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Rationale behind my Posts




Some have noticed and commented on my  propensity in using overseas websites for my information. There is much more factual news about what is happening in New Zealand on the web, than what we can ever get from our own MSM.

Since changing to Parler for my “Twitter fix”, the likelyhood of false news has been reduced enormously. The comments from like minded commenters is heartening to say the least. They link you to information that you would never see on Twitter and Facebook.

I remember Paul Holmes saying years ago that he wasn’t “On the Twitter” Only “Twits” still use Twitter, when there is a more conservative site more suited to our views. You will not get banned or censored for anything on Parler. Try it.


  1. New Zealand is so poorly served by both our print media and television that were it not for the internet I would not have a clue as to what is going on in the big, wide world out there. This blog is a breath of fresh air, keep up the good work!



    • It is such a relief to find there are other NZ’ers who were also finding the world a confusing, tetchy and overly sensitive, virtue-signalling quagmire of lefty speak. Finding blogs with like minded individuals gave me heart that we could save NZ from the oppressive world-wide Marxist agenda in every western country being manipulated to move in the same direction.



  2. NZ MSM will become extinct as it continues its leftwards path, its already irrelevant as declining newspaper sales demonstrate , but interesting that local papers are holding their own. There are so few facts and detail in NZ MSM reporting that there is more NZ news in the UK/US media.



    • The media playbook is alter the facts to match the narrative, for example, Nick Sandmann blocked the Native American War Veteran and maliciously smiled whilst doing so.

      Don’t mention the story at all unless absolutely forced to, for example, ignoring Project Veritas’ revelations on Google until Trump twitted about it, and then only barely.

      Present only half the story; pepper the story with some facts. For example, only mention the bits out Tarrant’s manifesto that match the narrative and conveniently ignore that which is inconvenient.

      Outright lie but with the cover of a crazy or anonymous person (a non credible source), for example, Brett Kavanaugh being a rapist or serial rapist.



  3. I for one am loving the refreshing content on YSB. I fear that it’s only a matter of time before you will call down the wrath of the fascist left offenderati though. While visitor numbers were low, they could write you off as “fringe” as traffic volumes increase you will become the enemy and you will start to experience the intolerance of the “tolerant” left.

    I hope that you have the ability (with I imagine support from YSB regulars if necessary) to withstand the storm – I fear that YSB is fast becoming the only refuge for ordinary, decent NZers (WOBH has become niche and vanilla and DPF has returned to his globalist NWO roots – I’ve not ‘clicked’ yet with “The Right Politics but I’m hopeful though).

    Good work Ed and thank you



  4. I listened to Rodney Hide on Peter Williams political panel on my way into town this morning. Rodney believes the election is in the bag for “the opposition” due to the plastic bag ban and the lack of new roads being built, and the virtue-signalling claptrap such as the EV and electric car subsidy for Ponsonby knobs. He said the politicians and media were increasingly living in an echo chamber and they are completely unaware of what the average hardworking Kiwi out in the provinces and suburbs was thinking. He suggested Kiwi voters are just trying to get to work on clogged roads, or trying to pick up some groceries after work with 2-3 kids in tow and being told they can’t have a plastic bag to carry everything home! He reckons the CoL will be punished for their nanny state policies.
    I do hope he is correct!!




  5. I never watch CNN as I always believed it stood for Clintons National News.

    So bloody biased and left wing.

    I heard that the media here follow CNN.



    • Call themselves journalists/reporters they should be ferreting out news from a variety of sources, not following one outlet.



  6. Christchurch mosque shooting: Dunedin man charged with possessing livestream footage


    The Dunedin man was declined bail – on that and other charges – yesterday by Judge Kevin Phillips.

    The reasons for that decision are suppressed.

    No plea was entered to the charge and the defendant will appear in court again next month.

    In June, the accused gunman pleaded not guilty to 51 counts of murder and 40 counts of attempted murder.

    He is scheduled to go on trial in the High Court at Christchurch in May next year.

    Justice Denied.
    Who will be next???
    Have we a Barrister or even a Judge that can slap this censorshop in the arse?



  7. I can understand your reservation about getting trapped in an echo chamber Melahi and I think this is possibly a real concern.

    I don’t have a solution except to say that you can judge a forum by the language used and more importantly, by the range of different topics which are brought to the forum.

    Whilst the huge majority of commenters on ysb are very much in broad agreement, this blog is much more than just a series of mindless slogans, insults and rants.

    There is much more actual discussion and examples etc here than there would be if it was simply an echo chamber. And the huge majority of comments here are very well written, which shows that there is a high level of education and intelligent thinking being represented.



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