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DifferentPerspective In reply to Alice.

I think it really is time for us as a nation to have a rational conversation about the right to bring forth progeny.

To my mind parenting is one of the greatest, if not the most supreme, responsibility in life. To have absolute, total, unfettered control over another human being for up to two decades is a staggering responsibility.

For far lesser responsibilities, like say driving, we require government mandated demonstration of competence. Why do we treat parenting as if the threshold for competence is an absolute zero. Surely we’re better than that. Surely we need at least a bare minimum standard of empathy and life skills to entrust a totally vulnerable fellow citizen into another persons care?

I’m not strongly moved by the knee-jerk spasm to remove yet another pillar of freedom in the right to silence because we all want a fractionally better ambulance at the bottom of the cliff. Vengance – which is what removing the right to silence is all about – is a terribly primitive way of looking at an increasingly appalling issue in the margins of what is a beautiful culture.

If we really want to put children first and have their wellbeing at the centre of our thinking then I say fuck all the stupid thinking about whanau and family – let’s take a competence based approach. Does anyone in their right mind think that the (nearly) murdering animals who put that poor wee lad into a coma should be able to have children in their care ever again? Should those sub-humans have ever been trusted with childcare?

We have WOF’s for cars and soon for rental property imposed on us from the government – they tell us it is in pursuit of maintaining a minimum standard. Don’t children deserve to grow up in an environment of at least a minimum standard of care?

Shouldn’t we remove children from parents who can’t pass a basic psychometic test determining they are able to demonstrate empathy for a small human being. Shouldn’t we require a basic level of domestic competence to ensure that children aren’t sent to school hungry because mum and dad prefer to spend their dole on meth?

How can any rational and empathetic human being oppose such an initiative – if nothing else it’s existence would mean that one poor little four year old would’ve had a chance to have a life!

Let’s show that we can be more evolved. Let’s not howl at the moon and pick up our pitchforks in a largely meaningless gesture to get some vengance – how about we do what a better society would do and take a preventative approach?

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  1. DP : First of all well said but you of all people should know Jacinda Ardern only ever has one plan and that is her own belief and you only have to look the poverty plan that Bill English installed to know how Child Poverty should be addressed but no Jacinda had her own plan that was never drawn from the ballot so the Coalition axed it at the first opportunity, but then took another year to implement the Jacinda Ardern plan . The rest is history we still don’t get figure on how much of a reduction there has been and are never likely to acquire those figures, but charitable organizations like the Salivation Army say it has doubled since the beginning of 2018.



  2. Very sad but true, thank you for putting it out there. I doubt anything will change. There were karakia a plenty, wailing a plenty for all the other poor wee mites that were murdered and beaten over the years. I have a paediatric doctor friend who said we know only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all the violence imposed on the children they see. Its an absolute fucking disgrace and this warrior nation they are so proud of, and we are encouraging with all the language in schools, Kapa haha war dances etc changes to the history curriculum etc etc carry on. It should all be stopped at least until they front up to their violence issues and do something about it. Violence to children mostly is an act of cowardice, it is certainly not a show of strength. As is beating women though there are many out there that give as good as they get………



  3. I believe that the control over how we act in society should come from the bottom up (like it does in established neighborhoods in Japan, and it did in New Zealand 3 generations ago). What do I mean by “bottom up”? It means your family members and your neighbors freely have a hand in the correction of child behavior (like Mr. McGregor did when he boxed the ears of the kid next door for throwing rocks over his fence in Whanganui in 1953).

    I am cautious about granting the State more and more power to exert official “top-down” control over society. How can a central authority hundreds of km away in Wellington know about the finer points and dynamics of your unique, local community? Centralized planning and “one size fits all” is the Soviet approach that always fails.



    • I reckon that you haven’t factored in the depth at which the “bottom” of our society’s breeders dwell. Lizziep at 10.09am said “we know only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all the violence imposed on the children” & she’s right. Nia Glassie’s case touched the heartstrings of NZ but we only found out about the treatment meted out to her because she died. Had she lived we can be 99% sure that she would be breeding flat out while inflicting the same on another generation because that would be all she knew.

      Oranga Tamariki, hamstrung as they are by Maori apologists & their scum media mates, do what they can but removing children from one branch of the whanau & handing them to the next to carry on with the torture doesn’t help.

      Your road map for improvement relies on family or neighbourhood pressure to make a difference. That only works where a respected majority practise acceptable standards & in too many of our communities they don’t exist.

      When Alan Duff wrote Once Were Warriors he was pilloried by do-gooders for exaggerating the violent upbringings Maori kids suffered. In fact he was a Pollyanna & an optimist.



      • “…our society’s breeders…”

        How do you attempt to solve the problem of the underclass producing more underclass?
        a. If you cut the financial aid, innocent children will suffer more than they do now. Our society doesn’t have the stomach for this, especially since the country has enjoyed over 30 years of good times and cheap credit since the late 1980s.
        b. If you throw more money at the problem, the problem will grow.

        Suggestion: Eliminate the incentive for the production of feral children. Figure out a) how many children a feral will produce, b) the societal cost of each child over its lifetime, then apply the formula (a x $b)/3 and pay this $ amount as a lump sum to the feral for voluntary sterilization. Three times cheaper than doing nothing.
        Note: I am not advocating eugenics. This MUST be a voluntary program.



        • I totally agree with you on both (a) & (b). The first hypothesis is frequently flung around the blogosphere by conservative retards who mouth off as self therapy without giving any thought to the logistics or implementation of their brain farts.

          But your suggestion is applied logic. A couple of thoughts for & against:

          1) The breeding class are low IQ but rat cunning.

          2) They are always seeking instant self gratification. eg. meth, booze, gambling. A big payout would be irresistible.

          3) Maori leaders with a vision for Maori sovereignty know that it is a numbers game. A little like the Islamists who told the UK years ago that they would defeat the system with the wombs of their women they embrace rapid population growth & regard the deaths of a few kids as collateral damage to the cause.

          4) They will oppose any attempts to reduce fertility.



          • Regarding 3) and 4). So you have a large number of underclass, producing more underclass. Where does the underclass get its money from? Crime? Welfare?

            What does the underclass have of value to offer society?

            To significantly reduce the underclass you have to offer incentives to its members to
            – Stop breeding
            – Leave the underclass and join mainstream society
            – Offer up the “trouble makers” to the State

            You also need to slash the immigration of low-skilled workers who will compete with “underclass would-be leavers / mainstream joiners” (above) for jobs and income.



            • ……”Where does the underclass get its money from? Crime? Welfare? “…..


              ……”What does the underclass have of value to offer society? “……


              But they are a by-product of a welfare state & state security runs deep in our society. For them not to breed would halt the problem in its tracks but I can’t for the life of me figure out how the idea could be sold to vested interests. Eg Maori leaders as I previously referred to & Godnutters who believe that eggs & sperm are sacred.

              “Leave the underclass and join mainstream society” is the ultimate solution but it requires education which is regarded as white man’s “colonialisation”.

              “Slash the immigration of low-skilled workers” is something I would love to see but it carries the attendant risk of a rise in union activity as we witnessed on the wharves & in the freezing works in the 50s through 70s.

              Appealing to natural greed through cash initiatives for sterilisation remains the best solution on offer. If there is political will to sell the idea.



              • In general I want less government interference in ALL things. That said I do believe that sterilization, either incentivized by cash payment or imposed as a requirement for benefits claims or as punishment for wrong doing, could be an enormously effective tool for reducing the underclass which, as you say, contributes absolutely nothing to society as a whole. I doubt that I will see the political or popular will for such measures in my lifetime but I am old and there must always be hope for the future for without hope what is there?



            • Odakyu-sen

              Re: ‘ Leave the underclass and join mainstream society’.

              Easier said than done, i’m afraid!

              While this DOES occur it can be very, very difficult and somewhat akin to the old story about how crabs in a bucket pull those down who try and climb up.

              Unfortunately (and to use a somewhat tenuous metaphor), ‘Misery loves company’ and as such, any child/ teen who tries to escape their conditions through education and / or ‘natural ability’ and is seen as trying to ‘lift themselves up’, is stomped-on very hard by their (jealous, envious?) peers, with girls especially seeming to be particularly nasty in this regard. Although they will probably not be able to define it as such, it appears that for such people (the ‘attackers’) , ‘education’ and an attempt to ‘escape’ their circumstances is seen as a threat, their reaction being the one that they know best; violence

              Certainly some do actually succeed, despite such opposition, although noticeably doing-so invariably (and deliberately) removes them from their immediate social structure; the large numbers of young Maori males joining the NZ military being but one such example. When ‘free’ of such restraints, their upward path is much easier, as most clearly evidenced by the high success rates of Maori in Australia, individuals who are removed from societal constrictions and can progress accordingly.

              Others also succeed through ‘education’ and the presence of at least one ‘literate’ parent (frequently the mother), in which situation, reading and ‘enquiring’ is encouraged and supported.. Having said that it must also be noted that, irrespective of which parent is the ‘supportive’ one, they are invariably European or non-Maori.

              What doesn’t help as well (and despite the incessant wailing of various self-interested groups), Maori society (with the notable exception of Ngati -Porou who realised the value of ‘Pakeha’ education very early on and , through Sir Apirana Ngata made it happen) currently places little value on the ‘three ‘R’s’, so (as already noted) any child who tries to follow a different (ie ‘escapist’) path is definitely not encouraged to follow that ‘dream’.

              It’s far, far, easier to get a band-out than bestir yourselves…



  4. Sterilization of the ferals is going to be the only solution to this problem.
    Throw the carrot out there and give the women 100k/150k to get sterilized.
    Sounds bloody harsh but it will save the taxpayer in the long run with unwanted babies turning out costing the country from ferals that drag their kids up who can’t be fucked so long they are doing ok by the taxpayer !~



  5. It seems it bit more common these days to talk about what i said Nasska, they were only talking about sterilization and dangling the carrot just the other day on Magic Talk with Shaun Plunkett ..?
    I was taken back a bit by some of the comments ole chap !~



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