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Royal Commission into mosque shootings: Suppressions extended




What are they trying to hide from us now?

The extensive suppression orders covering the Royal Commission into the Christchurch mosque shootings will now cover every single government agency and crown entity.

The top-level inquiry, headed by Justice Sir William Young and former diplomat Jacqui Caine, is investigating the accused gunman and his activities before 15 March. It will also examine the role of the security agencies.

The Commission started gathering evidence in early May and quickly ordered all evidence and submissions made by nine government agencies, including the GCSB, Customs and the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, to be kept secret for the foreseeable future.

It also ordered all correspondence between those agencies and the Commission to be kept private.

This is to protect the accused’s fair trial rights, national security and the identity of witnesses, as the material those agencies will be supplying to the Commission is likely to contain classified and sensitive information.

But the Commission has now added more than 200 government agencies, crown entities and departments to the list, regardless of whether they are providing evidence, or not.

They include the Department of Internal Affairs, Antarctica New Zealand, Te Papa, City Rail Link and Radio New Zealand. The order will be reviewed but it’s unclear when that will happen.

Plod must be worried that their failure to properly interview Tarrant, when he applied for a gun licence, is going to be bought to light. As well, Cindy’s change of the requirement to enable all arms officers to be located in Wellington and all applications to be done on line, will be the main cause of this POS Aussie getting his required permits to buy these guns.

Because of this failing, all law abiding gun owners are under the gun.

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  1. All this secrecy is typical of socialist governments and should be feared. With all the changes taken place since that event, we should be well informed as to the why’s and wherefores of the whole event.



    • Unfortunately, Jacinda Ardern has ensured that New Zealanders could not read Tarrant’s Manifesto to understand his motivations. Reading it in New Zealand means you risk going to prison thanks to her thought-control policies.

      I agree with what you said and I was one of the lucky few who also got to read it before Ardern banned it; Tarrant isn’t a white supremacist, he isn’t right wing. If anything, he is more aligned with the left.



      • I made notes from his manifesto the day after the shooting:

        On page 15 he states “The nation with the closest political and social values to my own is the
        People’s Republic of China.” And on page 25 he states “Conservatism is dead. Thank god. Now let us bury it and move on to something of worth.”
        Doesn’t strike me as a very “right wing” sentiment.



      • I also scanned Tarrant’s manifesto before it was banned. Tarrant’s beliefs ranged all over the place and I assessed it as ramblings of a murderous lefty nutter. Adern’s immediate banning of it so NZ’ers could assess his intentions for themselves and the over-the-top confiscation of firearms (confiscation because their is no choice under the COL’s hurriedly imposed law) just confirms Cindy has an agenda and has taken the opportunity of the mosque masacre to manipulate the population.



      • I think you underestimate the huge dangers this vast worldwide conspiracy of White Supremacists pose to civilisation. The authorities should round them all up immediately. They can borrow my ute; it shouldn’t take long.



  2. Continuing to trawl the news reports about firearms in New Zealand I happened on this interesting piece from nine years ago which found New Zealand had “the most pronounced decline in firearm homicide over the past two decades”.
    In the article Greg O’Connor made the point “”I would be very disappointed if as a result of the actions of criminals in New Zealand, there was an encroachment against lawful gun-owning people.”



  3. I suspect that they want to suppress the information that someone acting on our government’s behalf put Tarrant up to it in order to create an excuse to sieze control of a hitherto very peaceful little country.

    The message trail will be well hidden, of course, but there is always the chance that the SIS will somehow stumble across it.

    Think about it. WHO has gained the most from this bloody terrible event?

    Join the bloody dots….



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