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She will be on suicide watch




Does It Mean Something That The SDNY’s Public Corruption Unit Is Handling Ghislaine Maxwell’s Case?

The public interest in seeing this degenerate arrested is a 50/50 mix of wanting her to suffer for her crimes and wanting to see if she rolls over on anyone else in Epstein’s circle.

There is a lot of suspense on that last point. Plenty of big names potentially in the mix. Strong, powerful names. The biggest!

Former prosecutor Elie Honig got some attention with this comment, noting the fine print in the DOJ’s press release that the Southern District of New York’s Public Corruption Unit will be handling Maxwell’s prosecution. Public corruption? Isn’t this a sex-crimes case?

Hmmm. Ken White, a former federal prosecutor himself, questioned Honig about that. Isn’t it true that in some U.S. Attorney’s offices the Public Corruption Unit gets handed the complicated stuff even if there isn’t a public official in the crosshairs? Honig’s reply:

Another former federal prosecutor added an important footnote:

So maybe the Maxwell case was handed to the PCU early in the belief that it might eventually implicate a public official. But that doesn’t mean that it has, or will. They might be staying with the case simply because they’re more familiar with the facts and the law at this point than any other office in the building.

Naturally lefties are pointing a finger at Trump today while righties are pointing a finger at Bill Clinton. The talented Mr. Epstein was a known associate of not one but two U.S. presidents, after all. But if there’s a “public official” at risk here, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s Trump or Clinton. Remember that Epstein was pursued by the feds in 2007 for sex crimes and somehow ended up with a deal so insanely favorable that it might pose a problem for prosecuting Maxwell.

That deal was upheld by a federal appellate court a few months ago, with the judges describing Epstein’s case as a “national disgrace.” The deal purported to guarantee federal immunity to Epstein *and* his co-conspirators, which would include Maxwell. Prosecutors will argue that the agreement covers only the Florida district where it was signed, not the SDNY, but there was language in it about “global” immunity. Does that mean Maxwell’s untouchable in New York too?

The man who signed off on that deal is the now-former Secretary of Labor, Alex Acosta. Is he the “public official” who the SDNY thinks might be implicated by discovery with Maxwell? She might have some interesting things to say about how that freakishly favorable arrangement came to be. That’s not to suggest that Acosta was part of Epstein’s circle, merely that fabulously rich and well-connected people have a lot of levers they can pull to get what they want.

There’d better be a platoon of Marines stationed outside Maxwell’s cell making sure no one lays a hand on her, including herself. If she ends up hanging herself, whatever traces of trust in public institutions that are left in this country will go up in smoke.

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  1. She wont see her actual courtcase thats is certain ,there are to many powerful people implicated for her to even get around to striking a plea deal with the FBI,she’s toast.
    It’ll have to be an “undiagnosed medical condition” and she will be “mistakenly cremated” before investigations are completed.



  2. I think she will have a short life now, yep the old undiagnosed condition, none of the guards were watching at that time (asleep or toilet break) and the tv system had gone down, perhaps just then? so there is nothing to show what happened to her. And if there is an autopsy it will be a total cover up. Thats how they get away with it. There is a programme on TV this Sunday about Geoffrey Epstein and his death Who killed Geoffrey Epstein or the like.. Might be interesting to watch, I doubt the Clingons will be mentioned though. I am expecting lots of covering up regarding the situation. I think its on Prime or choice 8.30 if anyone is interested in total corruption on all sides.



      • The more people involved in a conspiracy, the more these same people end up “suicided,” “overdosed” or killed in an “automobile crash ” There are no loose ends. Everything is surgically tied off.



    • Epstein had a lead lined security room with cameras monitoring every room, bathroom, showers and toilets in his house. He has video of everyone who ever visited. Presumably the FBI investigators now have that footage. Will Epstein’s “friends” will be lining up to make a deal?



  3. My conspiracy theory.
    I have been thinking why she came back to the USA. Apparently the house where she was arrested was only bought by her last December.
    So my way out theory –she has already done a deal with the authorities, who will let her off, if she spills the beans on a few of the worst offenders and then she will disappear somewhere else in the world to live a quieter, less public life –somewhere which doesn’t have any extradition treaties.



    • She’s a French Citizen, and they don’t extradite ( Polansky anyone?) . I have no idea why she would go to the USA when she would be totally safe in France. Something does not make sense. However, if she can be arrested, squeal and bring down the Clinton Suicide Empire, – that would make sense -all in return for immunity blah blah blah, but its a dangerous gamble.



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