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Christopher Luxon to contest Botany candidacy


Christopher Luxon confirmed on Thursday he intended to put forward his candidate nomination for the Botany electorate.

A spokesperson for the National Party said they had yet to receive Luxon’s application but it will be welcomed.

“National is proud to run a robust local democratic selection process for our candidates,” a spokesperson for the party told Newshub.

“We look forward to receiving Mr Luxon’s candidate application for the Botany Electorate in due course.”

Currently the Botany seat is held by Jami-Lee Ross, who resigned from National last year after a falling-out with leader Simon Bridges.

Luxon will have to go through a formal selection process, where it is understood that around 60 National Party members will decide on the candidacy. 

Luxon, who resigned from his position at Air New Zealand in June, grew up in the Botany electorate.

“Botany is an electorate I have a great affinity for and connection with having grown up in the area attending local primary, intermediate and high schools,” Luxon said.

He said would not be making any further comment on the matter for the time being.

“Who is selected as the National Party candidate will be 100 percent determined by the local party delegates in Botany – not anyone else – and so it is important to me that the process is respected and runs as it should. 

“Should I ultimately be selected by the members in Botany as their National Party candidate I will happily talk publicly then.”

Not before time, we are seeing some sense from the Nats. Getting a high profile candidate was always the only way to get rid once and for all, the narcissistic prick Jaaaaamie.

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  1. What is so great about him?
    What did he do for Air NZ?
    It was his predecessor Rob Fyfe that got it out of the shit and known as a good airline round the world.
    I have no views on him, I’d just like to know what all the fuss is about?



    • I used to live in Botany. JLR may get one vote, if he votes for himself. Of course, Labour twats may vote for him to upset the Nats, but good decent citizens will vote for Luxton. I heard hin on the radio many months ago. He speaks well and comes across as intelligent and affable. Good riddance to that POS Jamie.



  2. Have to say that National are doing the wrong thing bringing this guy in .
    It smacks of trying to copy the Key phenomenon and to me means National are not listening to its members or understanding what is going on out there.
    By that I mean all the issues canvassed here on YSB are being ignored by National as they carry on there merry way in the quest for power.
    They don’t give a stuff about the people.
    In the interview with Key this morning he mentioned Luxon climate change, AirNZ and businness.
    I have always adhered to the view that Stephen Franks wrote about where government is not a business.He is right.
    So having a business background is not necessarily the key ingredient for being a politician.It is much more than that , perhaps born out by Trumpy.



  3. I don’t like the guy. There is just something about him. Being head cheese at AirNZ he let that ridiculous safety video go ahead. He also kept his distance from the joe average worker there, basically just one of the suits. Rob Fyfe the old CEO would climb aboard a domestic flight, help serve drinks and food, talk to the passengers and then help clean the aircraft at the destination. I think Luxon is just another shiny arse who believes he will eventually become PM.



    • The dude replacing him is a Kiwi coming home from the USA where he is currently the CEO of Wal-Mart. Half a Trillion $$ worth of business last year under his watch. This guy will be a serious asset to Air NZ. Long live Capitalism! Here’s to a prosperous future to all of us….(sipping Jack Daniels on behalf of all YSB bloggers lol)



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