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Liar-in-chief at it yet again !!

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  1. Probably learnt some tricks from her bestie Trudeau.
    The vids here where the RN comments are very telling.
    A Registered Nurse (RN) has carefully reviewed the first video of Prime Minister Trudeau and his wife’s vaccination jab which was broadcast on network TV.
    Reporters were present. It was a carefully planned public relations event.
    The Registered Nurse (RN) expressed doubts on the authenticity of Trudeau’s vaccination.
    Specific and routine procedures pertaining to inoculation including Landmarking are normally applied. The inoculation of Trudeau and his wife did not conform to regular procedures.
    “Nobody does it that way” with one hand, says the registered nurse.
    Landmarking applied to inoculations is defined as “an area or point on a soft tissue used as a point of reference for measurements of the body or its parts.”
    In the video, the Registered Nurse (RN) compares the procedure applied to Justin Trudeau and his wife to that routinely applied to patients receiving a vaccine injection.
    In every single case of patients receiving the vaccine, landmarking is applied. “That is the proper way to give it”.
    “Zero landmarking” applied to Justin Trudeau. She does not use her second hand. Visibly the alleged nurse who vaccinated Justin Trudeau did not have the required skills.
    According to the RN, they made three key errors when they were “acting their scenario”.
    #1. Zero Landmarking,
    # 2. Zero Aspirating of Syringe, to avoid inoculating into a blood vessel which can cause serious medical issues.
    #3 One Hand. Threw that Needle in Like it was a Dart.
    “This was Acting”.
    “Lots of Red Flags”.
    “Bad Acting Justin”.
    “Obviously Fake” according to the Registered Nurse.
    Yet to be verified and corroborated, the registered nurse expresses doubts regarding the authenticity of the vaccine Jab received by Justin Trudeau.
    While there is no proof, what the RN’s investigation nonetheless confirms is that the person who undertook the inoculation did not have the required skills.
    Across Canada, nurses will no doubt express their concern and confirm: ” that’s not the way it is done”.
    The media which covered Trudeau’s vaccination including CBC, CTV did not bat an eyelid.

    Note that the single handed action done to Ardern also.

    Was the area of skin swabbed, before, then after to observe if there is any leakage, and even that has a system how it should be done.

    The other stage is the drawing up of the Pfizer, and the saline solution.
    Only needs one person in the know to set this up.

    Saline is used to dilute the vaccine once it has thawed.

    How can one trust the medical autocracy.



    • Was the area of skin swabbed, before, then after to observe if there is any leakage, and even that has a system how it should be done.

      In the last thousand or two injections or blood extractions that I have been involved with, alcohol swabs are always done. Otherwise there is a risk of infection, from bacteria on the skin.

      And again as you say, the injection side is wiped to ensure no leakage, from the injected liquid or blood from hitting a artery of vein.

      Personally, if you are vaccinating the PM who you are in awe of, you would every last precaution you could. What person would want to find out the injection site on the PM got infected because you were lax?

      This was clearly a photo shoot.

      As B Venton says: I suspect it was a case of, oh we missed the picture, can you do it again and the nurse just pretended.

      If they can do one retake, they can do several retakes.



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