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Man stabbed at Christchurch petrol station

A man has been taken to hospital after a stranger stabbed him twice at a petrol station in Christchurch.

The man and a woman entered the BP service station, at the intersection of Edgeware Rd and Cranford St, about 6.30am on Sunday. 

Police said two men entered the station a short time later and walked to the seating area.

As the man and woman left the building, one of the men in the seating area made an offensive gesture towards them.

The man and woman kept walking, but the man returned shortly after with another associate.

He was then approached by one of the men in the seating area, and stabbed twice with a small knife.

The 27-year-old was taken to Christchurch Hospital in a serious but stable condition.

A police spokeswoman said she understood the injured man remained in hospital on Sunday afternoon.

The offender, who was not known to the victim, was initially wearing a black top and black pants but later put on a red T-shirt with ITALIA on the back.

No comment from our virtue signalling PM yet. I won’t hold my breath in wait for her to say sorry.

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      • Henderson Cresc. and that Merivale area of Tauranga has always been problematic. The Mongrel Mob were fairly strong there a while back. I used to live in Esk St. until 1994. Back then, a bloke across the gulley in Hampton Tce. was threatening his girlfriend, and her son got a .22 and shot him. Heard the shots and saw the cops get there in a matter of minutes. I believe he survived, but doubt if he is her boyfriend anymore.



        • Most of them gone these days. Accessible Properties own the old HNZ properties and they rent them to the more needy as they can. Got a couple of houses in there. Great tenants. Lots of new houses going into the infils there. No 1 Oxford just sold for a steal.
          Remember the MIlosi’s? They are bad bastards. MM and into all manner of shit. Mostly moved to the mount these days. Had one as a neighbour years back. Not part of the gang and a good guy, but the brother was a total piece of shit. The old man got locked up and while he was in there the bad one sold all his gear. When he got out and found it gone went after his son with a shooter. Had a shot up in Merivale. Unfortunately didn’t do the job properly. Samoan by birth they all were.



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