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State of New Zealand roads

I’m a pensioner, semi retired, (and curmudgeonly), with a small home based business which requires a lot of travelling around the North Island. Regular trips between Waihi and Auckland and Waihi to Tauranga. How many of you have travelled those third world goat tracks that we are told are main arterials ?
I don’t think I have ever seen the roads in such poor condition. We all know there has been little or no maintenance in the last 2 years as there was a portion of the LTNZ roading budget given to the light rail in Auckland. However the Waihi to Tauranga road has been one of the lucky recipients of idiot Genter’s generosity in doing “safety improvements” to the road which include larger speed limit signs, that has slowed us down. Cheese cutter wires along places where I have never seen a car off the road, which now means that should any car hit the wires it will bounce back into the road. Look at which side of the road they are installed on in corners, south of Katikati by the Golf course being a good example.
God help a motor cyclist going into the cheese cutter wires, because nothing else will.
But the road surface has not been improved. So is very uneven, still many potholes and many smooth areas but has newly painted lines on it, that keeps us in our place.
To achieve these “safety improvements” idiot Genter has allowed the cutting down of a considerable number of trees, I guess Green Party and hypocrite are words that belong together.
Anyone travelled Tirau to Turangi on SH1 lately or Taupo to Rotorua, allow your self a lot of extra time for the numerous stop/go road repairs, some of these are in places where there was temporary reduced speed limit signs instead of repairing the broken and uneven seal. I have travelled those roads regularly for the last 10 years and the last two years are the worst road conditions I have seen. Try the Orewa to Warkworth road. But Twyford did get his photo taken at the opening of the Huntly bypass, planned and funded by National, but slowed considerably under Labour.
For those political tragics like myself who regularly watch Parliamentary question time, the two idiots, Twyford and Genter answer every question with it is “nine years of neglect under National that has caused the problem”. As I remember New Zealand’s roads were in good condition and had ongoing maintenance until 2 years of neglect under these two idiot’s watch.
This brings me to the point of this post.
Labour announces the biggest infrastructure spend in New Zealand’s history, fine, except Stephen Joyce has comprehensively debunked this with facts. I believe National approved in their last budget the funding for $44 billion to be spent on roads of national significance. Makes fools of the fat fairy, Cindy and of course the drunken dwarf, banging on about there being no funding for ghost roads under National. Labour is only spending less than a billion this year, in other words road repairs, no new roads.
This big deal infrastructure spend was first publicly with no announced with no details last year to allow the roading gangs to crew-up and train the people and the actual details of the spending was made when the companies are ready to go and the election date announced. Have you seen how many staff are on the safety trucks? Where did they suddenly appear from overnight? Where did all the trucks and their equipment appear from?
Now here is the cynic in me, with it being election time, this will be Labours big boast of how wonderful they are:
We are building roads
We are spending on infrastructure
We have considerably increased job numbers,
We are forcing up the minimum wage which will help all the staff on the roading contracts.
We are governing the country well, (Robertson will hope this will stop the GDP collapsing completely into negative territory)
Roll on September so we don’t have to listen to these fools any more.

Old Cynic

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  1. Travelled SH5 between Napier and Taupo recently and was disappointed to note that about 75% of it needs re-sealing, but the lesser roads in Hawke’s Bay are all being turned into traffic silos with cheese-cutters for no apparent gain in safety and every possible inconvenience to motorists.



  2. All those beautiful views and beaches to pull off the side of the road to enjoy while travelling we are now denied due to installation of miles of cheese cutter wires on both sides of the road. We are are lucky people with our $m scenery but with the Green authoritarian road hating JAG in charge there is no chance to stop and relax at beautiful spots during our travels.



  3. We’re about three quarters through a month’s trip down the South Island & back up through the West Coast & Tasman. All the state highways make their NI equivalents seem like goat tracks by comparison.

    I can honestly say that I’ve never driven on better roads. Why the difference?



    • Years ago travelling on a bus near Christchurch I observed when going over a bridge, massive stock piles of shingle in the riverbed.
      Diggers busy loading trucks and I was envious.
      It just seemed limitless to how thick the foundation of a road could be made as it seemed to be doing a favour to the river in removing surplus shingle. 🙂

      Also noted that many South Island farms had good shingle gateways and tracks, and cost nothing but loading & cartage.
      Easily pulled down from a bank onto a dray pulled by a horse.and over hundred years of getting it right to start with.
      Well until it is either over done, or today’s bureaucracy requires costly permits, fees, royalties.

      The local council , has to quarry, remove overburden, and the quarries seem to have to go deeper, to get the good quality rock. After that it all has to go through a crusher, to bring it down to the right size.
      That must be a costly business., with all the laws, rules, regulations, safety & health, permits, fees, levies. resource consents, etc.. etc,.
      With ever more problems of nearby house building, complaints about explosives, shaking houses, dust, and then the taniwha, bones, urupa and koha needed, more so in the North Island.

      The Taupo Reporora Tokoroa way, where a D8 can just barrel along with very cheap few sweeps on pumice, though not good foundations, but good drainage does help, so effectively good value for little money spent.

      Well that is my theory & envy of the South Island shingle.



      • Point taken S1 but river run while good enough for forestry & farm tracks doesn’t really cut it for highways. The latter need compacted base course which involves crushed (sharp) screened, interlocking stone mixed with clay to bind it.

        The South Island does however, as you point out, have the blessing of a very low taniwha/100 sq km ratio. 🙂



  4. Fucking stupid those wire barriers. If they were a bit off to the side so you still stop safely, I’d be less critical . Greens, Fucking Cunts, the lot of them. I am generally opposed to sending political opponents to the Gulags, but in the case of the Greens I’d make an exception. They are a cancer on society and deserve to be elimnated.



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