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Reasons for TDS?




Deconstructing Trump hatred ahead of 2024

John Ruddick

Why is Donald Trump the most loved and hated president since Abraham Lincoln? At face value, the left’s hatred for Trump is a mystery. The left I grew up with said they wanted rising living standards for the poor and world peace. For years we’ve bemoaned the lack of rising incomes for all but the rich. Monthly household income under George W Bush rose by $4 per month and $11 per month under Barack Obama — but an awesome $161 per month under Trump (pre COVIDmania).

The 2020 campaign ignored foreign policy because Trump not only didn’t start any new wars but shied away from them. Russia made no further territorial expansion, North Korean was partially tamed and Middle East peace just might be snowballing – thanks Trump.

The left tolerates moderate conservatives like John McCain, David Cameron and Scott Morrison. Its leaders from the conservative wing of a conservative party that sends them bonkers. Therefore, they also hated George W Bush, John Howard and Tony Abbott but it was child’s play compared to Trump.  Why?

Understanding derangement is fraught but here’s my six best hunches.

Firstly, there’s global warming. I’m confident Bush, Howard and Abbott did not believe in the global warming orthodoxy. Kevin Rudd says when he moved into The Lodge the one item left behind was in the DVD player — the Great Global Warming Swindle. Since leaving office Abbott has given superb speeches dismantling global warmism and Bush, being an oilman, probably doesn’t believe it either.  All three in office, however, enacted policies that were at least moderately pro-global warming plus they voiced support for the orthodoxy. It was never enough because the left sensed correctly they didn’t really believe it. Trump however just came out and said the whole thing is BS. That sent them nuts. Why?

Bar possibly our Neanderthal cousins, no other species has demonstrated an interest in religion. It’s been in our DNA since far into prehistory. Commitment to established religion has sharply declined in the past few generations but the DNA is still there. That ancient impulse of the witchdoctor has found a new home in global warming. Like primitive religion, global warming orthodoxy believes in an apocalypse, priests who must be obeyed on faith (such as approved ‘scientists’) and that mankind and free-thinking is inherently bad. Witchdoctors have said for aeons their gods can control the weather and to keep the charade up they needed the heretic which is anyone who doubted them — and the gods can only be appeased be persecuting those evil bastards.


If Trump had been precisely the same as he was except he at least mouthed the rhetoric of global warming the hatred would have been 50% less.

Secondly, feminists loved Hillary and simply because Trump beat Hillary many hate him. It’s probably the most understandable of these irrationalities. If you are a low IQ person you treat the presidency as a status symbol for your identity group, but that ignores that it’s just a job. It’s the most important job in the world and therefore we should be clamouring for the wisest in the role and be utterly blind to gender, race and so on.

Then there’s the media. Bush, Howard and Abbott copped incessant and brutal abuse from most of the media but they just accepted it as part of the job. Trump, the glorious plain citizen, saw the unfair abuse and responded with a punch back right in the face. Trump was personally mean to many, but every single time he was responding to an unprovoked and unfair attack. Trump told the world the media are not reporting the news but are political players trying to manipulate you to vote left.  Trump called them out and was eroding their power. Trump told the blunt truth about powerful media figures who in turn became hellbent on destroying him to preserve their careers.

Fourthly, for 4,000 years the Judeo-Christian movement has been the most powerful force for good in human history but let’s assume for a moment it’s not technically true. Even so, any reasonable person would agree the Judeo-Christian movement is underpinned by goodness. That goodness is summed up in the 3,500-year-old Ten Commandments.  It’s well known within the big ten are things like ‘don’t lie’, ‘don’t kill’, ‘don’t steal’ and so but also tucked in there is one that gets barely any attention –- “do not covet your neighbour’s goods.”  In other words, ‘jealousy of others success is only harmful to yourself.”

As a kid Trump sat in Norman Vincent Peale’s Episcopalian church and had positive thinking ingrained in him — and what an extraordinary success he has been. Multi-billionaire, mega-celebrity, TV star and a best-selling author with awesome kids. Not only was he the owner of the Miss Universe franchise but he married the best of the lot… Oh and he was president of the United States. No-one in American history has had such a record of jaw-dropping success.

Many who have led a lifetime of poor decisions and unfulfilled their potential choose not self-improvement but despise the successful — and since Trump is the king of success they viscerally hate him. Trump is cheerful and awesomely funny but those grumpy about life, those who’ve convinced themselves they’re victims, detest him.

Fifth, there’s intimidation.  If you’re barely interested in politics, you will still be aware that one side of politics has the potential for actual violence and is endlessly engaging in soft violence — cancel culture. Motivated purely by self-preservation many of these cowards positioned themselves as anti-Trump if it ever came up in conversation.

Finally, we need to look at low information voters. These are not necessarily low IQ voters but instead people who have a moderate degree of interest in politics and do follow the news — but only the mainstream news. Lacking the curiosity to seek alternate views they were only exposed to endless anti-Trump bias.

One little example (from a million) is when Trump tweeted a boycott of Goodyear tyres and the Goodyear stock price slumped. That made world news for a day. Trump was cranky because Goodyear had told staff not to wear MAGA hats. It sounded petulant but a key detail was left out of most media reports. Some Goodyear employees were wearing BLM apparel and others were wearing MAGA hats. Goodyear said BLM stuff is fine but MAGA’s banned. If you weren’t exposed to the full picture then Trump looks like a jerk – if you were then Trump was taking a stand for fairness.

The good news is that around half of America are now smart enough not to fit into any of the above categories. It won’t be long before it’s half plus more.


Very well put. Tells us why the left hate him so much. TDS is alive and active in NZ. They should read this to realise why they are so wrong about Trump.

as he answered when asked how does he sleep a night.?

“naked with a supermodel”

That would have pissed off more anti-trumpers but these fuckwits don’t like the truth.

You can’t handle the truth

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  1. My elderly neighbors reasons for hating Trump ” who does the silly old C—T think he is with that young beautiful wife” and “why is he the president ,he doesn’t need the money” NZrs are a stupid group of people , envy and jealousy are rife in our society.
    Back to work, someone’s gotta pay for all these coming “emergencies”



    • You say
      ‘NZrs are a stupid group of people’

      Yes they are.

      Politically naive.
      The adoration of Ardern is absurd. (YSB is the minority, a small grouping)

      There is this silly myth that NZers are creative.
      There is no proof.
      A couple of sporadic events like Ernest Rutherford and giving women the vote in 1893 is about all they come up with.

      -We have massively overpriced housing that has gone up 10% a year for the last 20 years.
      In a low density country. Singapore is about the size of Stewart Island- look what they did with a mosquito infested swamp.
      NZers ‘gain wealth’ by selling existing houses to each other.
      Where is the genius in that.
      -The banking sector is owned by Australia (95%)
      -The insurance sector is mainly owned offshore
      -The Australian super scheme has been in place since 1993 and is superior to that of NZ (A Cullen thing)

      -We went from a mixed mode economy in the 1980s to an agrarian economy by 2000.
      -The Scotsmen James Wattie, James Fletcher, Logan Campbell, and Charles Todd were doing nothing different to what others were doing in their own countries
      -Same with the Jews: Nathan, Myers, Levene, Hallenstein, etc
      -the ongoing drama about whether Richard Pearce flew first is such a cringy, clingy, waste of time

      -We had a great cheap established hydro electricity resource but Bolger’s Nats managed to stuff that up with Bradford in 1997 resulting in lots of cheap electricity rising in cost to the consumer by threefold.
      Bolger the socialist : worse than Klarkenfuhrer: passed RMA; destroyed Auckland Governance and planning; Introduced leaky buildings, messed up the power generation system; flogged off Assets like NZ Rail in shocker deals, flogged off BNZ in a bad deal etc
      -Completely incompetent Councils around the whole country.
      -we have to import workers to pick the fruit.

      -Auckland Council has not built a dam since 1977 and when the population increases two and half times and rainfall is 80% of average there is massive panic and typical fear mongering
      -A Fonterra that could not find its own arse
      -Exporting raw logs with no value add.
      -Roads that take ages to build then need rework within 2 years

      There a few couple of success stories like Diane Foreman and her Ice Cream factory but by and large we have low productivity; and a low wage /high cost economy.
      Foreman sold out to ….a Chinese company.
      The Trigon Plastics -where her money came from- was sold to a US company.

      Australia has far greater international music band success per capita than NZ(AC/DC, INXS, Midnight Oil, Cold Chisel, Little River Band; the Seekers; et al ;
      -Its software development output is far greater than NZ, per capita;
      -It owns NZ banking and most of the insurance
      – it is a lower cost, higher wage economy and smartly used protectionism like almost every other goddamn country in the world.

      NZ lies prostrate before the dodgy WTO while everyone else just has a laugh.
      Protectionism for me, but not for thee, say they.

      Let’s get real.



      • howitis,,Excellent post. have a mate just come through 14 days isolation and he reckons he nearly fainted when he and his Mrs did their 1st grocery shop at Countdown ,same with booze ,fruit and vegetables, housing ,cars ETC,we are a low wage high priced country now these people only came from Aussie and the difference is astounding,



  2. Possibilities
    a) The intellectuals, journalists and left-leaning ordinary folk have TDS because they themselves recognize Trump to be someone that they ought to hate.
    b) The intellectuals, journalists and left-leaning ordinary folk have TDS because they have been taught by their cherished opinion leaders that Trump to be someone that they ought to hate.



  3. TDS is because many have been gorging on government systems, and or found some good niches.

    A proper exposure of government systems would expose them, and that includes the private ones, like consultancies, and then “crony capitalism” where others can not compete with you.
    Monopolies, Duopolies, cartels, that can remain hidden,
    Unions, that can directly use laws, but also lever their way to money, power & control by rules, regulations also.
    Embedded systemically like the education system, and the worst crime of that is no accountability for what they “sell” and whether their system even works.

    One of the most important things is that Trump may expect loyalty, but I think he also wants to be told what is right or wrong, and then whether there are legal work arounds.

    Free speech, I believe he sincerely stands behind that, since he practices it, and seems to give as good as he gets.
    Others try to control through ‘free speech’ to bring on self censoring, that leads to full on censorship.
    Nor do they want their deviousness so openly challenged.



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