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FOOD kills more people than guns – should we ban it?

A renowned forensic pathologist has made a fascinating, yet somewhat obvious, discovery with regard to the human form: mainly that people have gotten much fatter over the years, all things considered.

In his book Unnatural Causes, Dr. Richard Shepherd reveals some of the changes he’s observed over the past several decades pertaining body compositions. Unlike the dead bodies he looked at back in the 1980s, today’s corpses are notably larger.

Obesity, Dr. Shepherd warns, has burgeoned to a disastrous degree – and much of it, we now know, stems from the modern diet, which is loaded with genetically-modified organisms (GMOs), crop chemicals, and other poisons that are turning people into blimps before prematurely killing them.

“Unless a patient is homeless or has died of cancer or is so old or poor they could not eat, few are the same shape as the dead of the 1980s when I started practicing,” Dr. Shepherd is quoted as saying.

“Looking back at forensic photos from that era I am astonished at how thinness was then the norm,” he added.

Obesity rates have increased so dramatically that one expert describes it as a “time bomb” that has finally “exploded,” wreaking total havoc on health care systems, including those that are nationally run such as the National Health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom.

Diet- and obesity-related illnesses such as type-2 diabetes and liver disease are skyrocketing, causing premature aging and death in many patients.


  1. The government would need a far better approach than the one taken over setting up oppressive legislation against law abiding citizens as it has with the Firearms Act amendments already enacted and with more to come this year.

    That was supposedly for Public Safety but was in effect something else. No Public Safety improvement will occur. Just irritation for those people caught by the actions of inappropriate and rushed, look at me, legislation



    • Just saw this comment on gun “buy backs” on You Tube:

      Nunya Bizness

      I considered selling my guns to the government. But I did a background check on the government and found them to be prone to violence, unstable and mentally unfit. Therefore, in the interests of public safety, I’ll keep my guns in my possession where they’ve never hurt anyone and will be well maintained and used responsibly. Thanks, but no thanks government. Have a nice day!



  2. loaded with genetically-modified organisms (GMOs), crop chemicals, and other poisons that are turning people into blimps before prematurely killing them.

    These wonderful life enhancing chemicals are not ‘poisons’at all. They are terrific advances which enable the human race to thrive and live healthy longer lives.

    The problem isn’t with the GMOs etc. The problem is that after hundreds of millions of years of genetic programming, humans haven’t been able to turn off their inbuilt instinct to eat whatever is available at any time on order to survive.

    For time immemorial life has been a constant search for food and now that delicious food is readily available in truckloads, humans need to consciously change their habits and drives.

    I recommend the ketotonic diet. I’ve lost 12% of my body weight over the last few months and I’ve never felt better. I’m now in the ‘healthy’ weight range and on this diet food tastes better and I have no desire at all to eat any carbs (spuds, rice, pasta bread etc). I can literally eat anything I want – and I still don’t get fat.

    Carbohydrates were a wonderful way of feeding humans relatively easily for millions of years. So much so that they became the staple in different forms all over the world. But now with all kinds of other food readily available, we don’t need them to keep ourselves alive and cutting them out is a sure fire way to lose weight and be healthy. Also it’s easy to do. When I go out to dinner with friends I don’t have to rave on about how I’m ‘on a diet’ blah blah…. I simply don’t have the mashed potatoes or the chips or whatever. It’s really easy and, as I said, the food tastes much better.

    EDIT: OK…. sauvignon blanc isn’t strictly keto, but hey, we can’t always be perfect, right? ?



    • Dave’s been doing his homework. Domestic crops, in particular grains, allowed us to build cities and create a working/slave class to serve the elite, who did not eat low grade crap like grains themselves.

      It was what allowed us to build civilisation, such as it is. So next time you hear some white middle class bitch slagging off the farmers, punch her in the throat and give her a history lesson.



  3. Grain and carb based diets cause more preventable deaths than the next 2 things combined. The promotion of high grain, low fat, diets has been a public health disaster.

    The scale of this deception is beyond even the holocaust ™ hoax and both are disproved by logic and common sense.



    • Yes Kea, although I wouldn’t say that carbs and grains actually cause preventable deaths per se…. they’re not that bad if you eat in moderation. But that’s the catch.

      The keto (ketotonic) diet that I’m on is extremely high in fat (and I mean really high fat – butter, animal fats, the lot) and high in meat protein and eggs etc as well as most vegetables (ie carbon free ones) but hardly any fruit as fruits contain sugars.

      Most nutritionists and doctors would say that high fat and animal protein is a recipe for obesity and heart attack…. but actually the opposite seems to be true. My cholesterol has dropped and I’ve lost kilos. My blood pressure is normalised too.

      If anybody is fighting a weight problem I would advise them to look up keto diet on the googly thingy.



      • …..”If anybody is fighting a weight problem I would advise them to look up keto diet”…..

        Or go farming. Plenty of meat, fresh veges, hard physical yakka & 25 kilometres to the nearest fast food outlet will do the trick! 🙂



        • Meat and vege is fine. Its pretty much the Keto, Paleo, etc diet, so fashionable among bored urban middle classes.

          Especially “organic” meat and vege. For years I used to eat inorganic meat and vege. LOL 🙂 Fucking retards.

          BTW organic farming stuffs the environment. Why I hear you sputter? Because its less productive and therefore requires far more land, which means clearing more forests for crops.

          NZ farmers are legends and feed millions with minimal environmental impact. Almost all our sheep and beef is free range grass fed.

          Take a bow you old cocky, you earned it 🙂



      • Yes moderation is the key. But it is for smoking too. Same with drinking. The fact we can tolerate something, to a point, is not to say that it is optimal for health.

        And good on you for giving Keto a go and not following like a sheep ..



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