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Good on the Australian public for not voting for labour. Maybe the same will happen here next year. One can only hope that by then the gloss will have gone from the gilded turd we call the COL. Mind you, our choice for someone to replace them is diminishing daily.

This cartoon says it all.


  1. Not sure I think the cartoon does say it all.

    I don’t believe it is the harridan pushing National left. They’re doing it all on their own.

    National are simply too scared someone, anyone, will say something not very nice about them.

    They, and Judith’s latest travesty is a perfect example) have been taken over by the (left biased) pollsters and have simply become too PC to be able to stand up for anything.

    They’re not even Labour-light any more, more junior-greens.



    • With their favorite pollster getting it wrong yet again, maybe it’s time to listen to the silent majority and take heed of what they are saying. National are going to lose a very winnable election if they do not change and start listening.



      • National may be ‘controlled opposition’. They may have sold out and just be pretending to be the opposition party. That is what happened to the Republicans in the US. They said they would repeal Obamacare, but only voted for it when they knew it couldn’t pass due to presidential veto. Now they have a president who supports repeal, they won’t vote for it. Same with immigration and the wall – only reason Trump didn’t make progress while he had a Republican majority is that the Republicans and Dems are mostly on the same side.

        For more info – see a https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2017/07/18/reminder-to-remove-obamacare-we-must-first-remove-the-uniparty-big-club/
        Socialism is Slavery
        1984 is not a how-to manual
        NZ needs you! Are you doing your bit? https://www.nzsovereignty.co.nz/



      • This was Farrar yesterday at 3.23 pm NZ time
        “My pick is Labor to have over 80 seats in the 150 seat House”.
        Wow kinda wrong. Very wrong.

        He was wrong over Brexit and wrong over MAGA and still cant get over his severe TDS.
        He was a bit of a fanboi for TurnBull and that critter was a terrible left leaning PM.
        TurnBull actually wanted to be Labor but saw his better chance as leader of the Libs.
        He was always soft gooey Labour at heart.
        Turnbull was so disgusting he forced a by election then basically backed ‘the other guy’ well girl- K Phelps.
        The seat most likely went back to Liberal yesterday- seems to be uncertain this morning although last night it was called as going back liberal.

        You have to ask yourself now with Farrar getting so many election outcomes wrong, was he wrong a lot with his polls for National.
        A fair question.
        Did he misdirect them?

        Nats seem to have lost a lot of emotional support. This has yet to translate at an election.
        I suspect a lot of support is because they are ‘not as bad as the other lot’, not because they are inherently firm and fair and blasting the way to a ‘bright future’.

        Nats are well down the path that many countries have gone- Canada, Germany, France et al where they will look after outsiders before that will look after their own voters and taxpayers.

        I see Farrar as more like Bill Rowling that a Keith Holyoake. He presents as a soft gooey Labour supporter which is possibly why he cant handler a real man like Trump.
        He possibly sees Trump as like Muldoon – hard driving and uncompromising – and this triggers the Rowling in him.
        With soft gooeys like Farrar in the engine room at National they may well end up more like the 1950s Nash Labour than anything we might expect.

        It looks like K/blog has been ‘transitioning’for 18 months now. Its a bit of a Caster S. Neither clearly male nor female and with no balls in sight.

        Soimon is the right soft gooey liberal to lead such a party.Not my Party.
        They are closer to the Values Party 1978 and not with a 2 day drive of National 1978.

        That Collins has gone anti democracy and a bit retard- not full retard yet. This is a worry about the direction of the Nats.
        I guess Collins has clarified that she wont jump over to ACT.
        All for hasty gun restrictions and supporting the anti democracy, anti free speech, pro telling porkies, nasty from the C word Party , Ghahraman.

        Sorry a bit long -a flow of thoughts.
        My political position is help the people in your own country who cant help themselves; those who can and don’t > work for the dole/bene ;
        prisoners to work in a genuinely productive sector 7 hours a day, 6 days a week;
        less Govt;
        prescribed functions for Local Govt monitored by a commission back to basics of rubbish, roads, libraries, dog registration etc. No social work. That is central Govt role in a country of under 5 million.

        I’m a Nationalist as in > my Nation first. I’ll wait for the knock on the door.
        Be supportive of your neighboring countries and respect their way may be different; be good with your trading partners and dont spend days with the Froggies who stiffed us in the late 1980s when they committed the R/Warrior crime while only hopping to China for 12 hours when their trade greatly helped NZ avoid the scourges of the GFC that bashed weaker economies like Ireland, Spain etc

        No doubt Chuck will have a rebuttal.



  2. There are many, many issues affecting Aus that have direct parallels here.That is why I watch Skynews avidly.A good result that shows many voters are alert to the silly policies some parties try and introduce.
    However , the huge concern is this UN Agenda being pushed worldwide that is gaining traction among some who one could have been forgiven to thinking they had enough nous to see through the scam.
    But no.With Turnbull ,big business and a host of politicians sucked in to the climate change scam I believe it is the greatest threat to Western democracy at the present time.
    It is infiltrating every corner of policy and costing the man in the street huge sums.The Paris Accord for a start.
    The UN needs dismantling .Trump needs support.
    May be the tide is turning?



  3. With betting agencies (not our TAB) taking bets on anything nowadays, I always look at the betting trends on politics. What has surprised me is just how far out the odds setters have been.
    According to the odds Brexit, Donald Trump and Scott Morrison all had no show.
    They all got up to win.



  4. What a great day for Australia, shifty shorten gone, labor will vote Tanya in with a little luck give Scomo a decade. All the leftist ideologists gone that adored Turnbull, back to digging coal and making money to pay for hospitals and schools. Just pray they now pull out of Paris and dump all this crap once and for all.
    Cindy needs to take note, the press and pollsters can do all the bullshitting in the world, but voters are not totally stupid, they can sniff and see a con along way away.



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