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The time has finally come for me to call it a day in working to help pay the tax Cindy and co are desperate to get, to cover their wasteful spending.

It’s official. I have sold my business as of today. After 38 years of working for myself, I am looking forward to relaxing and giving this blog my undivided attention.

If there is anyone out there who can help me in solving a little problem please get in touch. I have sold the company website in the sale. I have an email address linked to this website.

My question; How do I transfer all these emails to a new site so the purchaser doesn’t get to see all these emails? Your help is appreciated. Send your answers please to crwit3@gmail.com or post them below.

The campervan will get its full use from now on.

And keep working Bon. Cindy needs your help.

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  1. Mr Editor, Sir,

    Congratulations on achieving this milestone.

    While I can’t provide the technical knowledge you seek, I CAN say welcome to ‘The Next Stage’ where you will find that the old saying is true; You will be busier than you have ever thought possible!!

    Have fun, keep yourself both mentally and physically active and welcome to ‘our’ world; it’s quite a place. (And yes, you are ALLOWED to ‘sleep in for an extra five minutes; it’s well deserved and definitely one of ‘Life’s little luxuries). 🙂



  2. Retirement is the one way trip to a coffin.
    Ya gotta have a reason for living.

    Ask a few of the retired borred gentlemen and the place.

    Finds something new to do.
    I promise its bloody boring.



    • Oh Viking, that is so sad. Ed I have been retired for the last 5 years and never been busier. I still get up at 6am to fit everything into my day, and fill my day so easily, I do some voluntary work, walk the dogs daily, do some chores, meet up with friends for coffee, or goodness me even some alcoholic drinks, read some books when I never had the time during the day to do that previously, smell the roses or coffee. Go travel in your camper van Ed, there is so much to fill your days with if you look for it. People who are so invested in their jobs that they have no outside life prior to retirement could if they choose to, do so many things, there are so many organisations who would value your time and efforts. Take time for you its a great time of life, enjoy every moment. If it weren’t for this socialist government life would be perfect



      • Hi Lizziep yes I’m way past retirement age although I still run a very small business part-time (that I can work at my own pace) to bring in a bit of additional income.

        But I agree with you 100% about voluntary work. I do two volunteer jobs for a genuine charitable organisation (not Greenpeace or one of those bullshit ‘activist’ outfits LOL) and I find it hugely rewarding to be able to help my fellow humans in my small way. The payback is beyond money isn’t it!

        Exercise and maintaining fitness is good too. In fact I’m off for a ride right now in the crisp sunny air.



      • Well I did 21 years in Lions when that was fun and we weren’t screweed by councils. RMA and H & S. Never look back and volunteering might be your thing but I have projects to do.
        Wandering around wondering what I want to see or what time to get out of bed is wasting your life.

        I have an invention to get done this next 12 months among other things.



    • I think Viking has a valid point and the down tickers are missing it. He is not saying , do not retire from your job or business. He is saying do it with a new plan of activity in mind –something to keep the mind stimulated and new goals to achieve.



  3. You can retain the email as is.
    The new company will need a new email.
    They need to give the customers their new email, just as they will their bank account.
    Probably even then you will need to resend to them any that come to your inbox and for the business.

    A bit messy for a month or or so.



  4. Good thing, Mr Ed! Congratulations on the retirement.

    For the email situation, I think it would depend on whether you are using IMAP (Email lives on your server) or POP (Email is downloaded to your computer) as well as the email client / toolset you are using. E.g. with POP + Outlook you have a simple .PST file to deal with, but other tools will need a different strategy.

    Second thought; do you need to keep those emails for legal or other reasons? A good security spokesman for Microsoft (can the laughter) made the good point that any email you keep is evidence for a malicious government or actor. Unless there is a legal requirement to keep a hold of it, delete it. The smaller your footprint the safer you are – there is generally not much value in keeping emails going back 2, 3 or 10 years as some people do.



  5. I have found that after finally stopping any kind of paid work, as it was interfering with my life, 2 years ago this September it has taken me quite some time to appreciate just what retirement means and not to feel guilty or something about no longer having to go to work etc, self employed for the last 19 years.
    Have always been the volunteering type and have never been busier.
    We set off 6 weeks ago today to go to the Coromandel, finally made it yesterday. That is the pace of life we are enjoying,
    72 in a few months.



  6. All the best Ed.
    We will keep you busy on this blog.
    On K McIvor this morning a 26 year old who doesn’t work,just travels.
    Could ask him for a few tips on how to eat.
    Nah not your style
    Enjoy your retirement.



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