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Slovakia Gives Defiant Middle Finger To WHO.




Slovakia’s new leader gives defiant middle finger to WHO power grab

THE new Prime Minister of Slovakia Robert Fico has shocked the globalist establishment by giving the middle finger to the WHO Pandemic Treaty.

Fico has called the Pandemic Treaty “nonsense invented by greedy pharma companies.” The rejection is a slap in the face of the big-pharma controlled European Union and joins a growing number of populist, nationalist governments in Europe.

Slovakia has also bucked the EU-NATO coalition against against Russia and rejects the UN-driven cultural Marxist attacks on gender and family. Fico won his country’s national election last September, based on a promise to end military aid to Ukraine. His SMER (Slovenska Social Democrat) party defeated the left leaning Progressive Slovakia party.

Fico’s stand now aligns him with Hungary’s pro-Russian government led by Victor Orban, and the populist parties now governing in Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden and Greece.

But his attack on the global pharmaceutical complex is welcome news to westerners fighting the same powers who are relentlessly pushing another murderous round of mRNA injections, and attempting to squash whistleblowers exposing the injections’ shocking record of deaths and injuries.

“One study after another confirms the scandalous consequences of mass vaccination with untested experimental vaccines,” Fico said in a recent speech. “Yes, I confirm as chairman of the party and … as the Prime Minister that I will support the efforts of politicians from the new government coalition to politically assess what the government between 2020 and 2021 was fooling around (with) and also have a look at the financial side of extensive and often completely meaningless purchases of medical devices and vaccines,” he said.

“I also declare that SMER will not support strengthening the powers of the World Health Organisation at the expense of sovereign states managing the fight against pandemics. I will say that such nonsense could only be invented by greedy pharmaceutical companies which began to perceive the opposition of some governments against mandatory vaccination.”

Fico went on to explain that under the Slovakian Constitution, an international agreement favoring the WHO could only be consented to by the National Council of the Slovak Republic, and he doubted any such support exists.

“The Vigilant Fox”, an online commentary platform, said there was no other head of state in the world who has had the guts to say this publicly and so explicitly. “Slovakia is leading the world out of the dark ages of biological warfare by the pharmaceutical industry and globalist institutions like the WHO, in a move that is seen as completely unexpected. This move will set off a chain reaction of events…”

The Slovak Republic was formerly part of Czechoslovakia, which peacefully separated into two nations in 1992. It is a landlocked country in Central Europe, bordered by Poland to the north, Ukraine to the east, Hungary to the south, Austria to the west, and the Czech Republic to the northwest.

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  1. So someone finally grew a hairy nut sack, bout frckin time i say, bout time Winstone got behind the whistle blower and made all the stats public we need to know just how many Kiwis where killed bye this nightmare, then start charging the deceitful fukkers for their covid lies and propaganda, anyone who made a public statement jammin this shit down our throat’s needs charged with crimes against humanity, media included for giving unsolicited medical advice leading to injury and death.
    Bring back the death penalty



    • The one thing that has crossed my mind, Is Winston Peters may be looking to use Parliamentary Privilege to raise this?
      That way he can not be taken down, by hard hitting law suits, etc. or whatever devious practices.

      In the mean time he has passed on 1 Parliamentary day.
      Would he be raising it with Shane Reti?
      Will he be raising it in a Cabinet meeting?
      Will that be raised in his caucus, and the others caucus.
      I understand that the message from Barry Young was cc’d to all members of Parliament.

      Remains to be seen, but the longer WP allows time to go by, then as we know, another one of all hat & no cattle.
      For the ones who believed him, he jumped up on a horse for the election, but ride this horse?
      International pressure but none of it will be official? If anything it is the reverse.
      The countdown on time like Christmas is shortening.



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