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Shh, Don’t Tell Cindy Yet Again.




Natural News reports:

More children are dying from gender-bending pharmaceuticals than from guns, but leftists couldn’t care less

A hormone-blocking drug that’s commonly prescribed to “transgender” children has been exposed for harming and killing tens of thousands of them – but the very same what about the children?! leftists pushing for gun control are nowhere to be found in calling for common sense pharmaceutical control.

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Lupron (leuprolide acetate for depot suspension), which is manufactured by drug giant AbbVie, has killed at least 6,370 patients just since 2014, while seriously harming tens of thousands of others. At the same time, there were just 486 unintentional gun deaths last year.

Extrapolating and averaging out this number over a five-year period, it appears that more children are unintentionally dying from Lupron than are unintentionally dying from firearms. So where’s David Hogg and his March For Our Lives army of gun control activists in protesting this much bigger threat of pharmaceuticals to children’s lives?

The answer is nowhere, of course, because guns are politically incorrect, while gender-bending pharmaceuticals are not only politically correct, but now politically sanctioned as an acceptable form of “treatment” for alleged “transgender” children who believe they were born inside the wrong bodies.

The LGBTQ mafia actually promotes the transgender indoctrination of today’s youth, which includes pushing drugs like Lupron that we now know are a serious threat to children.

According to official FDA data, there have been more than 40,764 adverse reactions associated with Lupron since 2012. Between 2014 and 2019, more than 25,500 “serious” reactions were logged by the FDA, including 6,370 deaths.

But Cindy and the Liarbour Pardy are hell bent on ignoring the data. We would be better served if they did something about the appalling rural suicide rates. here in NZ. I guess with their support base including all these weirdos, there is no chance of any change.

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