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Something every NZ person should read




Something every NZ person should read

Richard, my good friend, ( the Author of the attached ) and I, were in the same class at Wellington College in 1968. (This was an email sent to me, editor)

While at the time Latin was not part of the school curriculum, there was a compulsory subject called English. A unit part of this particular subject was called Comprehension.




“The following is a press release from the Te Pati Maori Party.  I am going to comment on different aspects of it in bold text so please follow along. I have called this piece “Conversations with Rawiri Waititi”.  In this piece, he’s asked me to comment on his press release, so I do.


Te Pati Maori

Press Release

1 December 2023

An Oath to our Mokopuna

On Tuesday, MPs will be required to pledge an oath of allegiance to ‘His Majesty King Charles the Third, His heirs and successors’ before they can be officially sworn into Parliament.

This is symbolic of the colonial power that Parliament places above the mana of tangata whenua, and the constraints that are placed on Māori MPs representing their people.


Rawiri , it is the colonial power which provides your salary, your car, your electricity, your housing, your petrol, your aeroplanes, your water in your home, your dental and medical care…the list is endless. 

So pay tribute Rawiri, and honour the colonial power which has treated you so well.  In 1840 life expectancy for a Maori male was 28.  A Maori female 20.  Now? It’s 76 for a female and 74 for a male. 

So don’t talk about how colonialism has ‘constrained you’ unless you are talking about how it constrained your pre-1840 warring, and cannibalism, infanticide, and barbarity.  If this is what you are referring to, then yes, they have constrained you.


It is not the equal partnership that was consented to by Te Tiriti o Waitangi.


Where are you getting these ideas of ‘equal partnership’ in the Treaty?  They are not there.  They have never have been there. They are just a figment of your imagination.  Surely you know that in the Treaty you ceded sovereignty? 

The British government told Hobson that when he came to New Zealand that if he did not get sovereignty, then Britain could not carry on in New Zealand.  Hobson was a military man. He obeyed orders.  He obeyed orders to get sovereignty and when he got sovereignty, he obeyed orders to carry on and develop New Zealand.   The fact that he carried on is the best evidence ever that Britain got sovereignty and Maori ceded it.

And when Maori ceded, Britain gave your people British citizenship in return. Which means what?

You made yourselves equal with all the other people of New Zealand. You became one with them. You are a not a special group of people elevated above the rest of us.  We are all the same Rawiri.

It is pure fantasy to think that you are partners with the government.  So if not partners, what are you?  You are simply citizens of New Zealand, like the rest of us. That is all. You are not less, and you are not more. We are all New Zealanders, all equal before the Law. 

Really, when you think of yourselves as an elevated cultural group, as a superior cultural group, with special rights and entitlements, you are breaching the Treaty.   You are breaching the contract that your forebears signed up to, Te Tiriti.  Why do you continue to dishonour them in this way?


Tangata whenua have always honoured our side of Te Tiriti, and we will continue to do so. We will not allow anybody to treat us as second-class citizens on our own whenua.


Really? If you were honouring your side of Te Tiriti, you would stop all your tantrums and sabre rattling, demanding that you be recognised as superior.

This is arrogant behaviour Rawiri.

Your ancestors asked the British to come to New Zealand because they could not stop warring, killing each other, self-annihilating.  The population of your people went down from 150,000 in 1800 to 75,000 in 1840.  This was Maori killing Maori.  They were also afraid of the French. 

So the British came to their aid. They have kept their side of Te Tiriti, setting up the country, getting everything up and running for you and the other citizens who live here to enjoy.  What part have you got to play in the deal your ancestors struck with the Crown in Te Tiriti? What is your responsibility?

Submit to the democratically elected government, like the rest of us.  This is your only duty under the Treaty.  Don’t rebel against it.  It’s pretty simple really. Pay your taxes, obey the law, work hard, and contribute to building a healthy happy country.

But instead, you don’t do anything except complain and demand and parade your ungratefulness like tattoo faced peacock.

These are not the behaviours of a responsible Treaty abiding citizen Rawiri.  Rather you are coming across as a spoilt, out of touch with the truth of the Treaty spoilt brat.

As for being second class citizens?

Actually, Maori, of all the 160 cultures living here, are treated by our goverment, unjustly, as royalty. Your people get more handouts and benefits and advantages than the rest of us. In fact, it’s got so bad, that everyone (except you and your party) are saying that we are living in an apartheid state, like South Africa.  People everywhere were noticing Rawiri. They are saying that you are the biggest racist on the planet. This explains why there was a change of government in the last election.  People had had enough of you and your people being treated like royalty.  They were right, of course.  You ought to be treated the same as everyone else because this is what your forebears agreed to in the Treaty.


Māori owe no allegiance to the genocidal legacy of the British Empire.


Genocide? Really? Come on Rawiri. The colonials didn’t kill your people, they saved them.  As I said, they saved them from themselves and the French. 

They are still saving them today by providing hospitals, schools, social welfare, infrastructure and all the other things I mentioned above, the benefits of colonisation. 

Yes, the Brits killed a few Maori.  The reason?  The British were defending the country, putting down a rebellion, which is what a good government does to defend the nation.  There is nothing unusual there.  Don’t forget, Maori killed as many Brits too. You never hear this side of the story. 

You can read about all the British killed by Maori HERE. 

There is no honour in the Crown. It is tainted with the blood of indigenous nations, and its throne sits at the apex of global white supremacy.


Rawiri! Wash your mouth out. You owe everything good to the colonials. Shame on you for being so ungrateful.

99.9% of Kiwis are sick of your ungratefulness.  If I were Prime Minister, I would have a national holiday each year called “Colonial Greatfulness Day”. 

And I would want you up on stage as an exhibit, to show that all your clothes have come from the hands of colonials. Even the bone carving around your neck was crafted with tools made by colonials, and the design on your face  – the tools to do this were provided by colonials, and the ink to boot. 


To the sovereign of England, we say history will judge whether you have the moral capacity to shoulder responsibility for your family’s heinous legacy. It is beyond you to restore its honour – the harm caused by your Crown is now intergenerational and irreparable. Indigenous blood stains the throne you on.


Rawiri, it seems to me very clearly that everything you accuse England and the Crown of, you are all the more guilty. For example, it was not long ago that you had on your website that Maori were a superior race of people.

Rawiri, that’s racist, more so than anything that I can remember a white person saying about Maori. Yet you accuse England and the Crown of being racist. Look in the mirror and shout “racist!” Then you will be telling the truth.  Another example? You say they committed genocide against Maori in our early history.

Yet the facts are, 10x more Maori were killed by Maori than were killed by the British. You were the ones committing genocide on your own people!  So what is worse?

The British commiting genocide on Maori (which is not true anyway), or Maori committing genocide on their own people? You know the answer.

We do not consent, we do not surrender, we do not cede, we do not submit; we, the indigenous, are rising. We do not buy into the colonial fictions this House is built upon.


Oh dear, I can see you are really getting worked up. Nonetheless, you have said some things I can’t just ignore. First, you are not indigenous.  You were settlers here.  You came from another country. So let’s clear that up. Furthermore, there is strong evidence that people groups were here before you.

In any case, whether you were first or last here does not matter.  The earth, all of it, belongs to everyone. Some of us own a patch of it, and this is good and right and healthy. But as for the rest? It belongs to everyone.

If you don’t “buy into colonial fictions”, as though Maori created everything and colonials nothing, then name just one thing Maori have invented that has benefitted the rest of civilisation? Just one, Rawiri.  Just one. I can’t think of one.

So then, who, really, is living in a world if fiction? 

What you say in our press release Rawiri, is at odds with New Zealand’s best and brightest Maori, Sir Apirana Ngata.” 

“Let me acknowledge first that, in the whole world I doubt whether any native race has been so well treated by a European people as the Maori.” 


Te Pāti Māori pledges allegiance to our mokopuna, our whenua, and Te Tiriti o Waitangi. We will continue to do our best by you, in accordance to our tikanga, amongst the monsters whose portraits still hang on the walls of Parliament.


Monsters in Parliament? Rawiri, there are many mirrors there too. I want you to do something for me. Every time you pass one, stop, square up, and say loudly ‘Racist!’ 

And when you come to another, do the same, but this time shout “Monster!”

Why do this? I want to teach you a new habit, which is telling the truth.

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  1. Wow that is great and I applaud the red commentary of it. This has been gifted to us by the liarbor party and well time that it stopped. I really hope they stop their salaries if they do not pledge allegiance to King Charles etc. If they allow them to go ahead well we will have no stopping them ever.



  2. I have seen estimates of the Maori population of NZ at the signing of the treaty at between 60-90,000. A low estimate of 30,000 and a high estimate of 100,000. Both of those last two are unlikely.
    Most land was sold willingly in transactions where both sides were happy.
    Today we have the bleating activists and virtue signalling retards bemoaning that the land that remains in Maori ownership is such a small fraction of what it was.
    They deliberately hide or are completely unaware that the percentages claimed in Maori ownership ignores that land that is owned by Maori in fee simple, and not listed as Maori land. They ignore that land was confiscated only from some tribes that in open rebellion against the
    Government or were attacking neighbouring Maori tribes. The land left for those tribes that were defeated (defeated by British troops, then NZ colonial forces with a major Maori component) was sufficient for their population. The protestors want to be landed gentry and not to have to work for a living, but the population of NZ that had Maori ancestry is now around 700,000. It’s not 1840.
    It is beyond time we actually force the truth on the liars and deluded that spread the false narrative around our history. Sovereignty was ceded. The facts of recorded history show that this was such and to say otherwise needs calling out.
    We need to stop the gravy train that is the treaty of Waitangi tribunal. The good intentions have been replaced by activists and vested interests that distort the truth. We will get called out for denying the truth or being white supremacists. Well, the government did do things wrong, such as when it confiscated Tuhoe land in error when confiscating Whakatea land for the Volkner killing. Here in Wellingtons Hutt Valley, land was confiscated by the provincial government because but was lying fallow. An act of provincial government that could have fallen in anyone but in practice only affected Te Ati Awa at Moera. But for sins, we should recognise that some Maori tribes also did breach of treaty actions. Ngati Toa killed two farmers in Boulcott farm on land that was not in dispute. Hau Hau killed lower river Wanganui and were defeated by friendly Maori at the battle of motua island. Te Kooti and his followers killed Maori and settler alike.
    When I was a young child, my dad stopped off at Matatā in the Bay of Plenty, where my dad grew up. He pointed to the hills above the town and said there was a great battle up there. He knew I was interested in things like that. I found out many years later that te Kooti had tricked his way into one of two neighbouring pa, under the assumption that they wouldn’t be attacked. The second pa had to listen as all that were inside the first pa were massacred.
    Te Kooti was mercilessly hunted by the NZ armed constabulary that also included Wanganui Maori under major Kemp, the flying Arawa under the command or Cpt Preece, and Ngati Porou led by Major Ropata.
    Can’t think of the last time anyone in the media mentioned the sizeable a Maori contingent that fought for the government against rebellions or in some situations it was to defend Maori lives.
    Did you know that New Plymouth was once under siege from te Ati Awa and civilians had to be evacuated to Australia for their safety? The ultimate cause of this was that one chief slept with another chiefs wife and in revenge sold land that belonged to the first chief to the government. The government shouldn’t have brought the land knowing was in dispute, Two wrongs don’t make a right, and killing settlers on land that was never in dispute doesn’t help your cause, so that’s why it’s never brought up by apologists today. Only the government can do wrong. The Wellington 10ths trust claim included a map of Wellington city today. It the included the sizeable land east of Thorndon and Lambton quay. Quay of course for those in the know is at the waters edge. Only government evidence is allowed to be cross examined. That’s how you get claims giving a portion of the broadcasting spectrum, fishing quota and rights to preferential health care.

    If we don’t push back now, the Overton window will move more and more to the left. And to win, all we need to do is insist on the truth.



  3. The quote in full from a speech by Sir Apirana Ngata in 1940:

    ……”“Clause 1 of the Treaty handed over the mana and the sovereignty of New Zealand to Queen Victoria and her descendants forever. That is the outstanding fact today. That but for the shield of sovereignty handed over to Her Majesty and her descendants, I doubt whether there would be a free Maori race in New Zealand today.
    Let me acknowledge further that in the whole of the world I doubt whether any native race has been so well treated by a European people as the Maori of New Zealand.””……..



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