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Stop Blaming Farmers. Clean Up Your Own Shit First.




Auckland’s dirtiest beaches revealed by Safeswim

Auckland’s most contaminated beaches have been revealed by Safeswim, and the results aren’t great for one of the city’s most iconic swimming spots.

Beaches across Auckland were tested for water quality from November 1 2017 to April 30 2018 with Takapuna Beach deemed unsafe for swimming for almost a third of that period due to potential exposure to human and animal waste.

Safeswim said that work is currently under way to trace and detect the sources of dirty water that have been detected at six different points along the beach.

In testing, beaches are graded either green, amber or red to indicate risk of infection. Red indicates a high risk, amber means low to moderate and green means a negligible risk.

Only two beaches from the 84 tested were given a green rating all summer long – Bethells Beach and North Piha.

Anchor Bay, Cheltenham, Devonport, Goat Island, Kendall Bay, Omaha and Tawharanui were all also deemed to “show evidence of consistently high water quality” but Safeswim says further testing is needed.

The beaches of the Manukau Harbour had some of the most consistently poor results, though Auckland Council says it has successfully remove all sewage water inputs into the area and most waste in the water is now from bird populations.

Other beaches still affected by sewer discharge include Pt Chevalier, Meola Reef, Cox’s Bay, Herne Bay, Home Bay, St Marys Bay and Judges Bay.

Safeswim is a joint initiative between Auckland Council, Watercare, Surf Lifesaving Northern Region and the Auckland Regional Public Health Service.

When the council cleans these beaches AND keeps  them clean, maybe then we will take notice of the wingers and moaners.


  1. This is disgusting.
    They know the problem.
    I heard a guy from Safeswim on the radio, and he said that if it rains a lot he knows which beaches will be polluted with waste water.
    So fix the problem.
    Forget cycle lanes, build the sewers and it will come



  2. In my letters to MPs about the Climate Change BS I have always said instead of sending $1.4 Billion a year to some UN “sucker” fund they could more productivity help the environment by sorting out Auckland’s sewage infrastructure. Never get a response.
    They all talk about looking after the environment for our grandchildren. That is where to start.

    I am really glad the Safeswim people are highlighting the issue —much better issue to worry about than a trainset going out to the airport. Think of your kid JAG.



    • I think you are right. Charity begins at home and pumping money to virtue signal to the UN so they can further signal is doing nothing whatsoever ever for this country. The Sewage matter is important and is not contained tonAuckland City. It is a problem also in smaller cities where population has overtaken infrastructure maintenance and upgrading as cities and towns grow.

      Reality is more people, more sewage, more water demand. What part of that do fancy RMA planners and politicians not understand. I have heard for all the years we have been paying rates, since 1973, that more ratepayers ease the burden. I am still awaiting the supposed benefit of bigger population, more people, sharing thus easing the rate burden. I suspect the theory is either crap or politicians have wasted ratepayers efforts on nonsense voter encouraging projects while the infrastructure problems remain.



  3. Stinky sewers are underground out of the view. Sewers are costly to maintain and most people find the thought of them too yucky to give a second thought to where their own poo disappears to, let alone consider the huge mass of shit that needs to be piped daily to keep the city and beaches healthy and safe for the population. As a council looking to be re-elected, why would you spend your budget on essential underground services when you can impress voters with visible virtue signalling projects. Until the townies are prepared to invest in upgrading essential sewers and expensive poo processing plants they should stop whinging and moaning about the rural sector.



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