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David Craig
Something seems to be going on

Just following on from previous blogs about the daily murders and mayhem committed by our friends from our most favourite religion, here are some figures I doubt you’ll ever find in the cowardly, submissive mainstream media:

2019 – there were 1,747 Islamic attacks in 54 countries, in which 10,399 people (28 a day) were killed and 10,681 injured

2018 – there were 1,985 Islamic attacks in 55 countries, in which 11,807 people (32 a day) were killed and 11,493 injured

2017 – there were 2,079 Islamic attacks in 61 countries, in which 16,541 people (45 a day) were killed and 14,579 injured

2016 – there were 2,500 Islamic attacks in 59 countries, in which 21,415 (59 a day) people were killed and 26,730 injured

2015 – there were 2,894 Islamic attacks in 53 countries, in which 27,669 (76 a day) people were killed and 26,170 injured

2014 – there were 3009 Islamic attacks in 55 countries, in which 32,846 (90 a day) people were killed and 27,530 injured

2013 – there were 2833 Islamic attacks in 48 countries, in which 16,797 (46 a day) people were killed and 29,596 injured

2012 – there were 2484 Islamic attacks in 58 countries, in which 11,557 (32 a day) people were killed and 20,272 injured

2011 – there were 1998 Islamic attacks in 57 countries, in which 9,098 (25 a day) people were killed and 16,926 injured

2010 – there were 2034 Islamic attacks in 48 countries, in which 9,258 (25 a day) people were killed and 17462 injured

2009 – there were 2131 Islamic attacks in 40 countries, in which 9,172 (25 a day) people were killed and 18612 injured

2008 – there were 2,207 Islamic attacks in 42 countries, in which 10,717 (29 a day) people were killed and 17803 injured

2007 – there were 3,096 Islamic attacks in 45 countries, in which 20,495 (56 a day) people were killed and 27317 injured

2006 – there were 2,778 Islamic attacks in 42 countries, in which 15,225 (42 a day) people were killed and 19484 injured

2005 – there were 1,863 Islamic attacks in 38 countries, in which 7,648 (21 a day) people were killed and 12864 injured

2004 – there were 1,115 Islamic attacks in 37 countries, in which 7,109 (19 a day) people were killed and 14558 injured

2003 – there were 870 Islamic attacks in 33 countries, in which 3,279 (9 a day) people were killed and 6,706 injured

2002 – there were 667 Islamic attacks in 23 countries, in which 3,149 (9 a day) people were killed and 6,055 injured

2001 (after 9/11) there were 176 Islamic attacks in 12 countries, in which 3,508 people were killed and 1,561 injured

That gives a total of around 247,689 killed in religiously-inspired attacks since 9/11.

That’s quite a lot of dead people. I can’t imagine why these many, usually horrific, deaths were mostly deliberately ignored by the mainstream media. Perhaps the mainstream media didn’t want us lowly, ignorant plebs to get the wrong idea about the activities of a certain group of people.

Just to put these 247,689 deaths into some context, in WWII around 383,700 UK military were killed (175 a day).

So what?

Most of these 247,689 slaughtered in the name of religion lived in Third World shit-holes. Although a few hundred were murdered in France, a couple of hundred more in Germany and a hundred or so in Britain. But because our media chooses to not mention the vast majority of the 247,689 deaths, our rulers can sell us the story (again and again and again) that Izlumic terrorist attacks in the West are all just “isolated incidents”.

So nobody joins the dots and sees that there is a worldwide war going on between a group of chaps who think it would be a terrifically good idea if the whole world was subjugated to their view of their great religion and the rest of us. Two countries – Myanmar and India – seem to have understood there might be a slight problem. But the rest of the world doesn’t dare mention the unmentionable as to mention it would lead to massive civil unrest and inter-community conflict.

Up till now, most of the 247,689 deadish people have been in the cess-pits of the world. But with such joys as the UN Compact for Safe and Orderly Migration coming down the line, the reproductive rate of a certain group of people plus the apparent inability of any European country (including Britain which is an island) to control their own borders, perhaps rather more of the next couple of hundred thousand to be slaughtered will be in previously safe, advanced peaceful Europe?

One can only wait and see as our rulers don’t dare admit there might be a bit of a ticklish problem to be dealt with.

What can one say except wonder where and when will it end?

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  1. Interestingly the #1 Rated Country on the 2020 World Watch List to follow Jesus is North Korea, without a Muslim in sight. Afghanistan is #2 so it would appear that the attempts to “liberate” Afghanistan and “Westernise” their culture hasn’t worked that well either.



    • Re: Afghanistan. It was not always thus. I travelled widely in Afghanistan on three separate occasions in the early seventies and was met everywhere with friendliness and hospitality. It was the Russian invasion in 1979 and what came after that ruined a beautiful and fascinating country, it is the greatest tragedy of my lifetime. The Islamic insanity that grips the place today is the same cancer that is destroying so many other countries.

      In 1980 the renowned travel writer Bruce Chatwin wrote the following lament for what was happening in Afghanistan. I have seen and done all the things he mentions which is why, for me, it is almost unbearably poignant even 40 years later.

      “………that will not bring back the things we loved: the high, clear days and the blue icecaps on the mountains; the lines of white poplars fluttering in the wind, and the long white prayer flags; the fields of asphodels that followed the tulips; or the fat tailed sheep brindling the hills above Chackcharan and the ram with a tail so big they had to strap it to a cart. We shall not lie on our backs at the Red Castle and watch the vultures wheeling over the valley where they killed Ghengis. We will not read Babur’s memoirs in his garden at Istalif and see the blind man smelling his way around the rose bushes. Or sit in the Peace of Islam with the beggars of Gazar Gagh. We will not stand on the Buddha’s head at Bamiyan, upright in his niche like a whale in dry dock. We will not sleep in the nomad’s tent or scale the Minaret of Djam. And we shall lose the tastes, the hot, coarse, bitter bread; the green tea flavoured with cardomoms; the grapes we cooled in the snow melt; and the nuts we munched for altitude sickness. Nor shall we get back the smell of the beanfields; the sweet, resinous smell of deodar wood burning , or the whiff of a snow leopard at 14,000 feet. Never. Never. Never.”

      Bruce Chatwin
      August 1980
      From the introduction to Robert Byron’s “The Road to Oxiana” Picador edition published 1981



  2. Trivial compared to the proxy wars on behalf of Zionists. Carried out by the lowest representation of humanity – the goyim Zionist.

    Try treating muslim extremists like jewish ones. Eg give them what they want and have the USA kill everyone they hate. That will stop terrorism. Just as it stopped most Jewish terrorism.



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