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Simon Bridges refuses to say that he trusts Judith Collins




Stuff reports

National leader Simon Bridges is refusing to directly say that he trusts his highly-ranked MP Judith Collins.

Speculation around Bridges’ leadership of the party has been mounting following his handling of the Jami-Lee Ross and emotional junior staffer sagas, with some of the speculation centred on Collins, who ran against him in the leadership race.

One report in Politik said Collins had the numbers for a leadership bid. Two National Party sources told Stuff that several MPs were uncomfortable with the way Bridges handled the “emotional junior staffer” matter.

Asked repeatedly to on his way into caucus on Tuesday morning whether he trusted Collins, Bridges instead simply said he trusted “his colleagues”.

Asked directly to say the phrase “I trust Judith Collins” he refused.

“I’m being really clear with you: I trust my colleagues,” Bridges said.

Collins for her part said there was no reason that Bridges shouldn’t trust her.

“Of course he should [trust me]. I’m a very hard-working member of caucus, and I do exactly what my job is, which is to hold the government to account,” Collins said.

Asked for her reaction to Bridges refusing to endorse her specifically, Collins said media should ask Bridges about that.

“I’ve been in this business long enough I don’t get personally hurt by little things like that,” Collins said.

When asked if she supported Bridges as leader Collins said she did – because he was the leader of the party.

“Of course, because he’s the leader of the party. He’s the fifth leader of the party that I’ve had and I’ve supported every single one of them.”

Asked if she herself would make a good leader of the party – she has run twice – Collins said that “wasn’t for her to say” and the party already had a leader.

She refused to comment on his handling of the emotional junior staffer matter or Bridges’ campaign against slushy machines being provided to corrections staff, saying these were matters for the leader.

It’s understood Bridges may use this caucus meeting to directly call out Collins for what he sees as disloyalty.

He refused to comment at length on what he planned to talk about it in the caucus meeting.

“I don’t talk specifically about what I’m going to say in caucus, ever,” Bridges said.

He did say that he often talked to his MPs about the need for “discipline and unity”.

“These are things I always talk about. They are things that John Key that Bill English and other leaders have talked about, and I will talk about them today.”

Bridges and Collins were level-even at five per cent in the last One News/Colmar Brunton preferred prime minister poll.

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  1. The media really do want to set the narrative don’t they. Who the hell do the media think they are? Both Simon Bridges and Judith Collins are entitled to not be drawn by very pointed questions. The media try and make enough out of what is not said, let alone what is.

    They should go and report on Labour there is enough to report on there that, the opposition would need have no space what so ever. That is if the media did there mandated job.

    A bit like what Harry and Meghan are going through, best just to starve them of oxygen, they make shit up anyway.



  2. Simon and Judith are both experienced enough not to allow media to rattle them. Judith does handle the MSM’s silly questions with an air of dismissal that Simon still sadly lacks even though he bats away their obsessional questions.



  3. Do hope this not an indication that this new blog will become another repeater station of the Media party like WO and others. Most sit back as the Media party again ramp up their attacks on the Leader of The Opposition in their compliant fashion to the bunch of losers. It is apparent that it is the COL that is very concerned about the continued loyalty and unity in the opposition being a clear and present danger to their trough dwelling. Their woes continue as they show growing numbers needing more handouts proving how incompetent they truly are. LOL



    • no chance of that. I thought it was of interest to see what is going on. I don’t believe it’s quite as bad as the lefties would hope, but Simon needs to be more of an attack dog. He certainly has had plenty of stuff to get his teeth into.



      • I was disappointed with Simon at question time today. Appeared to be lacking the killer punch. Ardern was her usual smart arse mouth and confirmed why I cannot stand her.

        Almost feel sorry for first fish as she is a nasty piece of work.



        • Sadly T the Speaker has lowered the bar so much that OQT is almost nothing less than a joke fest. Remember he controls which questions submitted to his office that are included for each day. Continues to allow rambling responses that avoid answering questions then runs interference when Ministers start to flounder or let a real nugget slip. The only constant each day is old Winston First attempting to disrupt the House but get to remain for the entire session.



    • Stuff and the rest of the MSM refuse to admit they don’t actually have any influence or control over what the National Party do despite how hard they try. Fun to watch their attempts at stirring up trouble. LOL!



    • I have got nothing against Judith, I just dislike the manipulations around Simon by the media, so I can only imagine that they are afraid of him, his sins really are minor, and would have been in house but for ‘that’ cad.

      Has my vote anyway, shall we just say that any Nat that doesn’t vote for him is racist?



      • Perhaps RM a little harsh but they are trying hard to create a leadership rift that is more a wish than a fact. Perhaps that might all change when the results of Ms Collins solid efforts to form new critical policies are set out ahead of the next election. As well as so many others in the biggest opposition solidly united in a common goal. Unity that is another dream of Labour as well as a vision too long range for the COL.



        • i don’t think it is harsh at all, I can’t stand swing voters, I can’t see what Simon has done wrong, so I can’t understand why Nats would consider not supporting him and the party. With some of their so called friends who needs enemies.

          There is enough scuttlebutt from the outside, and I can not believe that MP’s of the party I support are so self destructive that they ‘leak’ to the media. National are in opposition, the leader can get rid of them if he so chooses, why would they vote for an early xmas?

          The leader is chosen in the caucus, are they saying that the caucus is influenced by the news media? Surely they know more than the media does about what is going on within caucus, it seems very chicken and egg to me.

          So does that mean that there is an underlying racism? God knows I get accused of being racist often enough, I actually believe in a meritocracy.



        • And it could be argued that the ‘left doesn’t want a Maori PM either, but would rather an older white woman, sorry Judith. Kelvin is never going to be elevated even if Jacinda left, Winston couldn’t hold it together other than for short bursts. Shane?



  4. The British have passed a law that complainants of sexual assaults must hand over their phones for the police to download any evidence and investigations will not be followed up if the complainant refuses. So many phones contain evidence but some complainants are reluctant to have “their privacy breached.” Just careful what you text, etc and have on your phone. That should cut down on any false complaints.



  5. Why the fuck are the Nat’s repeating the same blindingly obvious mistakes made by Labour during their nine years in the wilderness? We laughed and laughed at Labour as they persevered with people like Goff, Shearer and Angry Little. The public never warmed to any of them (save perhaps Shearer who was, and is a decent man) those of us on the right sat with smug grins on our faces as Labour dug their own grave.
    So it is baffling to me that the Nat’s and their apologists (hundreds of them at DPF’s place) keep insisting that Bridges is the right man for the job when it is clear that he is failing miserably. Without fail Bridges stuffs up every opportunity gifted to the opposition to score points against horse face and her corrupt government. It’s been a target rich environment for months yet Bridges manages to fuck it up every time.
    The man is a liability, get rid of him and give Crusher the reigns.



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