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Fuck The Imbeciles!

The left will say Anything, Absolutely Anything, and so-called intellectuals, who are supposed to follow the truth to wherever it leads, have proven that they will believe Anything, Absolutely Anything.

If you want evidence of fraud, the entire Democrat scheme of using mass mail-in ballots is indicative of fraud. Their exclusive insistence of no ID for voting, allowing ballots unsigned or unintelligible to be processed, let alone of “curing ballots” (a highly dubious procedure, especially in light of Democrats being the only ones allowed it) all point to the actual intent of perpetrating fraud.

Witnesses giving testimony before state legislature panels in various swing states, Michigan included, are only “icing on the cake”. What Democrats in these states did in the run-up to elections, in changing election laws, many done unconstitutionally, is where the initial fraud took place.

Four years ago, Madonna told a crowd she was thinking about blowing up the White House. She has never been banned by Twitter or Facebook.

If the Left has far superior ideas, why do they need to censor us?


  1. Orange man bad
    Orange man really bad
    Really, orange man bad
    Really, orange man very very bad
    Orange man baddest man

    Now that I have your attention with the “Orange Man Bad” links, the previous handover of the presidency was met with protest. Those protests were violent with the aim of overthrowing the duly elected president of the United States. There were threats made at public gatherings encouraging people to bomb the White House.

    Like the current protests against the incoming Joe Biden presidency, it was a small cadre of activists that got out of hand. It was never branded as “insurrection” despite the identical aims and excess violence.

    As one Trump supporter described it: “We thought there would be protests but we didn’t expect violence, we were hoping for a completely peaceful transfer of power.”

    The reactions to both protests have been wildly different and this, I believe, is a concerted, coordinated effort by people blinded by bias. It has come from the media, a majority of them identifying as left wing, it has come from the people looking to assume the reigns of power and sadly it has also come from people who should oppose this type of bias and the impact it will have on the free exchange of ideas and our ability to have a discussion about the problems in our society.

    Cancel culture has come full circle and is now in power.

    Your thoughts, your ideas are no longer valid in the United States of America and, I believe, soon in the rest of the world. This cancer is spreading and more and more countries will be sliding back into the Dark Ages as they give up on reason, debate and logic and look to only amplify the voices of one aspect of our society.

    As a libertarian, seeing this soul crushing.



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