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“Reset” a conspiracy no more.




Justin Trudeau Calls The Coronavirus Pandemic An Opportunity For A ‘Reset’

What was once thought to be a conspiracy theory appears to have been confirmed by Justin Trudeau.

Footage of a September 29 speech by the Canadian PM has reemerged and sent social media users scrambling to look up the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset”

Trudeau argued in his speech that the coronavirus pandemic gives humanity “an opportunity for a reset”.

RT reports: An excerpt of a recent Trudeau speech posted on Sunday has forced some to rethink their skepticism over the ‘Great Reset,’ long pooh-poohed as a conspiracy theory despite being the title of an actual manifesto for worldwide social change written by Klaus Schwab, the director of the World Economic Forum.

Promising a ‘reset’ is in the works, Trudeau expanded on the enigmatic ‘Build Back Better’ slogan that has surfaced on the lips of politicians and NGOs worldwide. Initially broadcast in late September, the speech saw him pledge $400 million to global humanitarian aid projects.

Building back better means giving support to the most vulnerable while maintaining our momentum on reaching the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the [Sustainable Development Goals],” the PM said, referencing the UN’s Agenda 2030, another bête noire of conspiracy researchers who believe it represents the blueprint for global totalitarian government.

Apparently thrown off balance by the Great Reset being a “real thing,” viewers rushed to look it up, sending searches for the term soaring on Google.

While some believe Covid-19 was deliberately unleashed to usher in the Great Reset, others think the WEF and the ruling classes have merely seized on the pandemic as the perfect opportunity to impose their plan on populations unlikely to embrace it if they had a choice.

Many were cautious about diving down the Reset rabbit hole while acknowledging that an unusually large number of world leaders and NGO directors were speaking in similar terms. US president-elect Joe Biden’s campaign slogan was “Build Back Better,” while UK PM Boris Johnson announced months ago that his country would use the coronavirus as an opportunity to “build back better.”

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  1. Waikatogirl ,it might be time soon to get rid of the very thing causing all our frustrations, the demon that is the internet.
    Golf, jogging, fishing, hiking, boating, gardening ,kids and grandkids ,even house maintenance, I don’t know about you but for me it’ll be easy…



    • “Golf, jogging, fishing, hiking, boating…”

      Jacinda successfully managed to ban most of those activities during her last lockdown.
      Don’t think she won’t do it again Comrade- They are clearly eyeing up another lockdown by Christmas…



    • Cut off the propaganda revtech? Great idea except cancelling the internet also breaks the networks of real people like YSB sharing their flow of truth and information. Lack of truth would just make it easier for the Marxists to divide and rule the uninformed.



    • I listened to a really good podcast interviewing a man who grew up behind the Iron Curtain- Many of his friends and relatives were murdered in the name of Socialism.
      He was fucking pleading for Western Society not not be so fucking stupid…



    • By way of note

      The current President of the NZ Labour Party is Claire Szabo.

      Her family escaped to New Zealand after the 1956 Hungarian uprising and subsequent squashing by the Russian Military.

      But she wants this type of oppression…Clearly, Claire Conforms to Communism, Comrades !



  2. The insidious ways of controlling you, and placing all that control into just a few technocrat’s hands.
    Yet our supposed representatives do not realize, or care, or they believe this is the way to go,
    Get them to declare, so we will know who to kick to the side.

    Why We Will Win and They Will Lose
    31 mins 44 secs : • Premiered Nov 15, 2020
    Computing Forever.
    (The animated red hair, red beard guy)

    Just win the populace over with the good things first..
    So much good leisure time. yeah right, with all those imposed limits.

    Know your enemy , know your self, so with knowledge, more easier to counteract, make others more aware, though our work is cut out.

    “Build back better” as even Ardern is mentioned and you will pick on the many things of Ardern’s buzz words, like “Capitalism is Broken” of 3 years ago, then noting how Winston Peters supported the UN Global Migration Pact.
    “Existing is not living” allowing enough “bread & circuses”.

    So many good perspectives he brings up to show the values that we have deep down.

    That Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum WEF wrote this brief book.
    Now powered up by the UN linkages, and now gaining politicians into the Davos, private jet set.
    Read the reviews, and then there is the debate in the comments.

    To know and understand just what & how the elite is creating and then herding the sheeple.



    • Slowly, incrementally, the questions raised, the facts found, a locking in basis that there is fraud.

      The continuous dripping pressure from Lin Wood, Sydney Powell, Rudy Giuliani, knowing that now criminality, corruption, fraudulent systems, and no one wants to become entangled with that, adds to the fortitude of any waverers, to side with the ones who have held firm, or even just simply asked questions on principle.



  3. Have a look at the notes of the Infrastructure NZ Symposium. This “build back better” slogan is being thrashed and the trough dwellers are getting well established in this with the RMA rejig being set up to tell us what we need.

    I do not want to be told what I need by the advocates of the great reset. I know what I do not need and the direction we currently are experiencing at government level is troubling.

    Less government both central and local. less cost of government both central and local. No experts from overseas or ideologically driven locals telling me we need more immigration to make up for lowered fertility. Deal with, rather than mask with obfuscation, the reality that it is not acceptable to maintain immigration while New Zealand born locals are struggling to learn how to work or to house themselves.



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