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I got a call from a survey company on my cell phone last night. After being asked to confirm my eligibility to answer his questions, we proceeded with a ten minute Q & A session. I asked who the survey was for and he said it will become apparent who it was for as we progress.

It was a survey for our local Lines company, Waipa Networks. After questions about service, pricing and house lighting we got down to the real reason for the survey. Question was for me to class the donations the company makes in the community. Like supporting St John Ambulance., the Maungatautari forest trust, and some community trust based on Mt Pirongia, amongst others. I gave them all a 1 ( The range was 1 for didn’t like, to 4 for fully support) He asked why such a low number and I said it’s not the job of the lines company to decide who to give OUR money too. If we want to support these organisations then give us our money and let us decide who and what to support.

He was taken aback at this and asked if I knew who owned the company. I replied it was owned by a community based trust. Twice a year they give all power uses a rebate depending on how much power they use.

The final few questions were about electric cars, house heating and lighting. The electric car question was to rate my chances of buying one as my next purchase. I gave that one a 1 as well. He again asked why? I replied the idea is stupid virtue signalling. If every one had an electric car, we wouldn’t have enough power and would need to build power stations using coal.

That kind of ended the questioning.

If corporates want to use their own money for these kind of things, that’s fine. But when they are owned by the community, its not their right to pick and choose their favourites.

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  1. Would be great to survey the companies
    Can you guarantee no black outs due to lack of planning supply.
    How many power outlets do you need from Wellington to Auckland to charge 25% of cars?
    What will be the wholesale price in 10 years, 20 years?
    Will the subsidy on a wind farm tower be 1.5 Million a tower in a decades time?
    What proportion of Antarctic and Arctic ice is below sea level?
    How does a country like resource rich Australia end up with the worlds dearest Electricity and black outs through no supply?
    One of the funniest statements was when they asked big time loser Bill Shorten, How long it takes to charge an electric car, answer about 8 minutes.
    All the answers to this as your survey is just bluster and bullshit.
    Maybe your company should start giving the money to the poor sods that have been disconnected because they cannot afford supply that alone usage.



  2. Slightly off topic, many companies do sponsor groups, teams for adverting, so that’s a sort of charidy.

    Also I often wonder why do companies have to pay tax?
    Eg if we stopped taxing them, there would be no more international loopholes.
    Then they could keep their profits to invest or reduce prices.
    Their shareholders will still pay tax, and so do their consumers.



    • All good and fine if you are a competitor – albeit in a small market with few players -like a bank or telco.
      Give to charity gives an ‘ooooh’ factor and warm fuzzies.
      ANZ e.g. jumped in the day after the first ChCh Earthquake (4/9/10) and offered $1 million dollars as astarter fund. This made sense and got large coverage even though others donated later. This sounded impressive even though one million is chump change to them.

      It is cheap advertising plus the family working in or associated to a recipient charity may be inclined to use the services of the donor so it is effectively advertising.

      However a community trust should just focus on its beneficiaries- with a Power Co this is the consumers.
      All gifts should be back to them.
      What is happening in this case is the trustees are selecting to whom to give OPM (other peoples money) but the trustees appear in photos and get kudos. This spreads their influence and gets them onto more boards …rinse and repeat.

      This is why most licensing trusts got voted out when people could. They did not give enough net benefit back to the community for the premium they charged.
      I’m pretty sure West Auckland/ Waitakere licencing Trust still don’t.

      As much as people criticise Muldoon he was onto these BS artists.
      He deregistered CORSO as a charity because they consumed much of what they received on themselves.
      He changed the building societies in the early 1980s. Bank lending was limited. People joined ‘not for profit’ building societies where the staff spend extravagantly on themselves leaving far less to lend as mortgages.
      I suspect R J Muldoon would have kicked Max Bradford from here to eternity.



  3. I get to needle Leftists over owning electric cars. They tend to squirm when told the poor are subsidising their cars since they pay neither RUC or petrol tax and are therefore leeches on the road system: the poor are subsidising the rich.

    I believe it’s my most simple and effective way of making a Leftard go silent in a conversation. Their virtue signalling in one is cancelled by the other. It’s a catch-22 situation even for Leftards.

    Hypocrisy for a Leftard is normally like water off a duck’s back to them but not on this issue. It’s one level of hypocrisy I’ve never seen them shrug off.



  4. Well done and absolutely effing right on every point.

    I now believe the big corporates are very much behind the big left wing plan to destroy western civilisation and every component of our society – and they cannot be trusted to make decisions on our behalf, because they’ve proven beyond any doubt they do not have our interests at heart.

    The thought of another (yes ANOTHER) left wing globalist being parachuted in to the National party is positively sickening – however – I have hope that it will be the first step in a Trump or a Farage or a Le Pen or a Salvini or a Wilders or an Orban arising in NZ so that we too can be involved in the fight to retain western civilisation.



  5. Kea you are right about slapping higher taxes on them. But instead our woke central and local governments want to increase the subsidies to electric vehicles (currently, owners pay no road tax on registration) to make them cheaper to buy. I would slap on a tax for disposal of the spent batteries.

    However, electric cars and other electric vehicles are the wrong solution to long term issues, which does not in life woke concerns about a climate change emergency. It is as said, an instant virtue signal, that isn’t a long term solution to anything.

    The real future technology is hydrogen fuel cell.

    In technology terms, an analogy to compare electric vehicles to where the future will go, would be something like the cassette tape being replaced by CDs, MP3 and now mobile phones.



  6. Such surveys and virtue signaling on donations is all about corporate social conscience. Borne out of companies having high priced revenues, big profits and paying limited tax. So, they came up with is rubbish about being “good corporate citizens”. Rather than making gratuitous donations, how about not ripping consumers off!



  7. ” I have hope that it will be the first step in a Trump or a Farage or a Le Pen or a Salvini or a Wilders or an Orban arising in NZ so that we too can be involved in the fight to retain western civilisation.”

    Amen DP. Oh where art thou a conservative hero to fight for NZ and western values? David Seymour needs more mates in Parliament.



  8. I may be mistaken, but didn’t the col first minister or what ever she thinks she is, say at one stage they were looking into the exorbitant prices of petrol and power? Or did I dream that? I may have, as this whole col seems like one long ghastly nightmare. She has added to the price or petrol so the working group must have said we were not paying enough for that and should be taxed 50% of the cost, My thoughts are that if power companies have enough to give away to these charidys they are obviously charging us far too much.



    • Cindy said petrol companies are charging too much for their petrol and asked Megan Wood to look into the profits for petrol companies. It seems as most of us already knew petrol company margins are quite tight. The CoL have quietly binned their inquiry, while also increasing petrol tax to motorists to increase their spending agenda.



      • Yes I’m sure they were going to have a discussion – then perhaps an enquiry – into the prices the petrol companies were gouging out of us.

        Of course that was 18 months ago, when the price of diesel was around -90c per litre. Diesel has already gone up by more than 50% – Wonder whether they will begin the enquiry before that price doubles?

        – Or maybe just keep on talking, and doing nothing !



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