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STD’s More important than Covid19?




Hospital Worker Faces Twitter Cancel Mob After Saying ‘Whores’ Shouldn’t Visit ER to Get STD Checks During a Pandemic


A woman who works in a hospital faced the fury of a Twitter cancel mob after she dared to suggest that people shouldn’t be visiting ER to get STD checks while nurses and doctors are overwhelmed with the coronavirus pandemic.

“To the little WHORE that came in the HOSPITAL for a fucking STD check in the middle of a fucking PANDEMIC.. GO TF TO HELL,” the woman tweeted.

Despite being completely correct, she faced an immediate backlash from irate Twitter users who posted her employment details and tried to get her fired.

“Somebody drop a employer name or company or city or something bc this ain’t it at all,” said one respondent, receiving over a thousand likes.

somebody drop a employer name or company or city or something bc this ain’t it at all

— same old shit (@hvnlyns) April 2, 2020

“This is the HR contact for their place of employment,” responded another user with an accompanying screenshot showing the woman’s work address. “Hope it was worth it. the authorities are on their way.”

“What’s your job address?” asked another. “We all trying to see something? It’s gonna be terrible to be laid off on the brink of a recession.”

What’s your job address? We all trying to see something? It’s gonna be terrible to be laid off on the brink of a recession bih!

— NEK (@augustnatio) April 2, 2020

Another user doxxed the woman’s real name.

“She’s being hateful. And she probably shouldn’t be in any type of healthcare field if this is how she speaks about patients,” claimed another respondent.

somebody drop a employer name or company or city or something bc this ain’t it at all

— same old shit (@hvnlyns) April 2, 2020

The hospital worker initially stood up for herself, asserting in another tweet, “Y’all sound stupid lmao the hospital is for emergency situations. There are many other outlets where you can get non-emergent help. Like urgent care, your primary care physician, your OBGYN.”

However, after being bombarded with hate, the woman subsequently deleted her tweets and had to put her account into lockdown, so we have censored her Twitter name.

So apparently, according to the vast majority of respondents, it’s perfectly acceptable to go to the emergency ward for an STD check when nurses and doctors are completely overwhelmed with coronavirus victims.

And anyone who suggests otherwise is a hateful bigot who deserves to be cancelled.


  1. Surely the person who doxxed her and revealed her name and address should be prosecuted? I would have responded differently, Please pop in for an STD check. Do pick up the virus on the way out…. You will now have double the chance of dying….



  2. On reading Ed’s post I find it hard to discern anyone or any group who have covered themselves with glory in this Twitter outburst. The doxers & abusers are obviously cheering for women collecting STDs like some used to collect stamps which says little for their hygiene standards & less for their self pride.

    But who exactly does the jumped up nurse think she is to define her role in the pandemic. She is an employee of a hospital who is engaged & paid to do the work given to her. Not to interpret or qualify it.

    Not too many years ago nurses progressed in an environment not dissimilar to that of an engineering apprentice. Bed pans are now too good for them so they’re usurping the doctors’ positions & authority based on the knowledge acquired in a crap degree in cultural safety.

    There are no bars to women training as doctors & I understand that they occupy over half the trainee positions at Otago. If nurses want to mouth off let them do the hard yards first.



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