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  1. Apparently, I Am A Sexist Bigot
By Alicia Colon


The director of Disney’s latest flop, The Marvels, Nia DaCosta, is blaming hateful sexist, misogynists for the massive box office failure.

What is probably really upsetting Ms. DaCosta is that more men than women bought tickets to the film. Women, like me, are not at all interested in paying for a film starring macho women.

No thanks, Disney. Real women like strong men, even fake ones portraying superheroes.

The more I read about the antics of the hysterical karens or view the sickening videos of moronic exhibitionists on TikTok, the more convinced that I am a female chauvinist.  I recall the heady days of the ‘60s when I was young and naïve but never stupid enough to fall for the crap that the feminist icons were spewing. Burn my bra? Like that wasn’t going to happen.

The hypocrisy of those chanting harpies was glaring and I’ve always wondered why those screaming at the women’s rights marches couldn’t figure it out. We were supposed to get bent out of shape if a man called us ‘broads’ but it was perfectly okay to call men ‘hunks’ and other terms of endearment. I could certainly understand getting equal pay for equal work but too much of the movement smacked of pettiness. I was convinced that the women’s movement was more concerned with destroying the average male than furthering women’s rights. Many, many years later I learned that I was right.

I once enjoyed a lively dinner with the wonderful Lucianne Goldberg, with our other dinner companion Phyllis Chesler, a second-wave feminist icon. I had written a column on Chesler after learning she had been blackballed by NOW, the National Organization of Women, for supporting George Bush. The conversation soon turned to the movement and feminism.

Lucianne had us in hysterics as she recalled a debate she had at a college function years ago about this issue when later that night, a drunken Betty Friedan came knocking on her motel door to rant about how she couldn’t stand so many of the “lesbos” she had to deal with.

I met Lucianne Goldberg during the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky affair when she responded to a column that I had written defending Linda Tripp. We exchanged many delightful email messages before we met in person when I started writing for the New York Sun. We were political comrades always in sync and I loved when she would say, “My loathing for the Clintons requires medication.”

Had I known more about her when I was a young woman, I would gladly have joined her “Pussycat league.” She and Jeannie Sakol founded this activist group “not to be angry feminists, but  to revive femininity and support women’s rights with the classic tools: “charm, chic and the clinging gown.” Their motto was “The lamb chop is mightier than the karate chop.”

Lucianne was one of my dearest friends until her passing last October because she and I were women who loved men and felt that the women’s movement alienated women. While many regard her only as the woman who exposed the Clinton affair, her biggest legacy was in introducing a website that gave us an option against the mainstream media that had become the leftist forum of disinformation. Lucianne.com allows the posting of conservative pages that debunk what the lying media is promoting allowing the truth to prevail.

The vast mainstream media headlined by the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times and other formerly authentic news sources have become annexes of the Democrat party and thus have now become irrelevant.

Devotees of Lucianne.com have come to rely on the posts from legitimate truth in journalism sites like Breitbart, Conservative treehouse.com, Gatewaypundit and too many others to mention.

As for the truth that many modern feminists refuse to accept is that men and women are different. Men are physically stronger and would probably crush any female opponent in a contact sport. In 1973. Billy Jean King at 29 beat Bobby Riggs, a 55-year old tennis hack, Big deal. She would have been crushed by Jimmy Connors or any other male champion tennis player. Fake women are dominating women sports because they win with all their testosterone equipment in place. Is that fair? Why is that so hard for radical feminists to understand? That is why I refuse to indulge in entertainment vehicles that try to portray women as dynamos crushing men twice their size ?

The karens, et al., have accused all men of toxic masculinity if they display any sign of dominance over the female. This is pure insanity. Women have more power in humanity because we are the only ones who can grow human beings in our bodies. The women’s movement has succeeded in kicking us off our pedestals in the misguided notion that we are now equal to men when in fact they have merely demoted us by demeaning our greatest power. I have always suspected that those behind the abortion movement have been male scientists who’ve always desired to experiment in fetal cells. Dr. Frankenstein was not the only mad scientist obsessed with creating life without God.

Here’s another issue that Lucianne and I agreed with: Women do not belong in combat and should only become cops and firefighters if they are as physically large and fit as men. Lowering the entry requirements in male dominated industries to accommodate women only harms the effectiveness of those jobs.

I am woman, hear me roar. I bet there are numbers of other female misogynists like me who enjoy the utter beauty of the male species and grateful that they still exist.


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  1. Whoever Alicia Colon is, she appears to have as twisted ideas as those she despises. Moaning that Billie Jean King couldn’t have beaten Jimmy Connors – what relevance has that statement to the fact that Bobby Riggs was playing an exhibition match for prize money, not defending the game of tennis.
    Then we get ‘Women have more power in humanity because we are the only ones who can grow human beings in our bodies’ well, yes, but men are the only ones who can start the process.
    And, ‘The women’s movement has succeeded in kicking us off our pedestals…’ oh for heavens sake lady, you were never on a pedestal unless you built it and climbed up there yourself.
    Me thinks Ms Colon needs an enema to clear out the shit that has built up.

    Men and women have different roles to play and we should appreciate the differences. (Note, men and women, not the other pretend genders who just need a good slapping).



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