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Scientists “Baffled” Africa Only 6% Vaxxed But Covid Practically Disappeared

Practically no one  in Africa is getting “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), and as a result there is almost no covid anywhere to be found on the continent.

A recent piece from the Associated Press (AP) explains that in Zimbabwe, nobody wears a mask, nobody is vaccinated, and life goes on as normal.

People pack the local markets in close proximity to one another and, by golly, nobody is getting sick.

“Covid-19 is gone,” stated a man named Nyasha Ndou, who joked with reporters about how he keeps a mask in his pants “to protect my pocket.”

“When did you last hear of anyone who has died of Covid-19?” he further asked, adding that the only reason he keeps a mask on his person is to avoid potential confrontations with corrupt local police.

In the past week, Zimbabwe recorded just 33 new “cases” of the Chinese Virus.

And most of these are more than likely fake, seeing as how the PCR tests are completely fraudulent and designed to pick up the common cold.

The Only Areas Of The World Seeing Mass Disease And Death Are Those Pushing The “Vaccines”

“Africa doesn’t have the vaccines and the resources to fight Covid-19 that they have in Europe and the U.S., but somehow they seem to be doing better,” said Wafaa El-Sadr, chair of global health at Columbia University about another “strange” factor in the African equation.

To people like El-Sadr, it makes no sense that countries where vaccines are not being used are faring better than those where the jabs are widely used.

The AP has called this a “mysterious” development.

Only about six percent of Africa is currently jabbed for the Chinese Flu. And yet the continent remains “one of the least affected regions in the world” when it comes to the pandemic.

The “experts” are scrambling to come up with an explanation – and they are doing a poor job of it, by the way.

To anyone with a brain, it is obvious that there is a direct correlation between getting injected and getting sick or dying.

“We went into this project thinking we would see a higher rate of negative outcomes in people with a history of malaria infections because that’s what was seen in patients co-infected with malaria and Ebola,” added Jane Achan, a senior research advisor at the Malaria Consortium.

“We were actually quite surprised to see the opposite – that malaria may have a protective effect.”


  1. My mate couldnt get miq spot to return to nz so decided to explore the world, he got to africa a couple of weeks ago, he said its great no one gives a shit no one talks about it no masks no silly rules and no fucking worries!

    He just took a few tubes of horse paste with him just incase and said you can easily find ivermectin tablets over there. I dont know if ivermectin and their malaria drugs are the reason for low rates or ifvits just because they dont have fear monger media like us. Plus africans are used to misery and death, theyre probably excited this new virus is less deadly then everyday life in africa!



    • Since the Ivermectin patents expired in 2008, Merck have donated billions of doses of Ivermectin to millions of people in 45 third world countries to wipe out disease and parasites. Ivermectin was banned because Pfizer cannot make money if Merck were giving away the solution for free.

      The widespread use of anti-parasiticals in Africa including Ivermectin, will be a contributing factor.

      The other factors of course, will be similar to the same reason why the Amish are immune. They don’t have TV, and therefore are not infected by fear porn, or disease caused by wearing masks, or cowering at home out of the health giving fresh air and sunshine.

      Having said that the BMGF (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) are very unwelcome in Kenya and India, after multiple vaccines including the new Tetanus Vaccine with Graphene Oxide, has resulted in deaths and left women involuntarily sterilised. This is in addition to the artificial polio pandemic created by the polio vaccine funded by the same foundation.

      If you also track flu deaths in NZ on figures.nz you will find that since the started adding Graphene Oxide to the flu vaccine in the last 5 years of so, annual flu deaths in NZ have steadily increased year by year from about 550 to over 800.



    • and coming from Africa, its 100% accurate. Malaria dosnt protect against the virus, but the medicine taken weekly for Malaria, does. Hydroxychloroquine is used in this respect. But Trump used it, so obviously it has nothing to do wit it. Oh and they all take Ivermectin for parasites. Also nothing to do with this according to the scientist demanding double blind randomised tests….. Fucking Morons running the OECD and the west in general should all be taken out and shot, including that cunt of a bitch, Arderne.



  2. Around 80% of covid deaths are obese and very sick.

    Life is hard in Africa. There are not so many obese, sick, old, people.

    They have way worse things to worry about than the flu, the weather, the alt right, whatever…



  3. “We were actually quite surprised to see the opposite – that malaria may have a protective effect.”

    What’s wrong with these dopey bloody people? I ‘spose she wants to give everyone malaria now as a treatment for covid.

    It beggars belief that our so-called “leaders” use advice from drongos like this to fix what is actually a non problem. Ever since I first heard of HCQ and later Ivermectin, did a bit reading and applied a bit of logic, have thought that with the use of these two drugs as an early treatment for covid there has never been any need to shut countries down and do such incredible damage to our societies.

    The answer of course.



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