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QR Code Used By Police To Track You

Letter to the Editor CAIRNS NEWS

Covid cops are tracking you

Scary thing just happened. We are on the Central Coast of NSW. I was talking to one son on the phone and he got a geo-location text from the NSW Police about a missing person. Next my others son’s phone pinged, same message. Then my phone as well.Checked on-line and people were getting this message on their phones from as far away as Western Australia.So it looks like the information about the Police building a database from QR check-ins was correct and this first text was to get people used to Police surveillance and to accept the fact that they will know where you are at all times. Up-date, just heard Tasmanian person just got the message as well. This is unwelcome news for Australians.

from Irene Lewism Central Coast

This is nothing new. The below story is from 2017

Delhi Police can now track your cab ride via QR code, make calls to check on you

Ten kaali-peeli taxis at the Delhi airport have been provided QR codes during trial runs for the project. The code can be scanned by passengers to reach the Delhi Police control room which will then monitor their journey.
A card will be pasted behind the driver’s seat bearing a QR code, besides the drivers name and other details.(Photo: Sourced)
A card will be pasted behind the driver’s seat bearing a QR code, besides the drivers name and other details.
Next time you are travelling alone in a cab, you can ask Delhi Police control room to look out for you.Cabs in Delhi are being provided with a Quick Response (QR) code, which passengers can scan using Himmat app to inform police about their journey. The app was launched as a safety measure for women by the Delhi Police 2015. Passengers who do not have the app or are not carrying a smartphone can also avail the facility by sending an SMS.

The trial run for the project started on Thursday with the QR code being installed in 10 kaali-peeli taxis operating at Delhi airport. Besides the QR code, the card that will be pasted behind the driver’s seat, will also have photograph of the driver and other details.

“The moment a passenger scans the QR code, the details will reach our special control room which has been set up specially for this purpose. The monitoring system will generate an SMS and send it to the passenger’s mobile phone as an alert,” said Sanjay Baniwal, special commissioner of police (airport and modernisation).


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  1. Seriously, I’m not a paranoia sufferer but My advice is be very careful what you post on any social media site ,its just to easy for overreaching government departments to form lists of Citizens they would visit first if the populace finally says “no more” and social unrest breaks out.
    Your comments give away your politics, vaccine status, sexuality, wealth status and with algorithms also your state of mind about the present administration, be careful people because as sure as night follows day they are WATCHING YOU, it’s to much of an opportunity for them to ignore.



    • RevT, this is what happened in the Soviet Bloc countries from their formation and until the fall of of the Soviet Bloc, but without the modern technology. It was people dobbing in their neighbours, family and friends, much like what our PM has asked the good people of New Zealand to do.




        • I had a we incinerator fire the other week, no fire ban, some smoke went over the boundary and I got a visit from the fire brigade, Not the first time either, what a fucking waste of their time, I hope someone is monitoring this!!! Love thy neighbour lol.



    • Your comments give away your politics, vaccine status, sexuality, wealth status and with algorithms also your state of mind about the present administration…

      You are right, loose lips sink ships.

      That is why all posts should be respectful of the professionals in police, medical, and other fields. Rational, logical informed debate is preferable to slagging off…



      • Are you fucking kidding me? Slags and dicks like all our our present politicians and top plod are not worthy of respect, rational, logical, informed debate. Until they change their mode of action, I am not going to make any changes.
        Respect HAS to be earned.



          • In the ferald, some ken wanted to dob in someone and didn’t because they wanted his name an number.
            He didn’t want to and is having a weep in the media!
            Suck it up petal! If you didn’t leave your name, I Would overload the system dobbing all ken and karens in!



        • ED,
          My key words were “respectful of professionals”. I know professional Police, ex Police, Doctors and Nurses etc. Many of these fine people have been forced into compliance, but in no way agree with it. I also find Robert Malone, Peter McCullough, Luc Montagnier, etc as very professional.

          The rabble that are pushing the vaccines in order to do the bidding of Pfizer, Gates, Fauci et all, may have jobs and titles that somehow give them a piece of paper that has the word “professional” stamped on it, but they are rank amateurs. They offer spin, cliches, jargon, and grandiose sweeping generalities instead of responding to specifics.

          The professionals reading these blogs voluntarily, and those on the fence that harbour nagging doubts despite their govt job description, both deserve rational and respectful debate in order to create seeds of doubt and give certainty they are not alone, and that their logic is not flawed. Good logic is always appealing to the rational mind. Anger not so much.

          Those amateur imposters who pretend to be professionals together with those in the service of their miscreant overlords, will not be swayed by foul language and insults. If anything, our irrational objections simple prove to them that we are misguided conspiracy theorists.

          As an example of that concept, I have never won an argument with a JW at my door. The more you argue, the more they obsessively dig in “to save your soul”. Over the years I have however left many pondering or in doubt of their own convictions by simply asking a directed question.

          With “Covid and the Vaccines” (I know, it sounds like a millennial punk rock band), and for that matter climate change, I find no amount of arguing or berating does any good. A directed question or two, that would require them to do actual research helps.

          Especially when you tell them “I’m happy to listen and discuss the matter in depth once you have researched the question properly and come back with your research findings, including raw data, and until such time the subject is shelved.” If they claim to “have done the research” I ask about what processes they used, or “how did you get on with XYZ analytical process?” or “explain to me the primary, and secondary lung defense mechanisms?”, or “explain to me the spike protein, and the impact it has.”

          Specifics have a way of leveling the playing field, Specifics are also vital in dealing with narcissists, and people and populations caught up the narcissist’s mind games.

          The only way to to stop an idiot in his tracks is to have him believe he is one step away from walking and falling into a bottomless pit, that no amount of digging will get him out of.

          Being respectful also allows those on the fence to go the right way without a ton of “I told you so” or abuse waiting to greet them.

          If things get really bad, and words no longer count, then it will probably be said 90% of police and military that will jump the fence to enforce Nuremberg 2.0 or to fight for our rights.

          Let the idiots on the other side feed their aggression and go to the dark side. Only by controlling our urges to fight or run do we stand to overcome the dark side.

          Change is coming. You are moire likely to see police and army do the right thing in the face of calm certainty and resistance, than unhinged opposing aggression. I hope to see core Green party zealots implode and pull away from Labour or demand Shaw’s resignation. I hope to see whistleblowers coming out, combined with more unexplained vaccine deaths. We have to remain vigilant, because people on the fence will be drawn to those who stand on principle, in order to seek safety. We need to make them feel welcome, instead of being fearful of loose unpredictable units.

          That is my opinion. I may be wrong however.



          • Very well put DH. The only problem I have with these leftie idiots is they only understand one thing. Force. They are all cowards and bullies.
            Fighting fire with fire is the only way to fight a bully.
            Let them realise they are not going to win this fight and WE will win.
            That Gandhi quote has never been more true
            They have ignored us
            They have laughed at us
            They are fighting us
            We will win.



  2. The whole check in thing was a ruse to know where you are and what you are doing etc etc. We are living in a new age, full of liebour supporters who will all have jobs checking where we go and what we say life in the future. It looks so bright and friendly, relaxed and so joyful it makes me wish I were about 6 years old so I could live a life in this exciting new world///////////



    • Whats this check in stuff all about /// . I have never done it , I never downloaded the government app as I’m pretty sure they don’t actually need you to scan in, if you have app on phone with your gps location turned on . I also have never received any of the government warnings that my wife’s and kids phones get.



  3. In nz our qr codes cant track you cuz cindy said so…
    It sends no data to the govt, ok but who else dose it send it too? Somehow the govt knows how many scan ins perday are done, dose that laminated qr report back or is the app sharing dats? Hmmmm

    The plus side of this is our police will be able to closely monitor gangs and target them//



      • PAO

        It is difficult for the average man to take action against someone who is not breaking the law or presenting civil unrest. The puppeteers know this, so they use lockdowns, discrimination, breaking businesses etc to cause law abiding citizens to snap and attack, making it easy for the authorities to take action against an “aggressive and unhinged” group. Also the reason that label those against this vaccine as anti-vaxxers. and many other tactics.

        We can’t take action against a law abiding public, so we have to construe things so that they are law breakers, thereby reducing the guilt and hesitancy from those we are paying and directing to suppress the innocent.

        All this is in the Marxist playbook.



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