between his legs, he flew off to Canada. Here, he met with Prime Minister Trudeau in the Canadian Parliament and got some arousing ovations from the Parliament as he delivered his presentation. But near the end of his presentation, the camera panned to an individual in the audience who stood up to receive the applause of Zelensky,” Ritter said.

The person who stood up to receive the applause was Yaroslav Hunka, a member of the criminal Nazi SS Galizien formation.

“This gentleman was singled out, he stood up, and he received a standing ovation from Parliament. Parliament literally applauded a Nazi,” Ritter added.

On 26 September, Poland’s Education Minister Przemysław Czarnek said he had “taken steps” toward extraditing Hunka:

Politico reported that in a letter to Poland’s Institute of National Remembrance, a body that researches and investigates past crimes against the Polish nation, Czarnek asked it to “urgently examine” whether Hunka is wanted for crimes against Polish people of Jewish origin, adding that “signs of such crimes are grounds to apply to Canada for his extradition.”

How will the Ukraine/Russia War End?

“This is just going to be unconditional Russian victory,” Ritter told Global Research.

“That’s the only way this war ends unless NATO intervenes and then this war ends with a general nuclear exchange and it terminates all life on the planet as we know it.

“There will be no truce, there will be no ceasefire, there will be no frozen conflict. There will be no forever war.  This war is going to end – I can’t give you an exact date and time – but it will end, and it will end with Ukraine’s unconditional surrender to Russia, or it will end with the absolute destruction of Ukraine.”

On 28 July 2022, during a news conference, Senator Lindsay Graham offered up Ukrainian lives in the fight against Russia: “As long as we help Ukraine with the weapons they need and economic support they will fight to the last person.”

When Max Blumenthal, founder and editor-in-chief of The Grayzone, addressed the UN Security Council a year later he noted that Ukraine was well on its way to fulfilling Graham’s ghoulish fantasies about the US fighting “this war to the last Ukrainian.”

Ritter agrees that Graham was being serious about his threat.  “When US Senator Lindsey Graham said that this conflict will be fought to the last Ukrainian, he was serious,” he said.

“This [war] will not end any other way. Either total Russian victory or general nuclear war … To avoid a general nuclear war, the West is going to have to accept the reality that Russia is going to win, and they’re going to win on Russian terms … This war ends when Russia decides this war ends.

“The reason why Ukraine lost this war is because the West pushed it into this conflict and then continued [supplying] Ukraine full of weapons and money to sustain this war. Russia is not going to end this war without achieving the objectives that it set out to achieve.”

BlackRock’s Interest in Ukraine

In June, BlackRock and JPMorgan Chase partnered with the Ukrainian government to establish a reconstruction bank. However, it seems BlackRock is more actively involved in the scheme than JPMorgan.  In the third week of June, it was BlackRock and the Government of Ukraine that conducted meetings with public and private sector investors to provide further details on the Ukraine Development Fund’s (“UDF’s”)  progress.

The UDF is designed as a national Development Finance Institution. It aims to attract significant private investment, potentially amounting to hundreds of billions of dollars.  In March, the World Bank’s estimates for reconstruction and recovery in Ukraine grew to US $411 billion, 2.6 times greater than the country’s entire GDP for 2022. Ukraine hopes the cost estimate will continue to rise and rise again, US think tank Wilson Centre wrote.

One of the priorities of the UDF is to “support Ukraine’s role in decarbonisation and the green transition and as the gateway to European energy security. This will strengthen Ukraine’s role as a key partner to the global community in decarbonisation, establishing new sources of energy for Ukraine, Europe, and the world.”

The Ukrainian government is well aware, the United Nations stated in April, that achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”) by 2030 requires “ensuring optimal use of its public resources while mobilising and effectively using funding from governments, international organisations, and private businesses.”

With achieving decarbonisation and SDGs high on the list of priorities, we would be forgiven for thinking that the UN, various governments (including Ukraine’s), and BlackRock have forgotten Ukraine is in the middle of a war.

“War is a racket and Blackrock is a racketeer. They’re not there to help Ukraine, they’re there to make money,”  Ritter said.

“The good news for Ukraine is that BlackRock will never have an opportunity to do any of this. Because Ukraine is going to lose the war, and Russia will make null and void any arrangement that Blackrock has signed.

“The Zelensky government will no longer exist when this war is done and the Ukrainian government that will replace it will not be inclined to honour any agreement made with Blackrock. So, it’s totally irrelevant.”

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  1. Somehow I just can’t see Zelensky capitulating.
    Whatever will he do with his wardrobe of green fatigues?
    We’ll only be rid of the idiot if Putin toasts him in an air strike.
    They’ll pretend he died a hero and we can all get on.



  2. And then, of course, there are the Kiwi politicians who are enthusiastically ‘Pro-Ukrainian’ and who have quite willingly sent members of the NZ military forces to the area as ‘advisors’…

    Some even have connections with Blackrock…



  3. The Ukraine ‘meat grinder’ is now chewing through women and old men. Can’t last much longer with the cold and lack of provisions.

    The war would have been over before it barely started if not for large US funding. Cut the funding and the snake dies but Biden has secrets to keep hidden.



    • Almost finished in April last year.

      Then Boris Johnson, he that is married to Princess NutNut, Wife Number XX??, went there to tell him to continue war.
      UK/US want war.
      Neither are particularly good at it but their bankers tell them to continue,

      Johnson, another Covid tyrant from November 2021 gone, with D Andrews, ardern
      More to come.



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