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81% of Americans Agree That People Are Too Easily Offended These Days

The majority of Americans are sick and tired of the PC police and victimhood culture — on both sides of the aisle.

According to a new poll from the Morning Consult, 94% of Republicans, 82% of independents and 70% of Democrats agree that “people are too easily offended these days.”

“Large swaths of these respondents agreed that the ‘rules’ about what they can and cannot say are changing so fast it’s difficult to keep up, that people are offended too easily these days and that the current climate prevents some people from saying what they believe because others might find it offensive,” the Morning Consult reported. “But these were sentiments also shared with a majority of the poll’s broader population, suggesting that when it comes to free speech, Americans are not as nearly divided as some would argue.”

Interestingly, the majority of respondents across party lines believe that “people should be able to say what they really think, even when it might offend people.”

The pollsters also found that 75% of adults say the current climate prevents open political discourse.

The pollsters questioned 13,000 adult Americans about various aspects of the culture war.


  1. I think some on the Left have started realising that their comrades will happily destroy them.

    I have a lot of unabashed Leftists in my Facebook feed. It appears, for a number of them, that the virtue signalling against some billionaires raising a big pot of cash for the Notre Dame Cathedral is really bothering them. I was really surprised at their discontent and defense for said billionaires raising the money.



    • The good thing is that if the Notre Dame fund is fully topped up, then NO government money is needed. If any govt. money slips through, then return it.

      He who pays the piper calls the tune 🙂

      That is what the lefties do not like is the loss of control over the Notre Dame restoration.



      • Yes, I don’t think I can stress enough that people and organisations should resist the lure of government (taxpayer) money.

        If the (Notre Dame) Catholic Church accepts government money, then Holy’s sarcastic requirement of minarets as part of the rebuild isn’t that far-fetched.

        Once the government has their toe in, they’ll be like cockroaches to get rid of.

        On the topic of government and Leftism – to keep on topic. We know that the Left loves government. I’ve never been able to rectify that love with the contradiction of their disdain of government in the same breath. For example, “cops are fascists” yet they want the cops only to have the guns.

        You’d think they’d love right wing governments because it’s still the government. For me, I still dislike right-wing governments, but consider them the least-worst compromise – not as bad as a left-wing government. You’d think that to a Leftist, a right-wing government would be a least-best government. You’d think they’d be happy since the government would still be on the spectrum of ‘best’. But no, democracy has always failed whenever the people elect a right-wing one.

        Still, being logically inconsistent is a defining trait on the Left.



        • Leftism uses the cops to their advantage when it suits.

          Just look at the videos I put up on the “Lefties at it again” post.
          It would seem that the police were being jerked around by Mankey Parker.



        • The Left love big government because they can grow govt for more jobs, more committees, more quangos to administer, more departments, more inquiries, more media to impress, more union activity, just more safe, well paid jobs where they can all pontificate with like minded colleagues on what is best for society. The Left do not like laws and barriers to their freedom so don’t apply to those in the echelons. Laws are for keeping the plebs in order and police are required for crowd control.



  2. I AM deeply offended at all the hate directed at me yesterday. It was brutal and very hurtful. Just because I have the guts to come on here and “HAVE MY SAY”, the level of abuse aimed at me should not be allowed. Youse were so nasty, Andrew Little will have the answers, So suck it up losers.



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