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Should we let the radicals take control?




Victor Davis Hanson with Sebastian Gorka on AMERICA First

Look at this video interview of Victor Hanson.

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  1. I’d never heard of Victor Hanson but he seems to know his onions. From https://www.foxnews.com/media/victor-davis-hanson-left-using-george-floyd :

    ……”poor Joe Biden is the unknowing avatar” of this new agenda.

    “They think that they can take him and play him and carry him to the finish line and his vice president, which will be one of these people, these progressives, they will get the agenda in the back door through Biden,” Hanson said. “…….

    In the entire world Trump is the only man standing between rational people & the promised hell of global socialism.



  2. Featured comment from “Going Postal” this morning:
    Judas was Paid • 8 hours ago
    It strikes me that we now have a new class system in Britain. Gone are the Ronnie Barker/Ronnie Corbett/John Cleese days of upper, middle and lower classes. Now we have just two distinct groups, the givers and the takers.

    The givers are the hardworking, tax paying (always ready to be fleeced) citizens who, like you and I, fend for themselves and their families because it is the age old way and the right thing to do. These people have a moral foundation built upon the precept that nobody has a right to a free ride and that it is a man’s duty (particularly) to provide for his wife and his children. There are variations to this of course but the fundamental instinct remains as the driving force.

    The takers are all those who depend upon the labours of the above. In some instances, because we are at heart a compassionate people, there are those who without the assistance they receive would find life intolerably hard. Nobody would really question their receipt of a modest portion of what is gleaned from the harvest. There are those who are employed in protecting the community; the forces, the police and the fire service. To these we could add the ambulance service and the NHS. Other infrastructural bodies also require a stake. Then we have the claimants, those who could but won’t respond to the moral imperative to pay their own tab. In with these as a close neighbour I would add students. In times past they would already be out in the world making a living but through the largesse of the society in which they live they are relieved of such expectations for a time and are free to endeavour to learn enough to make themselves useful in days ahead.

    It is my belief that the latter have no place in shaping society other than in a respectful and modest form. I do not begrudge them a vote. They are welcome to join with the vast throng of others, including the givers, in seeking to create the society of which they dream and to do it through the ballot box.

    The givers must not be taken for mugs. It would be a folly to assume that they will remain happy to labour and supinely acquiesce to the destruction of the landscape they have worked and paid for. Compassion and fairness are not infinitely elastic features of human nature. There are limits and should the present stupidity cease to abate I predict there will be huge trouble ahead for whichever of the current governing/parliamentary parties is within hitting distance.



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