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Sri Lanka Bans Burqas and Niqabs




One week after the Easter bombings in Sri Lanka that killed over 250 people, the government has banned all face coverings including burqas and niqabs.

Bad Hair day??

Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena announced on Sunday that the ban will go into effect the following day.

“Any form of face covering that will hinder the identification of a person is banned under emergency regulations,” the announcement from President Sirisena’s office said.

The ban comes as an investigation into the attacks found that a large number of women were involved, though Sri Lanka’s Justice Ministry had already been considering the ban.

The Sri Lankan military has also announced that at least 15 people were killed during a fierce gun battle with militants on the east coast on Friday, including six children.

“If Sri Lanka adopts the burqa ban, it would join the group of nations in Asia, Africa, and Europe that have done so in the interest of preventing terrorists from using the burqa to evade police or hide explosives,” India Today reports, “Among the nations that have enacted a ban on the item are Chad, Cameroon, Gabon, Morocco, Austria, Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Belgium, and Xinjiang, a Muslim-majority province in northwestern China.”

Sri Lanka has a population of about 21 million and approximately 10% are Muslim, according to a report from One India.

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  1. The women will not be allowed out of the house at all then. It might liberate some though, I think that is a positive use of an executive decision.



  2. Not just a benign personal clothing choice when countries are banning them as terrorist garb. Not simply a symbol of the “religion of peace”. Why do they call Islam peaceful? It certainly doesn’t stand up to scruitiny.



  3. An interesting article of a conference in Sydney and was just going to post on “have your say” but sort of fits in here. If the burka fits they can wear it.

    Mr Doureihi repeatedly refused to condemn ISIS in an ABC Lateline interview.

    On Saturday night, he likened denouncing the Islamic State terror group to being asked to disown paedophilia.

    ‘Imagine someone comes into the room and looks at us both. Looks at us both and says these two are a bunch of paedophiles,’ he said.

    ‘And they come up on stage and they say, “Do you condemn paedophilia?”

    ‘Would I actually respect that question and give a yes or a no? Why would I do that?

    ‘Why would I humiliate myself and accept to be framed in this way?’

    “Framed in this way” as you have your woman framed in the burkas and niqabs and the liberties that Mohammad took with the young.

    An interesting back ground of the muslim community in Sydney, and Australians showing a lot of tolerance of the intolerant, which will lead to their downfall.



  4. I’ve always thought that if the women have to cover themselves head to toe lest they get savaged by predators, what does that say about their culture in general? I’ll pass thanks.



    • Says a lot about the men and that even babies and toddlers should be covered up!!! Why aren’t they?



    • If it was a biological matter for males to have lack of control, then all women around the world would need to cover themselves head to toe, but it is not. Lack of respect for women as individuals, and seeing them as chattels is at the heart of the problem.



  5. Dear Leader Absoludly, posidivly rejects this knee-jerk assault on the rights of innocent, law abiding women – who dindunuffin – to wear clothing that they choose. How dare the patriarchy, at the stroke of a pen, make thousands of women into criminals overnight!
    Surgeons have been called to un-furrow dear leaders brow.

    that is all plebs, back to work.



    • Dear Politburo, Dear Leader requests that you present an appropriate graphic to enhance your status with the plebs on the best political blog ysb. She offers you this authorised symbol of The Party.




      • Dear Comrade Waikatogirl,
        It seems you are in need of hyperlink reeducation. A unit will be with you shortly.

        I have addressed the matter you have raised with Dear Leader directly, and she has gloriously supplied the Politburo with an image that encapsulates Dear Leaders abundance of empathy, compassion, caring and kindness.
        State letterheads and stationery are being updated presently.

        that is all pleb, back to work!



  6. Dear Leader is still trying to figure out her next move. To hijab or not to hijab, that is the question?! ?



  7. Fucking Awesome! About time decent people stood up to these Ragheads and their fucked up extremism. But will Saint Hijab Jacinda follow suit?



  8. I have read some of Nicolai Sennels a dutch psychologist, and will put this whole quote, as it is a bit hard to get back to the source.

    Dutch Researcher: “The Better Integrated, The Higher the Risk of Radicalization”

    By Nicolai Sennels

    Muslims are not radicalized by poverty, racism or lack of integration. Muslims are radicalized by Islam. The fact is that Islam is the only religion where its followers become more violent, the more they follow their religion.

    Translated by Thomas from Standaard:

    “The better integrated, the higher the risk of radicalization.

    Author: Dr. Marion van San, Senior Researcher at RISBO, an independent research institute, active in the field of learning and society that is affiliated with the Faculty of Social Sciences at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Since 2009 she has conducted ethnographic studies of families of radicalizing youths.

    Since we know that many young people left Belgium, but also from other European countries, to join the armed conflict in Syria, a fierce debate has erupted. However, the debate as conducted in Belgium is permeated by a series of stereotypes, that are not consistent with what is known from international literature, and that block a proper analysis of the phenomenon.

    That young people from Europe who leave for Syria are victims of a society that does not accept them, and does not offer them sufficient opportunities — a proposition that Rik Coolsaet has supported in an earlier edition of this newspaper — is however not supported by empirical evidence.


    […] the children and grandchildren of immigrants, who were born and raised here, focus heavily on Belgian society. They seek social acceptance and mobility, and do everything possible to integrate. The result is that they have higher social expectations than others and are often more sensitive to exclusion and (alleged) discrimination. Negative experiences can turn them away from society and cause them to seek refuge in a deviant group identity.

    I therefore dare say that the better young people are integrated, the greater the chance is that they radicalize. This hypothesis is supported by a lot of evidence.

    [If they attend universities, they are also subjected to a lot of hard-left race indoctrination, which heightens their resentment. “You are a victim of racism, you are the downtrodden ‘Other,’ whites are privileged in ways that you are not, etc. etc. ad nauseam. — PW]

    so just who makes them into being the “special people” with such big expectations with “they are us” that is until ‘we become them’? That also seems to be happening in a different set up here in NZ.
    Nicolai Sennels used to work for the Danish government, but became black listed with what he realized in studying the differences of inmates in jail and then speaking out.



  9. Yes, the more countires that ban the burka (letter box) and the hijab the better.
    It is not only ridiculous to look at
    But it shows how evil islam is.
    Its all about tribal male domination and trying to take over the world.



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