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Have just listened to Lynda Wharton on a livestream from her facebook group.
You may be aware that a women died suddenly in Remuera on Easter Monday.
The Horrid and Stuffed wrote it up saying Police were treating it as unexplained and were investigating.
The interesting thing was that the original articles included the comment that a source of the Horrids had informed them that she had received her second pfizer dose on the same day. Apparently this sentence has been scrubbed from the articles and all other reports of the incident in MSM. Strange.
There was also another “unexplained death” of a woman in Hamilton last week, doesn’t seem to be any information much floating around about that.

Have just seen screen shots of the article in the Horrid before and after the change. Can’t post a link as it is in a private facebook page. Have saved the images.

Received these images from Curious. The Herald has bowed to pressure and altered the description to deflect the truth about her death.

The Media are definitely earning their 100 million in bribe money.

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  1. I suppose they’re waiting for the autopsy report on both women which if it’s the vaccine it will be buried so not a single person apart from the the few people who are in the know and they will be liebour sycophants so it will be hidden. Interesting that the two women were even offered it I thought maybe too young?



    • The problem is how do we het the truth?
      I dont care about autopsie results i just want to know 100% if and when both woman had been vaccinated.

      Died WITH covid = panic, mass hysteria, multiple comorbaties that didnt contribute to death definatly covid.
      Died WITH vaccine = nothing to see here there were underlying health issues that caused the death, just keep lining up have your jab.

      I have faith the most open and transparent govt will be honest with us //
      And besides cindy dosent lie… https://youtu.be/W0yDrGfn9vo



  2. Would her husband have known about his wife getting her second vaccination shot? If he did, then all he has to do is call a press conference.
    How many media companies are there in NZ?
    Which ones would be willing to carry such a story?

    The friends and colleagues of Pauline Hanna will know if she had had her second job, because she would have told them all about it. How many people can keep a secret?



    • thousands of people worldwide have been murdered with the vaccines yet deafening silence from families due to big tech and govt censorship. We just get lil snippets that escape, do you really think the bought and paid for nz media will allow a press conference on vaccine deaths? Facebook etc will ban/remove the comments and cindy n chippy will bully and blame (remember kfc worker). Family and freinds cant get their story out even if they wanted to.
      peter williams may do it but he will end up “retiring” by the end of the day.



    • Being involved in border work and clinics its highly likely she was one of the first to get jabbed, only a 5% chance she wasnt according to cindy.

      Many deaths overseas came within a short time period of the 2nd jab so if she did receive it within last few days then vaccine death! Theres no such thing as coincidence



    • im a new memeber on this site and im only here cause i saw the original news story which mentioned she had recieved her vax the day before, wanted to show it to a friend yesterday who i was talking to about the vaccine, only to find that it wasnt in the news story any more, or any other story on the case for that matter. my frienhd said maybe you got mixed up so i google her name and well…. here i am. i saw the original story, it was defo there. i also see this is on the original story have copied and pasted this from it https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/remuera-woman-pauline-hannas-death-husband-and-eye-specialist-philip-polkinghorne-says-hes-been-treated-as-person-of-suspect/VDT4KZL4UP6IKZSKUYOQ62GT6E/ …………….

      “Editor’s note: An earlier version of this story said Pauline Hanna had received her second Covid vaccine the day before she died. That line was removed at the request of her family because they did not want the anti-vax community to think the vaccine is connected to her death. There is no suggestion it is.”



  3. I wonder if the Climate Change Commission are aware of this:

    Carbon emissions from Chinese bitcoin mines are accelerating rapidly and will soon exceed energy consumption levels of Italy and Saudi Arabia if urgent action is not taken, a new study has warned

    Bitcoin mining involves solving complex puzzles that require vast computing power, meaning operations are generally located in areas where electricity is cheap.

    Coal-heavy regions of China have therefore attracted bitcoin miners in recent years, with the study estimating that more than 75 per cent of global bitcoin operations took place there as of April 2020.




    • Are you suggesting that this unfortunate woman was involved in a secret Remuera Bitcoin mining scheme? That she died of CO2 poisoning in her ‘office’ as she crunched numbers into the night or maybe succumbed to a sudden albeit localised onset of global temperature change in her separate bedroom cum digital currency mine?

      The recent proliferation of solar panels in Remuera would certainly suggest that there’s a huge demand there for cheaper energy, so that makes a lot of sense. Bitcoin mining eh? Who wooda thort!

      Hmmm. The plot thickens. Please tell us more about this.



    • Theyre setting it up to be demonized and banned via climate decrees.
      Most crypto esp bitcoin in particular sends chills through govt and banks as they cannot control and manipulate it, the only action they can take is banning or limiting access via internet filters



  4. Curious posted this in Have your say. It is better here. Capeesh……

    Interesting a note has been added to the story about the death of Pauline Hanna by the Horrid.

    What is immediately obvious to me is that they did not say that the story was false and deny that she had vaccine. Surely if it wasn’t true they would have just stated that.

    “Editor’s note: An earlier version of this story said Pauline Hanna had received her second Covid vaccine the day before she died. That line was removed at the request of her family because they did not want the anti-vax community to think the vaccine is connected to her death. There is no suggestion it is.”




  5. What a strange note from an Ed. To me, it implies the family know another reason but aren’t saying eg suicide. Or how could they be so sure it wasn’t the vaccine? If this is not true, MSM have plummetted new depths.



    • Why bother getting vaccinated or working late just to top yourself a few hours later?

      This will quietly go away and if tough questions are asked there will be a half hour waffle on the travel bubble and a crayon letter the pm recieved.



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