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“Self Isolation” is a load of shit




Coronavirus Patient Zero in Italy Reportedly a Pakistani Immigrant

According to recent reports from Italy the coronavirus patient zero in the Pavia area is a Pakistani immigrant who refused to self-isolate after testing positive for the virus.

The EU Times reported that the Pakistani man continued to cook and deliver Chinese food and infected an entire region of Italy.

Hobart man ignored COVID-19 quarantine order and returned to work

A young man in Hobart who has tested positive to coronavirus ignored health advice to self-isolate and worked at a major hotel in the city.

The student, aged in his 20s, arrived in Hobart on February 26 after travelling from Nepal and Singapore and suffered cold-like symptoms in the days following his arrival.

If only we had the foresight to stop all suspected carriers at the border, isolate them (by force if necessary) and say no entry to anyone from these infected countries.

If any country had the natural isolation from the rest of the world it was us.Our useless PTPM had no idea how to react at the time.

Too late now.


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  1. The CoL’s responses are reactive. They’re working on a “let’s see what happens next” basis, and “we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it”.
    Isn’t it manslaughter when someone dies because of your negligence?



  2. If it is a genuine pandemic, then it makes more sense that it is widespread in NZ ASAP. Better to get a cold (ie Covid19) in the summer than in winter.

    So the “self isolation” attempt to spread the disease in NZ as fast as possible is a smart move. Just not one that Cindy can boast about.



  3. That Hobart man, another patient zero.
    That night, he went to nightspots Cargo and Obar before working a shift at the Hotel Grand Chancellor the next day. ……
    ……. The man returned a positive reading for the coronavirus late on Saturday. ……
    …. “It’s our belief that he did understand the (self-isolation) requirements,” Dr Veitch said. ……
    yeah right. …..
    Then the same government authorities, seem to berate people for ‘panic buying’.
    It is the government’s mishandling that has created this ‘panic buying’.
    When all the public are looking to do, is to be set up, ready for their own voluntary “self isolation” “self contained” and independent.

    To say it is just a cold virus, rhinovirus which very few die from, or flue virus, influenza that is decimal point or so in its death rate totally misrepresents coronavirus.
    A cold may infect another person, and it is a real nuisance and not so damaging.
    Accepted also with the flue, and any susceptible person, takes their own precautions, like self isolating, and keeping clear of crowds, and just being careful.

    The hospitalization rates for coronavirus seem to be much higher, because of the effect on lungs and organs leading to 2ndary infections that demands health resources.
    The death rate also seems to be a bit higher, as a % rate as the comparison is from a low cold & flue base rate.
    At this stage one does not know the longer term effects on the body, like the polio virus which in 95% of the cases is very minor.
    Sadly for some, less than 1%, if it does not kill them, its long term effects can be for decades, even if they get out of that “iron lung”

    Then there is still unknown of the likelihood of reinfection, or if other forms develop, or how immunity to CoVid-19 works out.
    Time, research, studies, and truth; as some governments seem to want to fudge this.



  4. Slowing the spread and buying time is a good strategy if you are in the middle of the annual flu season, and the combination of CoVid-19 and flu are more dangerous. Better to delay the (inevitable) spread of CoVid-19 until after the end of the flu season.



  5. The human touch is so important, and is said to be very important to health and the deeper feeling of hormones that help immunity build up.
    Plus it builds a warm feeling of community and acceptance.
    CoVid-19 self isolating ways may make for a lower immunity.

    The French have adapted their huggy kissy ways to the natural baser primal ways.

    This would make the stampedes that have occurred in panic buying, so much more forgiving. 🙂 🙂 and bring a deeper meaning to “Have a nice day”. 🙂
    though some would say “Sexually Move On” 🙁



  6. I had posted another version of this in HYS at the end of February.
    The catch is that this judge was aware of this guy ignoring voluntary quarantine.
    But the magistrate showed mercy to the potentially doomed boozer by not recording a conviction against his name.
    Instead he put him off the roads for 16 months and fined him $1000.
    With time already served, Wen will be back behind the wheel in about two months.


    He had left the scene of his car accident, that is ramming into another car, drink driving.
    If this is how governments and judiciary concern about the public, then it is “every man for himself”

    It is the government systems that deserve no faith, that cause stampedes of “panic buying”.

    Tourists buying up goods, like hand sanitizer, local immigrants, not being kiwi first, but making a profit from this, by posting it overseas, then the New Zealand public being blamed when noticing the low and out of stock essentials.

    Then from the UN down, through the WHO, the chief director.
    and down through governments, judiciary, academia, etc. with NGO’s and media, pointing fingers at “racism” and “stigma” as being the real problem.
    They are the ones, swanning around with no clothes, no integrity.

    Then expect the general public to “correctly” follow their decrees. …. yeah right. ….. the socialist system means “every man for himself”



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