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Quarantine Has Killed More Seniors Than Covid-19




  • British Medical Journal: Quarantine Has Killed More Seniors Than Covid-19

Baxter Dmitry

A report in the British Medical Journal this week suggests the coronavirus lockdown may have already killed more UK seniors than Covid-19 in April and May.

Of the 30,000 “excess deaths” in UK senior homes in April and May, only 10,000 were from Covid-19, according to the British Medical Journal, one of the world’s most respected medical publications.

Multiple British health officials have conceded that many of the remaining 20,000 excess deaths were related to isolation and diminished access to health care due to severe quarantine conditions.

According to health officials, the unexplained “excess deaths” may have occurred because the lockdown prevented seniors from accessing health care.

David Spiegelhalter, chair of the Winton Centre for Risk and Evidence Communication at Cambridge University, said that Covid-19 does not explain the high number of deaths taking place in the community.

At a briefing hosted by the Science Media Centre on 12 May, Spiegalhalter said “the huge number of unexplained extra deaths in homes and care homes is extraordinary. When we look back . . . this rise in non-covid extra deaths outside the hospital is something I hope will be given really severe attention.

As per the BMJ:

David Leon, professor of epidemiology at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, agreed. “Some of these deaths may not have occurred if people had got to hospital,” he said. “How many is unclear. This issue needs urgent attention, and steps taken to ensure that those who would benefit from hospital treatment and care for other conditions can get it.

According to Robert F. Kennedy Jr., responsibility for these deaths lies squarely at the feet of Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates and their disastrous “one sided risk assessments” that plunged the world into chaos.

These victims are only the first wave of quarantine casualties with millions more on the way from unemployment, isolation, despair, deferred medical treatments for diabetes, tuberculosis, hypertension and cancer, disruption to supply chains for foods and medicines and the obliteration of social safety nets as nations cut costs to repay trillions in accumulated debt,” Kennedy Jr. explained on his Instagram page.

Neither Tony Fauci nor Bill Gates ever tallied these tragic deaths into their one sided risk assessments.”

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  1. I am sure it is the same situation here too, but we will never hear about it, to contentious for our ptpm. Every day in every way I hate this col more and more. I think they cannot get any worse but yes they can, and they do.



  2. Hold up there!
    We have retained the images of rest home decimation, backed up morgues, coffins stacked up, but that is only for a few countries that were and are late with monitored quarantine for travelers, and belated on “lock downs”.

    [Australian] Funeral directors across the country have been struggling with a massive drop in trade since the federal government introduced strict social distancing measures in March.
    In places like China, Spain, Italy, Iran and the US, undertakers were so overwhelmed by the number of bodies piling up from COVID-19, coffins were in short supply and funeral homes could no longer cope with the influx of deceased.
    Although public health experts feared Australia would suffer a similar fate, the nation’s overall death rate appears to be dropping.


    We will be much more aligned with Aussie.

    So there will be a catch up to average things out, then there is what happens then plus the consequences of postponed health care, elective surgery, scanning etc..



  3. Heard a radio advert yesterday from a resthome group wanting more inmates to move in as they were open for business again. Three squares a day and locked up must appeal to some, I suppose!



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