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Why are lefties so concerned about cow farts but not PEOPLE farts? It turns out that people produce more farts than cows

With all the talk these days about cow farts and their alleged impact on the environment, it’s somewhat curious that lefties aren’t also mentioning human farts, which are far greater in number and more pervasive than any of the backside emissions coming out of cattle.

As it turns out, there are more people living in the world than there are heads of cattle, especially in urban areas. Since all humans and cattle fart, this means that human flatulence is actually destroying the planet to a much greater degree than meat and dairy animals, at least according to the narrative of the climate lunatics.

If they’re going to be consistent in spreading their gospel of climate change and global warming, then leftists need to start addressing the problem of methane being emitted from the back ends of humans, especially in densely-packed leftie enclaves where the concentration of farting humans is highest.

Millions of dollars are being spent on researching the impact of farts from animals, which government officials who’ve bought into the climate derangement claim say are having a substantial impact on the warming of our planet. If this is true, then lefties are even worse “polluters,” as there are many more of them than there are cows.

Taken to its logical end, this leftist push for total government control over everything that lefties claim is contributing to “climate change” will one day mean that all lefties have to stop farting and pooping because these emissions are supposedly causing ocean levels to rise, hurricanes to form, and children to die.

Since burps contain methane and carbon dioxide just like farts, then we have to ban them. They are environmentally unfriendly and completely “unsustainable,” according to climate-deranged leftists.

Humans who consume a high-fiber diet, are also worse “polluters” than humans who consume a low-fiber diet. Thus, “If one is an environmental advocate,” then he or she should consume a lower fiber diet because doing so “could potentially help the environment.”


  1. There’s only one thing left for it.

    The smelly bean munchers must have their arseholes permanently plugged for the good of the planet! 🙂



  2. Population numbers up and increasing out and above available resources, including adequate clean water, coupled with waste, both human and as a consequence of human habits, are a far larger issue than cows farting.

    Infrastructure for water, sewage and sensible transport unable to be afforded due to vanity and ideological green brain fart projects.

    And we have politicians thinking more refugees are what is required…………..



        • Maggy, a geologist friend of mine wrote a “paper” recently, basically for anyone interested in a geologist’s view on CC. using NZ as an example –here are couple of quotes from it.
          ” NZ is part of a fragment of continental crust that extends over 4.9 million sq. kms. Only 6% is above water. There are 18 sedimentary basins on the Zealandia continental fragment. ”
          ” These basins contain thick coal measures (up to several kilometres thick in parts of Taranaki” ” Taranaki is heavily fluted and gas seeps are evidenced on the sea floor by gas escape features (pockmarks, mud volcanoes, seeps , shallow gas pools etc.)”
          “We don’t know how much CO2 is escaping and how the rate varies. A minor increase in the temperature around the ocean-sediment interface will increase the volume of CO2 in the system. Temperature increase drives CO2 levels, not the other way around”



          • I wouldn’t mind seeing a copy of it…if you have a link.

            Did you get my comment on the Connollys?… (basically, I think their “unpublished” work is dodgy.)



            • It is not online but if you can somehow get your email address to me I will gladly send you a copy. ( I assuming you do not want your email address publicly displayed).
              I have just sent my email address to the Editor and asked to pass it on to you via text —his phone number is in the about section.

              Yes,I saw your comment on the Connolly’s work. We might have to agree to disagree –I think the first paper based on the weather balloon data is really good. The other two papers I would treat as throwing some reasonable scientific ideas out there for further work or discussion



  3. Cities are the biggest polluters and consumers on earth. Cities can only exist due to farmers feeding them.

    Yet cities are where the anti farmer movement began and the absurd idea the country side is destroying the earth, not the filthy crowded cities of consumers.



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