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David Seymour speaks to Shaun Plunkett on Political Supression of Free Speech


National are missing in action over their lack of support for free speech. WTF is Judith Collins on, in her criticising of Seymour for his comments about Golly G ?

For the first time in 50 years of voting, I am seriously considering NOT voting for National. Fuck them if they continue this appeasement policy they seem to be following.

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  1. Excellent.
    The pieces are almost in position. Game Of Thrones has nothing on Dear Leader.
    That is all Plebs, Back to work!



  2. It is every honest New Zealander’s duty to vote against the current clowns.

    ACT is the only realistic alternative to National at the moment.

    No matter how much you like it any party using “Conservative” or “Christian” as part of their name or description will be tainted too much by the pretenders who have gone before to get public traction (except locally).

    Bridges almost had me voting National until the failure to defend New Zealand freedom of thought and expression.

    I don’t like Seymour or many of his bloody silly ideas but, for lack of a genuine alternative, I shall once again vote ACT.



  3. I listened to the interview between Shaun and David Seymour. That is twice recently Judith has stunned me. Firstly with her comments supporting the rushed political move to ban guns from legitimate owners, and now Judith’s unnecessary comment about Seymour’s criticism of Goldriz as “dehumanising”. Since when in NZ did a political opponent having a differing opinion result in criticism of dehumanising of the person you disagree with?
    This inclination by National to follow the COL’s PC ideology down the rabbit hole has got to stop. Unless National start to listen and stand up for the average hard working taxpayer and National voter they are not going to be anywhere near winning the next election, or the one after that. People are sick of the bend-over-and-take-it-bunch chanting socialism that is gripping the world. Just watch across the Tasman tomorrow. Grow some balls National and stand up or the socialist bulldozer will be overrunning us all as they are determined to ban opinions of others, even our politicians, when they call out the opposition.



    • The National Party response to constituents concerned at the rushed Arms Amendment Act process, and the extended reach of the amendments well past MSSA was a form wording that the legislative response was “measured”. It was not at all measured but excessive and should have awaited the Royal Commissions conclusions to have any justification given the extent of it. Treating me as a simpleton was not going to hold my vote after 15 election cycles ticking in their favour.
      The lack of attention by the supposed loyal opposition to the attack on freedom of expression by the Coalition leader and elements is not acceptable and I appreciate the current lone stand by Mr Seymour. I do not want any action, legislation or regulation progressed by politicians leading to removing or reducing freedom of expression in any manner or any medium.



    • Had a smile at your post. Been saying all this now for nearly 20 years. The Nats. are f**** hopeless. No guiding Principles anymore.



  4. Good interview and a warning from David Seymour not to be complacent or believe things will not alter. We do have examples of lost freedoms in history, they should not be ignored The suggestion to write to your MP is sound.



    • Meeting them personally and in reasonably large groups is better. thousands of emails are hard to get through let alone respond to, a crowd much harder to ignore. Mind you the ‘central right’ anecdotally are still civilised in their protests.



  5. I agree Ed. I had to vote a couple of days early in 2017 as I knew I could not hold my nose to the Saturday to party vote the weak National.
    Recall that most of their waffly goals were rivers and pests in 2040, 2050 etc.
    Bill English had 8 months as PM and did nothing from a running start. He waited all those years …to do nothing.
    Bridges is a weak replacement.
    Nats formed Auckland Council in 2010 and building consents plunged (slight impact of GFC) and then they opened up the floodgates of immigration – from less than desirable or integratable sources. This raised house prices at excessive rates while no net new building occurred. There were less consents from all the new merged Auckland than the previous sole Manukau. Whole topic on its own.

    The praise they got for Christchurch was a bit high. They spent a net 10 Billion of taxpayers money over 6 years so less than 2 billion a year in effect. Compare that to the annual Superann bill!
    They handled the GFC with borrowing at $300 mill a week at times taking Govt debt from 6 bill to 70 billion. Not that miraculous.

    Remember before Easter, Seymour was under attack for defending our rights. I sent him a support note. And a couple of times since.
    National are dead to me. Pathetic insipid wimps. Judith Collins attack on Seymour was a disgrace, further amplified by her support for the truly hateful, lying, anti democracy, destructive Ghahraman.
    Next year election is local vote for Seymour. Party vote. TBA. It May be blank.



  6. ACT dares Golriz Ghahraman to report David Seymour to the police.

    That will be fun.

    On Saturday morning, ACT president Ruwan Premathilaka backed Seymour’s attack on Ghahraman, daring her to report Seymour to the police.

    “Incitement is a crime. If Ms Ghahraman believes an offence has been committed, she should report it. If not, she should drop her sanctimony.”

    Premathilaka also took a shot at Collins for playing into Ghahraman’s “victimhood mentality”.

    “The National Party used to believe in individual freedom, but it has been missing in action in the free speech debate.”


    fortunately you can turn the appalling video of sponsored by Gower. Its just so much garbage.



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