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Sleepy Joe has all the answers.




9 Great New Jobs For Laid-Off Oil And Gas Workers

From Babylon Bee.

President Biden is doing a great job getting rid of evil sources of energy like coal and gas, and replacing them with good energy– like wind, solar, and baby unicorn whispers. Unfortunately, it seems that some of you may have lost your jobs as a result. Never fear! Biden has promised to replace your jobs with much better jobs that don’t make Mother Gaia cry.

Here are 9 exciting new opportunities for laid-off oil and gas workers:


#1 Installing urinals in girls’ bathrooms – There are over 120 million buildings in the US. That’s 120 million girls’ bathrooms that will need a new urinal installed for the sake of equality. Not bad!

#2 Trumpet boy for Biden’s royal decrees – Biden’s executive orders just seem a little more special with a trumpet boy out front heralding the coming of a new decree! Whitehouse.gov recently posted an opening for this position. Get on it!

#3 Elementary school teacher in Chicago – There’s nothing nobler than working for the education of a child. Well– we don’t mean work, we mean get paid by the government just for existing. Not a bad gig.

#4 Carry buckets of oil up and down the Continental United States on foot – The Keystone XL pipeline may be gone, but that oil has to get to its destination somehow, Jack! There are thousands of new positions opening up for people to carry oil across the country, balanced on their heads, like tribal natives after fetching water at the village well. Start practicing now!

#5 Take that job at McDonald’s –  Might as well. At this rate, the minimum wage will be $45 an hour by the years’ end.

#6 Open a GameStop – It’s the wave of the future!

#7 Go back in time and buy bitcoin – Just do it. Get off your butt, build a time machine, and buy some Bitcoin in 2009. Accomplish something for once!

#8 Replace all your body parts with cyborg implants and become an Amazon drone – Helicopter arms!!! Literally no downside to this.

#9 Become a youth pastor – Hardly any work required.

President Biden is doing a great job getting rid of evil sources of energy like coal and gas, and replacing them with good energy– like wind, solar, and baby unicorn whispers. Unfortunately, it seems that some of you may have lost your jobs as a result. Never fear! Biden has promised to replace your jobs with much better jobs that don’t make Mother Gaia cry.



  1. #1 & #9 + many more executive orders to be fitted into for the Biden’s administration.

    Sadly the executive orders will have real life effects like the one below.

    Where does this all lead to?
    What other doors does this open?

    … executive order demanding “equal treatment under the law, no matter [one’s] gender identity or sexual orientation” …
    ….. undefined terms in the order and pending law: ….
    …. don’t want to be called “anti-gay” or “uncompassionate” toward the “gender confused.” ….
    …. targets “discrimination” …..
    …. radicals’ idea about overlapping areas of discrimination, called “intersectionality.” ….
    … “gender” is a recent, irrational, and evolving theoretical construct disseminated by sexual radical academics, political activists, and allies in the medical establishment. ….
    …. we all must “respect” his delusion ….

    …. Where Massachusetts law mentions “sexual orientation” (as protected from discrimination), the term is immediately followed by the phrase, “which shall not include persons whose sexual orientation involves minor children as the sex object.”
    Clearly, pedophilia can be considered a sexual orientation. …….

    … the E.O. and Equality Act do not qualify “sexual orientation” in this way.
    Nor do they exclude other reprehensible and dangerous practices that could be considered sexual orientations such as BDSM, polygamy, prostitution, bestiality, and pornography addiction.

    The Human Rights Campaign defines sexual orientation as “[a]n inherent or immutable enduring emotional, romantic or sexual attraction to other people”
    — without any limitation on who those “other people” might be.
    That syrupy reference to emotion and romance helps cover over the dangerous promiscuity common to many in the “LGBT community.”
    And the HRC repeats the false claim that sexual orientation is “inherent or immutable.”


    That way more sections of society like school teachers, scout masters. priests, etc., can also achieve “dignity” with “rights” and a greater role, also as role models, 🙁

    Also bearing in mind, the owners of “american thinker” web site have been pressured to not to have ‘comments’ as the costs are too high, and they would risk be taken down.



  2. Sleepy Joe’s answers to Putin has been well spun, but nothing like the incontinent, incompetent dream world.
    A telling article on what Biden really agreed to with the Russian Putin.

    …. Speaking before the Russian State Duma, Ryabkov said the day after the Biden-Putin phone call, “We propose to expand the strategic agenda and include all offensive and defensive weapons, both nuclear and non-nuclear, capable of solving strategic tasks.” …

    …. Whatever Biden actually said during that phone call, it has inspired Putin to embark on a whole new weapons program. Hail to our Commander-in-Chief!

    Read more: https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2021/01/off_to_a_bad_start_putin_schools_biden_with_one_phone_call.html#ixzz6l4yiX5Ld
    Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

    When will others in NATO, the EU reveal what really went on, as Russia can just arm up.
    In a few years the EUSSR will be begging for more USA troops and arms, or will they just fold and nominate Putin as their President for life.

    And so the academia, along with the organs of the mainstream media, will keep blinding people with their most foul bullshit.



  3. This guy comes out piping hot, on facts & figures, and seems to have measured the swamp.

    Adam Andrzejewski is the founder and CEO of openthebooks.com, the world’s largest database of public sector spending, whether at the federal, state, or local level.

    Adam Andrzejewski | The Depth of the Swamp
    54 minutes 22 seconds : • Mar 6, 2020
    Speech ends at 41 mins 30 secs, then question time.

    Universities are being more Federal contractors than being an educator.

    Corruption is a great producer, that is of even more corruption, and that investment makes very high returns.
    But there seems to be no auditing process.

    Tools are needed and to be used to hold government to account.
    Knowledge is power.
    So open the books.

    2016 “mapped the swamp” proving federal level is very expensive.
    99.6% of federal bureaucrats are rated fully successful, then pass go to bonuses, time off, etc..
    So much hidden, not transparent.

    In the last term the swamp has fought back, gaining more money and more people into their federal payroll.

    The federal swamp is dwarfed by the state & local swamps.
    Amazing just where the high paying jobs are.

    Can not complain until we first have good government where we live.
    [ I wonder how much national government subverts local government]

    Interesting about San Franscico’s brown out contaminants, & the trend, when there was a supposed clean up campaign.
    California refuses to open any books so is suing.
    He has successfully forced other states to open the books, line by line on their money expenditure.

    Showing how political people have gained the system for their political power and their personal benefit, as it is rigged & rigged for insiders.

    What government program is running well?
    Farm subsidies to urban areas.
    “Small Business Administrations” but a lot of money flowed to Beverly Hills, then also elite clubs, and of course Wall Street. Not to demonize success, but why is subsidized?

    Health care, non profits, charity hospitals, and the net asset increases are mind boggling.
    Salaries, CEO increases, payroll numbers, but number of Doctors? rival Wall Street bankers.
    Art work, that is amazing.
    The power of transparency shakes them up, when seeing the stupidity.

    The conflicts of interest with Universities, educational systems, that are also involved in politics.

    Must make everyone accountable again.
    A 4 points strategy War on waste, fraud, corruption & taxpayer abuse.
    1)Audit all spending. 2)Cut 5%. Then keep going. 3) Mobilize the workforce, “who will know where the bodies are buried”. 4) Communicate & update on the progress of transparency and more directly.

    Many targets, grant making. like dancing, other countries citizens,

    Improper payments, like wrong person, over payments, not accountable.

    Use it or loose it spending, that creates a lot of waste in their last month, to achieve the budget.
    Like Cars, trucks etc., advertising, bonuses, furniture, redecorating,

    Transparency revolution, focusing, auditing, not only save costs, but will stymie corruption & fraud.
    Stopping bloative, duplicative, bureaucracy.

    The running of the white house costs under Trump is a lot less than the previous President.
    The above is sort of my paraphrasing, so e&oe with how it flows,

    At the end he tells a transcript will be made, and found the link.

    Sadly this was before Trumps election was stolen, but still it is up to ask to challenge, ask, push maybe our small & local media reporters, and push our local councils, regional councils, hospital boards. etc..

    I know they do not like “silly questions”, but it is always good, as they go on the record, and their answer is also no record, and it may elicit a lead to where there are real problems of waste & lack of transparency.
    Once started, your act, your questions will become more focused.



  4. Joey is sleeping in his basement ,suddenly he’s awaken by noise and movement ,like a coiled snake he strikes but awakes to find Hunter standing over him saying “sorry for waking you dad I’m just going to borrow your wallet for 4 years”



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