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RFK Jr. Campaigns for Trump ?




Freedom Wins if RFK Jr. Campaigns for Trump in 2024

By Alan B. Goodhart


The real end goal of the Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Vivek Ramaswamy campaigns is a leadership position in the Trump administration.  How much criticism of Trump have we heard from these two Trump political opponents?  The key for Trump and for our country to win could be a powerful coalition with RFK Jr. and his millions of Democrat and Independent supporters.  With that coalition, freedom will win and evil will lose!

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was born January 17, 1954.  Soon after his father was assassinated in 1968, at age 14, RFK Jr. started using marijuana and psychedelic drugs.  Intravenous heroin then became his “drug of choice” until he found sobriety in a 12-step recovery program at age 28.  For the next forty years he studied drug abuse, mental health, and rehab recovery programs, and has pledged to set up “healing centers” to deliver free care for those with addictions.

Kennedy has had a forty-year career as an environmental and public health advocate with a career path including Assistant District Attorney in NYC, senior attorney for Natural Resources Defense Council, and adjunct professor of environmental law.  He currently is on leave as Chairman of the Board and chief legal counsel of the non-profit activist group he founded, Children’s Health Defense, whose mission is to end childhood health epidemics while fighting corruption, mass surveillance, and censorship.  RFK Jr. is not an anti-vaxxer; he is only anti-unsafe and ineffectual vaccines.  He has for much of his life pursued a mission in service of victims of the U.S. public health system. His family has had eighty years of deep engagement with America’s public health bureaucracy.  Many of RFK Jr.’s health-oriented books he authored have been bestsellers.

Comprehensive counterrevolutionary reforms will be necessary to reverse the incremental revolution that the progressives engineered to capture our institutions and culture.  That revolution was vastly accelerated by Obama, and now corrupt puppet Biden, with truly destructive “fundamental transformation” that has undermined the Constitution and our basic freedoms.

“Control healthcare and you control the people.” — reputed to have been said by radical activist (Rules for Radicals) Saul Alinsky

Obama was trained by disciples of Alinsky in the divide and conquer game and even taught Alinsky principles himself. ObamaCare is a steppingstone to single-payer dysfunctional government healthcare and to the realization of the above Alinsky quote whereby Americans will not be able to make choices and take direct responsibility for their own healthcare.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. should be the disrupter and force for good to lead the needed counterrevolutionary healthcare reforms, including reforms of the public health agencies and of Medicare and Medicaid, as Health Czar and Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS).

Some of RFK Jr.’s comments and qualifications relating to a proposed Secretary of HHS position:

• “The pharmaceutical industry owns the National Institutes of Health… CDC, FDA.”

• “We need regulators that are not getting money from pharma.”

• “I’ve been litigating against all of those agencies for many, many years… the NIH, CDC, and FDA.  So I know the people who I trust within each of those agencies.”

• “I’ll have a diverse medical advisory team.  I feel like I’m pretty much an expert on parsing medical information, and figuring it out… I’m going to have people who are dissidents… who are moving away from the pharmaceutical paradigm.”

RFK Jr.’s winning attributes as a valuable asset to the Trump campaign:

• His emotional strength: overcoming his father’s and uncle’s assassinations, drug addiction, his second wife’s suicide (he is currently married to Cheryl Hines, Curb Your Enthusiasm actress), and constant criticism from the media and other sources

• Conveys integrity by being transparent, open, and honest about his decisions

• His supporters feel a real connection with him because of his strong sense of authenticity and see him as a kindred spirit in disillusionment with public health agencies’ corruption.

• He is a fighter, a courageous, original thinker who has relentlessly focused on government corruption as the greatest threat to America.

• Notwithstanding his spasmodic dysphonia voice condition, he is a skilled debater with the ability, as a public speaker, to speak extemporaneously for at least ninety minutes and connect emotionally with large audiences from all backgrounds across the political, socioeconomic, and cultural spectrums.

Yes, this Deep State enemy is not a Republican, but he is not a 2020s progressive Democrat either.   Look at some of his quotes:

• ”I’m proud that President Trump likes me.”

• ”We are going to take back the country…with your help, we will go America first.”

• ”We need to make it clear that the Constitution is inviolable.”

• ”We need election reform because our elections are being stolen.”

• ”I will make the border impervious.”

• ”…climate has become a crisis like Covid that the Davos groups and other totalitarian elements in our society have used as a pretext for clamping down totalitarian controls.”

• ”We do not have free market capitalism in America; we have crony capitalism.”

• ”The war was never about Ukrainian freedom, it was regime change in Russia.”

• ”… Democrats have lost their faith not only in their party traditions, but also in democracy.”

• ”I’m a Kennedy Democrat.”

Many of RFK Jr.’s positions make him more Trumpian than the average Republican politician. RFK Jr. is a DINO (Democrat in Name Only) but actually more appealing to Republicans than to Democrats according to recent polling, with a favorability rating higher than Trump and DeSantis.

An angry American electorate is desperately hungry for truth and radical counterrevolutionary reforms that only Trump, RFK Jr., and a like-minded administration and Congress can provide.  The GOP and our country cannot afford to experience another close election loss.  To take back our country, we need a landslide GOP victory by Trump and the down-ballot candidates, facilitated by RFK Jr. joining President Trump’s Hero’s Journey to provide maximum appeal to voters beyond Trump’s voter base, to abet a massive general election crossover vote, and to overcome the election fraud factor.

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  1. It is sort of a favour to Trump, that if Kennedy runs as an independent, then it is really impossible for a Democrat candidate to garner enough of those cheating ballots, against Trump.

    A good ally to position in cleaning out the swamp.
    So the strong point of Kennedy is in health, and wanting to clean out the swamp in health also, which is just as important.



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