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Socialist Cindy Spins The Bullshit




Cindy bullshits at the Waitangi treaty grounds  yet again.

Cindy has told Maori at the Treaty Grounds at Waitangi that there are signs of change, but there is more mahi to do.

During Ardern’s first trip to Waitangi as Prime Minister in 2018 she asked Maori to hold her to account.

Last year she promised to deliver for Maori, and this year her message is that the government is making good progress, but that’s not the end of the road.

In her speech today, Ardern reiterated her pledge to be held to account, “not because we lack scrutiny … but because we should never be afraid of it.

“Waitangi is the place where we acknowledge our past but it must also be the place where we challenge our present, but where we will be collectively hopeful about our future.”

While acknowledging challenges, she said there were signs of change and manifestations of fulfilling the obligations to the Treaty.

Talk about a load of shit. I challenge anyone to make sense of what she has said above. Great sound bites do not make for intelligent thoughts. It’s all designed for the great unwashed. Your average thicko would hear her say this and say “Choice bro, she’s going to do much more for us”


    • I don’t understand your downvotes. While Labour is essentially a wet shit in a sock, National is not exactly a bouquet of roses by comparison.

      Simon Bridges has done very little.

      He’s supported the majority of legislative changes that Labour has made. He was in favour of the first tranche of gun laws, he’s not done much to oppose encroachment into freedom of speech, etc. His major achievement is keeping National polling high despite his own abysmal polling and weather Jamie Lee Ross. And I’d argue that the National leader is immaterial, it could be anyone and they’d still poll high as they are REQUIRED to oust Labour this election.

      And when he becomes prime minister; you will not see a massive shift away from what Labour has done. Which of Labour’s policies will National repeal? What damage have they 100% committed to undoing?



  1. Trump gets down & dirty to learn things.
    Makes sure he gets his information from all sources, so that ideological doctrine is bypassed.
    A good article as an example of how a leader knows things, so more effectively can weigh things up more effectively to get things done.

    Trump reportedly compared the opinions of senior military officers to those of a restaurant consultant.
    Rather than taking the advice of the consultant, who would suggest expanding a kitchen for renovations,
    Trump argued it would be more prudent and cost effective to ask the advice of the waiters who see the day to day operations and can identify the most basic problems in a restaurant’s functions.


    Sure he can make mistakes, but is more up to changing when more evidence becomes known, and can cut through the waffle.

    Waitangi Treaty is captured by the doctrinaire ideology from a fluffy fantasy land of the “wrong white crowd” of academia, politicians, & trumpeting media.
    So all the cloudiness continues on in their “conversations” chasing “mana” in ‘hui’, and no practical “doey”.



  2. Using the word “maihi”in a sentence otherwise fully in English simply does not work for me as being genuine. I see it as a try hard usage and well demonstrated as so in this case. The PM. Is not convincing for me. I found the reference to heritage status in relation to Ihumatao as a nonsense and unconvincing given the requirements around placing such designations.

    The suggestion her target is the uninformed is interesting; I suspect she has long ago lost those who are informed. The platitudinous dribble about the future simply does not cut, I suggest, with any voter. The notion that in this multi media environment we need Waitangi to exchange views shows how out of touch politicians are. It is simply a protest and grizzle session tempered by pre event bribes and as such long past it’s use by date.



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