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Greenhouse gases cannot physically cause observed global warming

The World Is Warming

All four major analyses of Earth’s average surface temperatures (NASA, NOAA, Hadcrut4, and Berkeley Earth) document global warming since 1970 of approximately 0.9 degrees Celsius (1.6 degrees Fahrenheit). The hottest year on record is 2016, with 2017, 2018, and most likely 2019 all being cooler.  Most climate scientists are convinced, based on greenhouse-warming theory, that this warming is caused primarily by increased burning of fossil fuels, causing increasing emissions of greenhouse gases, that are absorbing increasing amounts of infrared radiation emitted by Earth. Annual, average concentrations of carbon dioxide measured on Mauna Loa, Hawaii, have increased from 326 ppm in 1970 to 409 ppm in 2018 (25%). Most climate scientists are convinced that we must decrease burning of fossil fuels substantially and promptly in order to prevent dangerous overheating of Earth during the next few decades.

Why the Physics of Greenhouse-Warming Theory Appears to Be Mistaken

Greenhouse-warming theory, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, posits that greenhouse gases, primarily water vapor (H2O), carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrous oxide (N2O), methane (CH4) and ozone (O3)

“absorb terrestrial radiation emitted by Earth’s surface and elsewhere in the atmosphere. These substances emit infrared radiation in all directions, but, everything else being equal, the net amount emitted to space is normally less than would have been emitted in the absence of these absorbers. … An increase in the concentration of greenhouse gases increases the magnitude of this effect.”

Greenhouse-warming theory is thus based on the fundamental assumption described by Joseph Fourier in 1822 (Page 3) that the average temperature at Earth’s surface will increase if the net amount of terrestrial radiation reaching space becomes less than the net amount of solar radiation reaching Earth, often explained as the Earth-atmosphere energy balance, Earth’s energy budget, Earth’s radiation budget, tracking Earth’s energy, or Earth’s energy balance).

Since 1798, physicists have thought of heat as thermal energy in transfer—a flux through some surface measured in watts per square meter, where watts are the number of joules of energy passing through the surface each second. Climate scientists calculate radiative forcings, which are the net changes in flux (downward minus upward) caused by changes in concentrations in the atmosphere of each type of greenhouse gas, dust, black carbon soot, smoke from biomass burning, aerosols, volcanic aerosols, contrails, and such, or caused by any changes in radiation from Sun. They add these radiative forcings together to estimate changes in temperature.

Thus greenhouse-warming theory is based on the assumption that (1) radiative energy can be quantified by a single number of watts per square meter, (2) the assumption that these radiative forcings can be added together, and (3) the assumption that Earth’s surface temperature is proportional to the sum of all of these radiative forcings. A fundamentally new understanding of the physics of thermal energy and the physics of heat, described below, shows that all three assumptions are mistaken. There are other serious problems: (4) greenhouse gases absorb only a small part of the  radiation emitted by Earth, (5) they can only reradiate what they absorb, (6) they do not reradiate in every direction as assumed, (7) they make up only a tiny part of the gases in the atmosphere, and (8) they have been shown by experiment not to cause significant warming. (9) The thermal effects of radiation are not about amount of radiation absorbed, as currently assumed, they are about the temperature of the emitting body and the difference in temperature between the emitting and the absorbing bodies as described below.

The thermal effects of radiation are not about amount of radiation absorbed, as currently assumed, they are about the temperature of the emitting body and the difference in temperature between the emitting and the absorbing bodies.

Heat is, in concept, what a body of matter must absorb to get warmer and emit to get cooler. Defining heat as thermal energy in transfer completely sidesteps the issue of what thermal energy is physically in matter and in radiation. Physics is supposed to be about what is physically happening in Nature. What physically is thermal energy? What physically is heat? Once we can answer these questions, then we can observe how, physically, thermal energy and heat flow through matter, through air, and through space?

What Physically Is Thermal Radiation?

Visible colors of sunlight separated by a prism.In 1672, Isaac Newton showed, using a prism and lenses, that sunlight is made up of a broad spectrum of colors and that these colors physically coexist within sunlight—they are displayed by but not created by the prism. Newton also showed that by using a second prism, he could combine the colors back into white light.

We observe that these colors do not interact with each other in any way in air and space—only when in the immediate presence of matter. We refer to these colors as the visible spectrum extending from red through violet, but they clearly form a continuous spectrum or continuum meaning a continuous sequence of shades of color in which adjacent colors are not perceptibly different from each other, although the extremes are quite distinct. The human eye can detect about ten million distinct colors.

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  1. At a recent Social Function I queried an acquaintance (Who swears we are all doomed- As he read it in Stuff) as to why Greta attacks Donald Trump and the United States but quietly ignores China, India and Africa (The worst polluters on the planet)
    His response-
    He rolled his eyes, smirked and said “OK Boomer”
    (*I am 25 years too-young to be a ‘Boomer’)

    These people are morons.



    • Yes these people are morons. I was speaking to a 40 year old woman the other day who asked me in a genuinely concerned voice “Are you a climate change denier?” She wasn’t being aggressive or confrontational…. she was just genuinely shocked that people would think for themselves and not mindlessly repeat the mantra.

      In the ensuing conversation, it became apparent that she thought ‘carbon’ was somehow a terrible polluter, without actually knowing that CO2 is a gas and it is what the climate change movement is (wrongly) complaining about. She just hadn’t thought it through. She’s 40 years old and she has 2 children who she is passing on all this bullshit to.

      There would be no point in trying to present the scientific facts to a person like this because she simply wouldn’t have the mental capacity to understand any of it.

      It’s so tragic that our civilisation has decayed to this.



      • That last sentence says it all.
        It’s so tragic that our civilisation has decayed to this.
        Indeed tragic, and how does one rebuild?

        Still I think of Winston Churchill and the vilification he put up with, particularly after Hitler was voted to power in 1933.

        Then the students Oxford Debate in February 1933, that went around the world.

        I can not find now, but I know somewhere Winston Churchill did sort of say much later, with respect, that he appreciated that so many of those students, signed up and sacrificed in the fight against Hitler.

        “Never Give In, Never, Never, Never, 1941”;- Churchill



      • “Has two children” well that’s a bit of a problem for a Climatard for a start. If you have kids your carbon footprint is infinitely larger than if you don’t. Ergo – if you are serious about doing something about the dangers of man-imagined climate change then you should remain childless.

        But they don’t. And the Greens won’t push the only policy that will reduce CO2 emissions – instant massive population reduction – what the globalist elites want to achieve is a reduction to less than 2 billion souls.

        The doom mongers keep on rolling out the apocalypses and people keep on surviving them. Bugger Peak Oil – it’s clear that humanity has reached Peak Stupidity.

        When I can be bothered talking to Climate Alarmists – I ask them if they’re sure they want to raise their kids in a cult. That normally ends the conversation and I’m freed from wasting my time on oxygen thiefs.



    • Shit stir them into anxiety.
      It is a fun sport.
      Anyone of any age can do it, boomer or not!

      These fools are on a fact free diet.
      Talk about brain food. These lot are not bothering with it.
      Anyone who makes decisions based on the crap of the MSM deserves to be played with.

      In response to the OK Boomer tell them…but we are all going to die together..in 12, 11, 10 years.
      So it does not matter that we were born at different times, We Are All Going To DIE…Together.
      Tell them you think it is a good thing as it is unifying and removes inequality!

      We are all equal, in the end, in 11.5 years…..
      Great Greta said so and she is a sage, a regular Joan of sarc.

      If you are feeling really wicked tell them to write to the Indonesian Govt and ask the Govt to block up their volcanoes because these are destroying our planet.
      Tell them you already have written, and to the Italian Govt and the Icelandic Govt.
      What have they done to save the planet apart from stress out?
      Suggest they get their friends to petition the great and sacred UN to sanction these countries until they stop their volcanoes wrecking the planet (and messing up airline schedules) .

      Tell them to write to President Xi Jinping to stop building coal fired power stations. Get a Chinese student to translate this to Chinese script for $50.
      Minister Phail Twyford can spot a Chinese student for you if you don’t know any.
      President Xi will listen to young people because they are the future (ROFL)

      Contact your MP and get a ‘King Canute’ clause in all new legislation , y’know if they can do it with the TOW, well…..

      Ask them which part of their body will they chop off to get rid of the 18% Carbon that makes up their body.
      Suggest an arm – for the good of the planet.
      Then they can be Carbon zero and tell all their friends. 🙂

      If people persist in being idiots, play with them before it is banned.



  2. Pay for “Climate Change” the ponzi scheme that keeps on thieving with government ratification.

    And even more CO2 emissions from those conventional power plants that have to supply electricity when the sun does not shine because Germany still does not want to go without electricity.
    The very frequent, inefficient start-up and shut-down processes of these large power plants on standby also cause additional CO2 emissions. This increases operating costs.


    Prices will spiral onwards and upwards, like a kite on the wind, as the web of Climate Change makes a lot of ponzi money.

    How is the Carbon Taxes accounted for in their accumulation and management?
    Who accounts for where it is paid to?
    And the ones who receive it, how do they account for the spending of this largesse?
    Is it like the Red Cross, banking and keeping back millions of dollars?

    Does it go to some member of the green party, like the “pay the rent” charity, inferring that it goes to aboriginal causes?



  3. I have said before on here..
    If it is named as a four letter acronym beginning with N, well the bastards are lying.
    Add on BOM (Aust); the British Met Office (corrupt like the other Brit Met)

    Re temperatures above ..that sounds about right for 2016.
    Had a friend here for drinks in the weekend and we recalled a BBQ I had about 20 Feb 2016.
    It was 26 degrees C at 6pm.
    That is very high.
    The week before I was at Browns Bay beach and it was so nice stayed to 7pm.
    The air temp was 32 degrees at 7pm
    I thought this was because the heat was trapped in a bay with relatively high hills and asphalt.
    However the drive up to the motorway along Carlisle Rd showed 30 degrees and the onramp at Oteha Valley Road it was 28 degrees at 7.10 pm. This is exposed and gets any cooling breeze going.
    That is very hot, and unusual.

    2016 was a hot summer…. as were 1994, 1998, 2003, 2008, 2010, 2016
    About 2 per decade.
    2015 was a cold year and in 2017 summer never really arrived.

    As I pointed out to my 14 year old nephew, if it takes 50 years to break a temperature record – usually some thing the media filth drone on about – then there were more than 18,000 days it was not warmer than that hot day 50 years ago.
    Then one day it is hotter (or equalled) and the media tards throw their bananas in the air and go ape shit.

    He is smarter than your average mediatard .
    Cripes, I hope so!

    Think of a ‘climate scientist’ as you would a 40 year old beneficiary.
    What steps are they talking to make the world a better place through honesty and positive contributions ?



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