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Prince Charles Wants All Your Super to Save the Planet from Climate

Prince Charles makes climate pitch to Aussie super funds

“Climate Change” is a game for the rich. Prince Charles calls it, “a road map to a sustainable future.”

His price point is saving the planet from destruction. His method of sale reflects the approach of grifters and thieves, scaring people for profit.

“There are trillions of dollars in sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, insurance and asset portfolios looking for investible projects that are genuinely sustainable…”

Prince Charles has used a keynote address to make an impassioned plea for Australian super funds to back his green finance initiative.

In a pre-recorded video for an Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees conference in Adelaide on Tuesday, the Prince of Wales said climate risk was one the biggest issues facing responsible investors.

“I am, therefore, enormously encouraged to hear of the ambition of several Australian superannuation funds to achieve net-zero carbon emissions in their investment portfolios,” he said in the near 1000-word speech.

The Super-Rich Want to Take Your Super to Fight “Climate Change”

While they risk your portfolio, with the blessing of the Government, and Unions, there’s minimal risk to their own. All this suggests that “Climate Change” is a game for the rich.

Prince Charles’ recent calls for Australian superannuation organisations to pay for initiatives based on the anthropogenic ‘apocalyptic climate change’ delusion, prove that the rich play hard with our hard-earned money, and consider themselves entitled to it.

In a pre-recorded speech for the Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees conference in Adelaide, Prince Charles talked up the urgency of investing in a ‘zero net carbon’ future.

Charles applauded “several Australian superannuation funds” who’ve already aimed at a future without CO2 emissions, saying:

“[Super Funds] will be doing so in the best financial interests of their members, given the risks that global warming and climate change present to each fund’s long-term investment performance.”

The speech was a “Climate Change” sales pitch, with the Prince uptalking the features and benefits of his ‘Terra Carta’ project.

A project described by 7News as “a charter aiming to put nature, people, and the planet at the heart of the financial sector.”

One of the goals of the ‘Terra Carta’ project, according to The Australian, was to merge material wealth with sustainability, with Charles stating that we want to show how “investing in sustainability and building prosperity are not mutually exclusive.”

A key filament to the ‘Terra Carta’ is establishing its ‘Natural Capital Investment Alliance’, an alliance filled with well-funded members/investors committed to “ensuring that investment and financial flows are consistent with a low carbon nature-positive future.”

A 2020 list compiled by the Sydney Morning Herald suggests the super funds Charles was referring to are RESTAMPMacquarieColonial First StateAustralianSuperAware SuperCbusHESTA and UniSuper.

Each one, said the SMH, have either directly or indirectly voiced the goal of achieving net-zero emissions. Some have committed to “invest only in net zero emissions companies and rolled out beefed-up climate plans.”

Charles, ever the apocalyptic environmentalist, enticed conference delegates with trope dire predictions, and flowery prospects of endless gold at the end of the zero-carbon rainbow,

“There are trillions of dollars in sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, insurance and asset portfolios looking for investible projects that are genuinely sustainable, with good long-term value and strong rates of return.”

Charles’ “Climate Change” sales pitch sits right up there with former Prime Ministers, and avid “Climate Change” cult enthusiasts, Kevin Rudd, and Paul Keating, demanding the LNP government do more to “fight” climate change and increase in the % forced by the Government out of Australian worker’s hands into Super Funds, from 9.5% to 12%.

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  1. If nutter CC supporter and globalist Charlie becomes king then let NZ become a republic. His inability to take a leaf from Queen Elizabeth’s ability to appear politically neutral is a dangerous warning. I will rue the day Charlie takes the throne. He is part of the Davos crowd and won’t be able to resist using his influence to rule over the “basket of deplorables”. Charlie believes socialism is for thee not for me.

    King William please.



  2. Charlie and Andy
    That Queenie you lot seem to love sure produced some shitbag sons.
    Bad seed.

    The Saxe-Coburg and Gotha Kraut blood coming through .
    Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha

    I am shamelessly anti-Royal.
    Neuter them like in the Netherlands or Denmark.

    The male side of the Saxe-Coburgs is bloody pathetic.
    (the real family name despite their changing it in 1917 when USA entered the war on the side of Britain; and saw their Kraut Kousins were not going to win)

    The stuttering wimp simp one, the one that ran off with the yankee tart, no not The Ginger and Me-again, the other one.
    Ginger may simply be Harry Hewitt anyway. Now Harry Sparkles, a feeble shell of a creature.
    Chuckie got cucked.



  3. And so the once-mighty Empire declines even further.

    One can but hope for an abdication on (Mental?) ‘Health’ grounds and that Wils and Kate will replace him; at least they have ‘real wo9rld’ experience…



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