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Reasons Why I Will Never Vote National Again.




I have voted for National all my working life. (I am now 67) Never again!

Why have I come to this decision?

1. They supported the COL and their stupid knee jerk reaction to the Christchurch shootings. (Someone did something) By supporting the gun buyback legislation, when it would have passed without their votes was the response of a weak opposition. Instead, they should have stood up for the rights of citizens to lawfully own these guns. In the process of agreeing to this draconian legislation, they have made criminals of all law abiding legal gun owners, who have elected to ignore the gun buyback.

2. Their stupid policy of supporting Climate change being taught in schools. What does this even mean? I bet they don’t know. They are so desperate to regain the treasury benches, they will say anything that looks like getting the woke and stupid to vote for them. From their education spokesman:

Nikki Kaye:

“National are supportive of climate change being taught in schools. However, the process around developing the curriculum and Ministry led curriculum resources needs to be balanced and communicated well. We have concerns that this decision combined with Ministers press release has caused confusion and angst with some parents because people have thought that this particular resource is now a change to the curriculum.

There has been no change to the curriculum so it is totally up to schools as to whether they use this particular resource or not. We are aware of genuine concerns raised by parents and groups about a lack of balance in this material and also striking the delicate balance of informing children about these issues while not causing unnecessary anxiety. While some material looks fine National has concerns about some of the document.”

What utter bullshit. Trying to have a bob each way. Typical wowsers who cannot be seen making the hard decisions.

3.They cannot reply to emails sent from concerned voters. I have sent emails to all National MP’s. Only two replied in detail. In this digital age, if they cannot engage with us, then they don’t deserve our votes.

4. The way they voted in the End of Life Choice bill.  National decided to voting on this as a “conscience issue”. 17 National MPs voted in support, 38 against. They are put in that job as OUR representatives. For them to exercise such a vote without coming back to their electorates and asking OUR opinions is despicable and shows how they hold US, the voters in contempt.

I am sure you can think of more reasons why we should not give National our party vote next election. Feel free to add to my list.



  1. 5. China. Their lack of nous and overall stupidity around Jiang Yang is breathtaking. If not for the actual risk to national security, then the optics of it with the electorate and more importantly, our intelligence partners who now see us as a weak link. Couple that with the lack of stance on the brutal actions of the despotic Xi and they look like a bunch of toady’s to the CCP. Bridges could end up with the same comparison to Muldoon who recognized Pol Pot as legitimate leader of Cambodia. On this they are no different than the weak Ardern government but again they miss an opportunity to demonstrate a point of difference. Trade dollars trumps genocide. How principled.



    • Absolutely right. I watched this yesterday but I would bet money most National MPs are not even aware of what is going on, either that or they are bought and paid for already:

      “When the Cold War ended, the world breathed a collective sigh of relief. And completely forgot about the other massive Communist power threatening the world—the Chinese Communist Party. Through a sophisticated use of what they call political warfare, the Chinese regime has slowly subverted democracies around the world, including the United States and Taiwan. I sat down with Chinese political warfare expert Professor Kerry Gershaneck to learn how we all got trapped in China’s Red Matrix.



    • So you are fine for Labour to have Raymond Hao in parliament , member of the CCP , chairing the public submissions , and shutting certain people down , Jiang has been open about teaching English , why is Raymond Hao still working for the cCP



  2. I emailed National MP Andrew Bayley about a news item on Nationals web page, tax avoidance.
    And I got a reply the same day.
    I emailed Melissa Lee about Broadcasting, and I got a 1 page reply.
    Sometimes Mps reply, sometime they don’t.



    • Agree I e-mailed Paul Goldsmith got nothing not even an acknowledgement so its party vote ACT not sure if I will vote for my electorate MP or just abstain, will join ACT and contribute financially and with ideas & hope David Seymour gives Paul an example of how to win favour with his voters.



  3. New Zealand is basically a socialist, caring country
    Over the years National has moved to the centre and then even a bit left of centre.
    Labors has been pushed back
    Under Little they were down to 24% and fast becoming irrelevant.



  4. I have always voted National and won’t be doing so this time around. They lost me at the firearms fiasco. And Judith Collins of all people.
    Supporting indoctrination of kids at school with any political agenda is reprehensible.
    But who knows; National may get the message that they’re leaving a lot of people behind and comes to their senses. Never say never. Otherwise the void on the right is going to be filled and they’ll be squeezed into a smaller and smaller band on the spectrum on their way to obscurity.



    • you say
      ‘But who knows; National may get the message that they’re leaving a lot of people behind and comes to their senses’

      That would be a triumph of hope over experience..
      That would be like entering a fourth marriage and expecting it to work.

      National was very socialist under Muldoon; clearly had a strong socialism element under Bolger; I don’t know what it was under Shipley; Key had no policies he could not get cosy with; English was a nothing in his wasted 8 months but ultra conservative and closer to Muldoon that many would like to admit.

      Notional have never in the last half century been Right of Centre.



  5. All of this “I will not be voting National” because of
    Climate Change
    Will be very interesting to see in the next CB poll if there is any noticeable change in the mainstream voters.
    Will National drop its % and will the other right parties ACT and New Conservatives and maybe NZ First get an up swing.
    I doubt if there will be much movement



  6. I wont say I won’t ever vote National again, but I am a little disappointed at the moment. So its Act for me unless there is a major change in their attitude in two areas, gun legislation and Climate Change. I happen to like Nikki Kaye, I have met her and she is a good MP. But she des need some education around climate alarmism.



    • 17 National MPs voted in support, 38 against.
      Thje 38 against should join NC as they are the god botheres and socilists. The 17 will contain some to the natives so will join the rest of the natives in their voting.

      The problem is you see. that National decided to go woke and socialist rather than follow theor founding principles.



    • Go back and read what Kaye said again , she said Nats would not support the teaching in the curriculum , she said they don’t mind it being discussed in class , but not on curriculum , they also do not want this crap that the only way is don’t eat meat , they say that’s targeted and nothing to do with science , I am sick of people saying never Nats again , then people on blogs clearly not reading posts of announcements properly , the NATS ARE NOT IN SUPPORT OF CLIMATE CHANGE BEING TAUGHT IN SCHOOL



  7. With attitudes expressed like those above don’t expect to see a centre right government anytime soon. No political party is perfect or meets all of your needs, so knee-jerk reaction to National and some of their policy/discussion papers or press releases will deliver a left Govt you deserve. The only way of getting rid of this bunch of losers is a strong National Party Vote with a stronger Act Party. Just think about it and the consequences if you let the COL back in for a 2nd go at your hip pocket? Worse if it’s just Cindy and James!



    • Some things to consider.

      * National back in power is better than Labour.
      * Disagreeing with Labour does not mean one has to agree with National
      * National back in power is a centre-left government, not a centre-right government.
      * National needs coalition partners.
      * From the comments, the majority of us aren’t voting for National, Labour, the Greens or New Zealand First (Well, apart from one), but for ACT or New Conservatives.



  8. As I’ve said before
    I’d like the New Conservatives to do well
    But I won’t be deciding my final vote until much closer to the election.
    I just want to make sure the the COL are out and a National led COL back in.

    I have got principles, but just not enough to stick with NC if they are only on 1% by the election.



  9. It’s a shame to see the same people fail to understand how MMP works. National + 2 coalition partners is far stronger than National by themselves.

    National lost the previous election. They did not have the ability to form a government.

    Crapping on ACT and New Conservatives and bitching about the fact they’ve doubled their vote is far more likely to cost us the ousting of the Coalition than all of us banding together and voting for National. Why? Because 1, MMP means it will not work. And 2, because the previous election showed us it will not work when Labour has popular leadership.

    So keep toting how ACT’s doubling is a poor showing. Tell us about how badly NC is doing. You may as well vote Labour 🙂



    • Pascal, I am sorry but I don not understand what you are saying in the above comment.
      Who is bitching?
      Most people on here say they will vote ACT.
      Your comment is not very clear.
      Are you saying that National and Act cannot do it on their own? so that they need another partner? (NC?)



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