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Round One To The Deplorables and River Filth




Tedros Announces the Failure of Pandemic Agreement/Treaty.

For now.

They will be back with another bag of dirty tricks.

They will not give up. They will continue until they get it through, one way or another.

WHO Director General Tedros Ghebreyesus has conceded the failure of the WHO Pandemic Treaty at the start of the World Health Assembly 77 overnight.

This is a very good day for those who have opposed a world health dictatorship.

Ghebreyesus was a terrorist with the Tigre Liberation Army. While at the helm of WHO, he has actively covered up the rape and sexual exploitation of women in the Congo by WHO personnel, as found by his own investigative commission.

The world has decided this man and the degenerates at WHO should not be trusted to lead the next Pandemic response, and so says One Nation.

Perhaps sacking this man and re-empowering the old guard at WHO, doctors who just want to heal people and do good, might result in WHO restoring trust.

Perhaps removing the influence of predatory billionaire Bill Gates and his foundation, along with globalist front groups like CEPI, would also help WHO restore their battered reputation.

Nations do not need a Pandemic Treaty to review their COVID performance, they just need the will and the courage to look under every rock and behind every piece of advocacy and fake science.

Instead Governments around the world, including Australia, are running away from facing these issues, afraid of losing the sponsorship and protection provided by the crony capitalist world order.

I promised some years ago to hound down those responsible for the death and destruction corporate cronyism wrought on Australians, and I will continue to do so. Today is a good day for the resistance.

Let this encourage all of us to renew our efforts to bring the guilty to justice and eliminate cronyism from our governance.


W.H.O. Readies Next Draft of Global Pandemic Treaty

Closed-Door Talks Conclude

Trojan Horse to Kill National Sovereignty

The World Health Organization’s (W.H.O.) drive to seal a global pandemic treaty will conclude Friday after weeks of closed-door talks in Geneva, Switzerland.

The hard stop of next week’s annual gathering of the U.N. subsidiary’s 194 member states is drawing closer which is why a deal is wanted sooner rather than later by organizers.

The health bureaucrats steering the talks must report back to the World Health Assembly — the W.H.O.’s supreme decision-making body — regardless of whether or not they have a finalised text for the assembly to consider, AFP reports.



Civil society groups following the talks from outside the meeting hall seem less than enthused an agreement will be forthcoming.

“They are negotiating, enthusiastically fighting for a speedy conclusion — but it’s not happening,” K. M. Gopakumar, senior researcher with the Third World Network, told AFP.

Giving the talks very little chance of successfully concluding on time, he said he thought countries would likely press for discussions to continue and hold talks about more talks further down the line.

Critics have already accused the organization of bureaucratic overreach in pushing to seize control of how the world responds to any future pandemic along the lines of the coronavirus outbreak.



Over 125,000 people in Britain alone have signed a petition demanding a referendum on any decision to join the so-called Pandemic Treaty.

Others suggested countries might opt to present the assembly with a skeleton deal and show agreement in principle.

President Donald Trump in 2020: “We Are Terminating” Our Relationship with W.H.O

The rolling draft agreement is not being made public, but a version as it stood on Thursday, seen by AFP, showed large sections have been approved. The outlet further noted:

The main disputes revolve around issues of access and equity: access to pathogens detected within countries, and access to pandemic-fighting products such as vaccines derived from that knowledge.

Other tricky topics are sustainable financing, pathogen surveillance, supply chains, and the equitable distribution of not only tests, treatments and jabs, but also the means to produce them.

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken has already dampened hopes of a deal, saying a conclusion this week seemed “very unlikely,” as Breitbart News reported.

Nonetheless, Washington was still working to ensure that “we’re better prepared for next time,” he said.

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  1. And Cindy and Ashley are still the heroes of so much suffering and death for People.
    But justice is slowly being served to all those VAX spruikers.
    Falling over dead. But you say some seem to have escaped all this.
    Well yes, and the only answer is that they never got jabbed with anything but mind juice or saline, depending on their attitudes.



    • Indeed.

      They are evil, so if they have said publicly it has failed then:
      [1] They are moving to Plan B.
      [2] They never expected it to work, but attempted it to distract us from what they were really planning.



  2. They haven’t stopped, they won’t stop, they are determined to pass their CONTROL treaty. Their Marxist dream won’t be over until the WHO is disbanded and the perpetrators exposed for what they are.



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