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Conservatives Must Now Draw A Line In The Sand And Stop The “Great Reset”.

By Brandon Smith.

With Trump in office, a lot of liberty minded people became a little too comfortable, to the point that they were inactive. They actually believed the system could be repaired and corruption ended from within, and without much effort on our part beyond our votes. Trump made many conservatives lazy.

Then there was the Q-anon-sense floating around on the web which also misled some freedom activists into thinking that people much higher placed or “smarter” than us were fighting the good fight behind the scenes and that the globalists would be swept up in a grand 4D chess maneuver. This was a fantasy; it was never going to happen. Finally, everyone knows this and we can get on with the business of fighting the real battles ahead.

I think we are reaching a stage in the conflict between freedom advocates and collectivist tyrants when many illusions are going to melt away, and all we will be left with is cold hard reality. Now is the time when we find out who is going to stand their ground and fight for what they believe in, and who is going to cower and submit just to save their own skin. Now is the time when we find out who has balls.

The last four years plus the election of 2020 have revealed that political solutions are out the window. A lot of conservatives should have known better, but maybe it takes a perceived disaster to shock some people out of their waking dreams. Elections, voting, potential third parties; it’s all Kabuki theater. It’s all a facade to keep us docile and under control. ..

The great reset?

Biden himself is not all that important; he is nothing more than a foil for bigger events and a proxy for more nefarious people. His presence signals that the “Great Reset” agenda is fully greenlit. This agenda has a pretty obvious set of goals, many of them openly admitted to by the World Economic Forum, and some of them strongly implied by the extreme political left and the media. They include:

1) Perpetual pandemic lockdowns and economic controls until the population submits to medical tyranny.

2) Medical passports and contact tracing as a part of everyday life.

3) The censorship and de-platforming of all voices that oppose the agenda.

4) Greatly reduced economic activity in the name of stopping “climate change”.

5) Greatly increased poverty and the loss of private property.

6) The introduction of “Universal Basic Income” in which the government becomes the all-powerful welfare provider and nursemaid for a generation of dependent and desperate people.

7) A cashless society and digital currency system where privacy in trade is completely erased.

8) creation of a “shared economy” in which no one will own anything and independent production is outlawed.

9) The deletion of national borders and the end of sovereignty and self-determination.

10) The centralization of global political power into the hands of a select few elitists.

Now, you would think that most sensible people would be opposed to such a dystopian agenda. … Unless you are a psychopath that gets a vicarious thrill from the brutal oppression of millions of people, or you are a globalist that stands to gain immense power, there is nothing about the Reset that benefits you.

That said, there will still be millions of useful idiots that support totalitarian policies, and they will act to enforce them. Some of them will be convinced that they are serving the “greater good”, and others will think that they can “earn a place at the table” if they lick the boots of tyrants long enough. Bottom line? It’s not just the globalists we need to worry about, it is also the contingent of zombies they have duped or bribed into serving the Reset.

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    • The EcoTaliban are staggeringly successful worldwide and I struggle to believe how they can get away with this. You’re right about Perth. New Zealand meanwhile has been literally shitting itself over that one case in Northland and the whole of Auckland was put under house arrest just a few months ago over (I think) three or four cases.

      Sometimes I think I have entered a different reality. Maybe I’m insane and the rest of the world is perfectly fine? When I see people walking the streets or driving their cars wearing masks is this really happening or am I hallucinating? Is this a variation on seeing aliens or spirit people?

      But it’s not all doom and gloom; sometimes you can have some fun.
      I was at a function on the weekend and a lady asked me “I haven’t had any phone reception. What’s the latest Covid news?” I replied “About 80 billion I think” to which she exclaimed “What? Cases or deaths? (She was educated in NZ so she doesn’t have any understanding of figures or the world’s population). “Neither” I replied, “80 billion is the debt we’re in due to the Fascist government destroying our economy over a few cases of flu. This is the latest news I’ve heard, but that was a few days ago so it’s probably worse now.” The conversation stopped abruptly.

      Anyway I digress. Is the virtual destruction of the world’s economy and its social structure really happening, or am I just living in a hallucination of my own creation?



  1. It is happening Euro.
    The masses just don’t see what is going on and little by little the world is heading for control by the UN. The New World Order is progressing before our eyes.

    What really annoys me is that the National Party MP’s and Act are either cowering and too scared to fight back,or they just don’t get it.
    Collins has become pathetic. Fancy announcing they were going to run in race based seats when so much is happening around the world.
    New Zealand is going down the gurgler fast.



  2. Reef fish can move in any direction to avoid a threat. However many fled to the Marxists in 2020 and they can just as easily go in the other direction. I would say by 2023 we would have seen enough from the UN and Global World order to tick the fuck-off box at the polling booth.



    • But go where?… as Wiseowl says the other side has signed up to the same nonsense. Even Act now talk about decarbening the world, compared with Rodney’s time when is was “stop the scam”!

      With Act or National the poison is just more slow acting than the Labour/Green concoction.



  3. LTA 1955,
    Don’t rely on logic.
    The only thing that will change this useless government is a real event.
    Economic ,climatic, ,pandemic or something else.
    Something large that drags people into having to face reality.



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