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RINOs Threaten Trump




Resigning RINOs Threaten Trump and America

By Brian C. Joondeph


A handful of RINO members of Congress have either resigned or announced their intentions to do so in the coming weeks to months. They claim this is in protest to the now all but certain nomination of Donald Trump as the Republican presidential candidate.

The latest threatened resignation is Senator Lisa Murkowski, a squishy Republican at best. She endorsed Nikki Haley for the GOP nomination and has been critical of Donald Trump.

She voted to convict Trump and remove him from office. She also voted against Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to SCOTUS. On those two issues, the Republican Senator voted lockstep with Democrat Senators Dick Durbin and Chuck Schumer.

Some Republican. Did any Democrats vote to not convict Trump or vote in favor of Kavanaugh? I don’t think so. Perhaps Senator Murkowski belongs to the wrong political party.

Her latest whine is, “I’m very independent-minded,” adding, “I just regret that our party is seemingly becoming a party of Donald Trump.” Funny how those words are rarely uttered from Democrats about Joe Biden.

Post Ronald Reagan, the GOP tried morphing from the “Party of Reagan” to the party of Bushes, Dole, McCain, Romney and in return got bupkis. The Bush 41 gave us a tax hike and a lousy campaign against Bill Clinton.

Bush 43 provided a 20-year war in the Middle East under false pretenses, the current domestic surveillance state, and Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts (almost Harriet Meyers).

McCain was afraid to utter Barack Obama’s middle name and Romney couldn’t defend himself from accusations of being mean to his dog, killing his employees, not paying taxes for 10 years, and letting Candy Crowley slap him around at the debates, all nonsense, but he let the narrative stick.e

Nature abhors a vacuum, and the absence of serious Republican candidates or leaders since Reagan served up Donald Trump. Love or hate his personality, he teed up conservative policies that benefited America and her people, in an “America First” manner.

Now we have Joe Biden and his administration doing everything to hurt America and her people in an “America Last” agenda. If not Trump, then the GOP might as well resign itself to being an irrelevant permanent minority party on the national stage.

It’s not only Senator Murkowski throwing in the towel, but recently Rep. Ken Buck and soon, Rep. Mike Gallagher.

Was it a carrot or stick? Did someone offer him treasures or was kompromat held over his head? Or was it a middle-fingered gesture to the party of Trump? As he is in a solid red district, his departure won’t tip the balance of power in the U.S. House.

Wisconsin Rep. Mike Gallagher, serving his fourth term in Congress, is also leaving Congress abruptly for reasons unknown, other than a likely gesture to the GOP that mirrors Buck’s sentiments. And his exit may tip the balance of power.

Charlie Kirk tweeted how Gallagher’s timing is both deliberate and destructive:

Rep. Mike Gallagher has announced he is resigning his Congressional seat effective April 19.

This is calculated. Gallagher could leave now and allow his safe Republican seat to be filled quickly. Instead, he is deliberately leaving on a timeline that will leave it empty until November, leaving the GOP majority even smaller and making a Democrat House takeover a real possibility.

Gallagher is a traitor to his party and to the people who voted for him. What a spiteful, repulsive creature.

Leaving the GOP with a one-vote majority in the House, who’s next in this fairly obvious effort to cede House control to the Democrats? When Buck resigned, he suggested that even more NeverTrump House members follow his lead:

Buck then hinted that more colleagues might resign, saying: “I think it’s the next three people that leave that they’re going to be worried about.”

So much for party loyalty and principles. As with most NeverTrumpers, their beef is over both the message and the messenger. The two parties are more alike than different in terms of agenda, although not tactics.

The uni-party wants profligate spending on their pet projects, endless costly wars, open borders, and a watered-down or eliminated Constitution.

Trump believed and governed otherwise. In response, the Weekly Standard, National Review, and Wall Street Journal crowd bristled, preferring to burn their party down, taking the country with it.

As the uniparty cannot beat Trump at the ballot box, they are taking another approach. By ceding power to the Democrats, NeverTrump Republicans can with allegedly clean hands, destroy the leader of their party. And the party itself for daring to vote for Trump.

In similar fashion, Jesus was betrayed or handed over like a hot potato to his eventual crucifiers, each contributing person or party telling themselves they had clean hands, deceitfully playing their small role in the process.

How will Democrat House control potentially derail Trump’s campaign?

From the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision of March 4, 2024, overturning the Colorado Supreme Court’s attempt to keep Trump off the ballot due to “insurrection”:

The Constitution empowers Congress to prescribe how those determinations should be made. The relevant provision is Section 5, which enables Congress, subject of course to judicial review, to pass “appropriate legislation” to “enforce” the Fourteenth Amendment.

SCOTUS teed up the solution to getting rid of Trump to Congress. In other words, states can’t keep Trump off the ballot, but Congress can offer legislation that Trump is an insurrectionist and should be kept off the ballot.

This would occur on day one of Democrat control of the House, and with Democrat control of the Senate and White House, would be signed into law immediately. What about “judicial review”? Judging from the SCOTUS decision, such review would not favor Trump.

How convenient. Reps. Buck, Gallagher, and others can maintain innocence, like Pilate, “washing their hands” of this scheme to end Trump’s quest for a second term, by simply resigning “over principles” or “to spend more time with the family.”

Then there are the myriad committees investigating the January 6 entrapment scheme, Biden Crime Family corruption, Russia-gate, and other deep state illegal weaponization of government against political opponents or for personal gain. All would disappear in an instant if Democrats controlled the House.

Will it work? Who knows? Trump is not naïve and doesn’t like losing, so I am sure he has gamed this out. But it’s clear that the Washington D.C. establishment, the ruling class, the deep state, the blob, or whatever you want to call it, views Donald Trump as an existential threat to their perks, power, and survival and is pulling out all the stops to stop him.

They forget that “We the People” are Constitutionally supposed to be in charge. When governments actively defy the will of the people, it never ends well, either in dictatorship and tyranny or in revolution.

As George Orwell wrote in 1984:

“Winston Smith: Does Big Brother exist?

O’Brien: Of course he exists.

Winston Smith: Does he exist like you or me?

O’Brien: You do not exist.”

Our existence and relevance as a free people is on the line.

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  1. After noting many things, like cheating, ballot harvesting, Dominion machines, coups, colour revolutions etc., etc. but the easiest way would seem to be :—-

    …. So they probably can’t beat Trump, and it doesn’t seem like they have the juice to try that hard.
    The smart thing to do — which also happens to be the easiest thing for a massive faceless managerial state to do — is nothing.
    Let Trump back in, and fight him on home turf — in the maze of the executive bureaucracy. Some of his backers have announced their intention to become politically competent in the event that he wins — but compared to the alternatives, that’s a very manageable risk.
    More importantly: let Trump hold the bag for the all-but-guaranteed economic calamity of the next four years.
    The regime could skate for another decade if they succeed in pinning the collapse on a dangerous, erratic right-wing upstart.

    Well that part triggered this on pondering about a Trump win.
    ….. no president — and especially not Mr. Trump — has any control over the monetary measures that will collapse the dollar. …
    ….. Sometime after January 20, 2025, the collapse of the dollar will be engineered.
    Everyone’s savings will evaporate, and all of their money will become worthless.
    And Donald Trump will get all the blame, because he will be president when it happens.
    That’s the way it works in politics — if it happens during your administration, you get the blame.
    Especially when the entire Media-Propaganda Complex operates in lockstep, and allows no other explanation for what happens.
    It is intended that Donald Trump’s support, along with his financial empire, will collapse along with the dollar.
    If he is lucky enough to survive the dénouement, he will become an irrelevance.
    He will no longer be a threat to the true Powers of this world.
    After that comes the New Normal, with the Deep State permanently in charge.
    You will own nothing and be happy.
    You will eat the bugs, live in a fifteen-minute city, and ride your bicycle —
    —- or an electric scooter if you’re lucky, and your social credit score is good enough.


    The desperation of the “Deep State” “Globalisation” are all looking for a way to swing it back into their favour, but stuff the good citizen.



  2. Knowing all these things, Trump is continuing on.

    … Posted Apr 3, 2024 …. The majority of our computer models say that he will win.
    Still, there is no possible way that the establishment could allow that to happen, mainly because he wants to put an end to America’s involvement in foreign conflicts and back away from the climate change agenda that is simply a rouse for the Great Reset.
    The computer will be right again.
    There is absolutely no way either side will accept the 2024 election result, and Trump’s life is in danger. …


    Trump can never make the necessary changes on his own.
    He has opened the can, so we can see much more of what is going on, in the unaccountable “Deep State”.
    The key point, is what stand do we take? as a lot is really in our hands also, to seize the opportunity!



  3. I don’t like him never have long before he changed from a democrat to a republican ,all my friends in the US say they cant have another 4 years of the democrats so will back him, because rather than just disliking him leftys hate him and this can only be a good thing. The only way forward for their politics is let him have his second 4 years and hopefully someone will step up and carry on.



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    A new study reports that people who vape or use e-cigarettes are much more likely to develop heart failure compared to individuals who have never used them.

    The findings, presented at the American College of Cardiology’s annual scientific session, highlight a new link between vaping and heart failure.
    “More and more studies are linking e-cigarettes to harmful effects and finding that it might not be as safe as previously thought,” Dr. Yakubu Bene-Alhasan, a resident physician at MedStar Health in Baltimore and the study’s lead author, said in a press release. “The difference we saw was substantial.”



  5. One of the key questions the inquiry needs to answer is whether allowing the Covid health response to trump everything else throughout the pandemic period was the best course of action, or whether we could have preserved life without going to the extremes we did or for as long as we did. Was there a better decision-making process than just handing the keys to the director general of health? And did the panic of the time sacrifice calm rational decision-making? After all, once that panic passed, we suddenly got a lot more sanguine about Covid hospitalisations and even deaths.

    Getting Blakely to mark his own homework and that of his profession will be about as effective as getting a Reserve Bank Governor to mark his own monetary policy work. The passive “fireside chat” approach the current inquiry has taken to date does nothing to dispel the theory that Blakely is too close to be objective.
    It started pleasantly enough but the tone went downhill rapidly when Reidy tried to get Orr to reflect on the cause of our current economic malaise, rather than have a more generalised discussion about what causes inflation.

    Orr bristled when forced to focus on the bank’s role in dramatically expanding the money supply during the pandemic which, coupled with gargantuan fiscal stimulus, let the inflationary dogs off their leash.

    The Governor wearily trotted out his now familiar talking points. We were the same as everyone else, we started tightening earlier than anyone else, we did a review of our own work and we were largely tickety-boo, we could have started tightening monetary policy two quarters earlier if we’d had amazing foresight but it wouldn’t have made much difference, and we are the only bank that’s done a review, so that makes us pretty exemplary. And could we all now move along, please.



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