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Gov. Abbot Declares Texas Is ‘Prepared For Conflict’ With Biden Regime As 10 States Send National Guard

Texas Gov. Gregg Abbot has declared he is “prepared for conflict” with the lawless Biden regime as 10 states have sent their National Guard to the Texas border to protect against the “invasion.”

During an interview with Tucker Carlson Friday, Gov. Abbot said many more states are expected to defy the Biden regime and send their National Guard to Texas in the coming days.

Referring to the states that have sent National Guard to Texas, Abbot said “This is a fight for the future of America and they all know it.” Watch:

In an interview from India, Gov. Greg Abbott says ten other states have sent national guard to the Texas border, and others will follow. Abbott says he is “prepared” for a conflict with federal authorities. pic.twitter.com/F58MLoOsAZ

“All we can do is be as prepared as possible, deploy as many people as possible, do as much as possible to put up more border barriers and deny illegal entry,” said Abbot. “We’re working hard regardless of what the Biden administration is doing.”

Texastribune reports: From the Texas House to former President Donald Trump, Republicans across the country are rallying behind Gov. Greg Abbott’s legal standoff with the federal government at the southern border, intensifying concerns about a constitutional crisis amid an ongoing dispute with the Biden administration.

At issue is concertina wire that the Texas National Guard has been using as a barrier between the Rio Grande River and Shelby Park, a 47-acre area in Eagle Pass. In a 5-4 decision earlier this week, the U.S. Supreme Court sided with the Biden Administration when it vacated a lower court’s ruling that prevented Border Patrol agents from cutting the wire to apprehend people who had crossed the river.

On Wednesday — and as the Texas National Guard and state troopers continued to roll out the wire and prevent federal agents from accessing much of the park — Abbott continued to publicly challenge the ruling and “hold the line.” He declared that Texas was under an “invasion,” giving the state the constitutional right to defend itself and claimed that President Joe Biden’s practice of paroling migrants into the country amounted to a refusal to enforce current immigration laws.

“President Biden has violated his oath to faithfully execute immigration laws enacted by Congress,” Abbott said in a statement. “Instead of prosecuting immigrants for the federal crime of illegal entry, President Biden has sent his lawyers into federal courts to sue Texas for taking action to secure the border.”


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  1. The filthy American MSM are wholly responsible for the destruction of that country, I hope some patriotic citizens are compiling lists of the arse licking compliant bosses of all those big media outlets that have been asleep for 7 years and even worse lying to the 330,000,000 American people.



  2. Whomsoever is running America at the moment as well as the MSM are responsible for the debacle that is there at the border. For the past almost 4 years they have let all sorts in. I certainly do not agree with their so called policies and letting God knows how many pedophiles, terrorists and goodness knows the problems they are bringing in. I certainly stand with Texas in their fight to stop the illegal immigration. As if the USA does not have enough homeless and problems before this lot arrived. and keep arriving. Democrats are just despicable people. Trump may have lots of issues but he is a total star compared to this lot of democrats.



  3. Greg Abbott “Prepared” for Conflict With Federal Authorities
    14 mins 20 secs : 27th Jan 2024 : Tucker Carlson
    …..Tucker Carlson unpacks the situation unfolding at the southern border with several guests.
    A trucker convoy heads to Texas to try to protect our country from invasion.
    A conversation with one of the leaders of it, as well as with the attorney general of Texas on where the border standoff goes next.
    Plus: in an interview from India, Gov. Greg Abbott says ten other states have sent national guard to the Texas border, and others will follow.
    Abbott says he is “prepared” for a conflict with federal authorities.

    The link below with the full Tucker Carlson show with much more.

    Tucker Carlson Tonight 1/26/24 | Tucker Carlson Tonight January 26, 2024
    2 hours : Jan 26th 2024 : Tucker Carlson

    1st 40 minutes with & about Texas, with State Governor Geoff Abbot: State Attorney General Paxton, & an independent civilian helping organize such as Truckers Convoy.



    • In that full Tucker Carlson 2nd link the Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton:–

      ….Attorney General Ken Paxton tells Tucker Carlson that the Biden administration is dismantling federal law and cooperating with cartels to establish a illegal networks throughout the country, permanently.

      Paxton alleges “Biden is making up rules as he goes and giving cartels a foothold, so that they can continue for the long term after he is gone”. …

      To bear in mind that Texas House of Representatives, held by the Democrats, did everything it could to impeach Ken Paxton. who finally won out.

      Fighting this in courts of law, is what Biden’s crew does best. “Stacked”.
      As that Trucker organiser states, it is the side stepping of the Constitution & then tangling it up with other laws to set precedences.

      Which when we also think about it, is the Waitangi Treaty that translated itself very well when reading the original as found in the Littlewood Treaty papers.
      Then & the debate about it trying to reframe the narrative, by slowly bogging it down into precedents set by today’ courts.



      • Bloody hell, Simpleton1, you put it so well in both your comments about the Texas border fracas as well as correlating this debacle with what is being inflicted on our own country with respect to the TOW scam.

        And thank so much for the links you have provided. I’m gonna watch it all today on this wet Sunday.




  4. Watch Kari lakes videos about the depth of means of corruption. The ?senators and house Reps are poorly paid bymost standards and the election machine controls the funds to get elected. They get compromised in many ways then get manipulated. Italian Mafia type tatics.Obama and the clintons would be compromised the same. Big companies manipulated by big shareholders fund the money. funds of various sorts that hold shares.
    Needs sorting out and the IRS given a lot more power to catch them out.



  5. a coalition of 25 Republican governors have signed a joint letter in support of the Texas resistance.

    This Southern Border Migrant flow is building up, as not just Texas ignoring the Federal Judgement of pulling down the barb wire fences, where the Feds started cutting up sections to allow more migrants.

    Half of the United States rally for Texas in stopping Migrants on the border.

    …… a coalition of 25 Republican governors have signed a joint letter in support of the Texas resistance. ….
    …. “What is Biden going to do? Send the military in to forcibly open the border? In an election year?” ….


    And of course Trump supports Texas, 🙂
    So Biden thinks he can take over or stop the Texas national guard.
    And a build up of support by over half the USA State Governors.

    ….South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem … …
    … “What people forget is that governors are commanders-in-chief.
    We’re responsible for the men and women of our National Guard.
    It’s a heavy responsibility that weighs on our shoulders, and so we never engage our National Guard soldiers and those men and women unless it’s incredibly important.”


    Sometimes I think the Biden crew will just back down, but I know I can not 2nd guess the depth of their stupidity of wanting to further divide the USA peoples?

    To have not a Covid emergency this time, but a Texas insurrectionist rising, to create an “Emergency” which develops to full martial law, with major effect



    • Of course they will back down. When did you ever see a leftie actually fight for anything?
      We have the example of the scrawny bitch who couldn’t face the Wellington protestors and scuttled off overseas.



      • Not before setting her private imported police thugs on peaceful protestors on our parliamentary grounds.
        Not a peep from Luxon, Seymore or any of the MP’s watching the bashing of the protesting “river of filth” from within the secure fortress. Not a peep from any of them.



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