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The fires in Greece and Spain are likely due to arson, not climate change

The Greece wildfire has been declared the “largest ever” recorded in the European Union’s history as the country struggles to tame the raging flames.  The fire has been burning unabated in the northeastern part of the country since 19 August.

“This wildfire is the largest in the EU since 2000, when the European Forest Fire Information System (Effis) began recording data,” the EU’s civil protection service said on Tuesday 29 August.

“We do know that fires are getting more severe. If you look at the figures every year in the past years, we are seeing trends which are not necessarily favourable, and that calls for of course more capacities at the member states’ level,” European Commission spokesperson Balazs Ujvari said.

This year’s summer has been the worst for the European country as it has encountered numerous fires, which the government and experts believe are linked to the climate crisis, WION reported.

We extracted the above from WION but that’s the official message being repeated across corporate media – that the fires are “linked to the climate crisis.”  That’s because the source of the story is reproduced from the same place: AFP news agency.

However, there is more to this story than AFP’s latest report.  Less than a week ago, corporate media was awash with articles that 79 people had been arrested in Greece for arson.

The Greek government confirmed it had arrested 79 people for arson amid a spate of devasting wildfires, suggesting that, as in Italy and Spain, the disasters are being caused by criminals rather than climate change, despite the globalist press calling such ideas a “conspiracy theory,” The National Pulse wrote on Saturday.

And, Columbian (Missouri) television station Komu reported on Tuesday that arson has been suspected in some of the blazes, with several people arrested.  “As of Friday, fire department officials had arrested 163 people on fire-related charges since the start of the fire prevention season, including 118 for negligence and 24 for deliberate arson, government spokesperson Pavlos Marinakis said. Police made an additional 18 arrests, he said.”

Greece Arrests 79 People for Wildfire Arson Across the Country

By The Hotshot Wake Up, 25 August 2023

As I have talked about at length on the podcast and in my articles, The fires in Spain and Greece were likely arson-related. Local firefighters and politicians have been saying it for months and I first made mention of it back in April of this year.

I have consistently called them human scum on the show since speaking on this topic.

Well, today, Civil Protection Minister Vassilis Kikilias had the same thing to say:

“Arsonist scum are setting fires that threaten forests, property and, most of all, human lives. You are committing a crime against the country. You will not get away with it, we will find you, you will be held accountable.”

On April 1st, I reported Spain and the Asturias regional President Adrián Barbón saying: “The full weight of the law would come down on the fire terrorists.”

He went on to say that the fires were started in an organised way by criminals taking advantage of the adverse weather conditions.

20 people have died as a result of the fires in Greece, including firefighters.

Greece Wildfire Now Largest in Europe’s Recorded History After 79 Arsonists Arrested

By The Hotshot Wake Up, 29 August 2023

Authorities say the fires seemed coordinated and deliberately set to take advantage of the conditions.

Greece has had a dry stretch the last few months, making the landscape ripe and ready for wildfires. Multiple fires broke out this month, ravaging the Islands and forcing mass evacuations of resort towns and beaches. The largest of the fires is now almost 200,000 acres, making it the largest fire since the European Forest Fire Information System started keeping track back in 2000.

79 people have been arrested for arson in the country this month. Authorities have said they suspect the culprits deliberately set the fires and did so in a coordinated fashion. The location and time of day the fires were set led Greek Authorities to believe they started the fires to “take advantage of the current conditions.” Twenty-one people have been confirmed killed by these fires.

As we reported last week, this is not a new trend but a growing one. NGOs in South America were investigated and caught starting fires in the Amazon, taking photos, and selling those photos for tens of thousands of dollars to Environmental Foundations. These foundations then used those photos to raise money for their projects.

Europe has activated half of the firefighting aircraft available to them to fight these fires in Greece and sent hundreds of personnel to the Island nation. Greece has said it will prosecute the arsonists to the fullest extent of the law. Another 40+ individuals were charged with negligently starting fires that were deemed to be an accident.

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  1. As I explained to someone in australia in 2019 with fires raging that the temperature at 37 deg C instead of 34 Deg C does not cause fires.
    It needs an ignition event.
    This is either nature or humans.
    Wombats are not known for rubbing sticks together to make fire.
    Many are too slow on this and modern conveniently funded Skience does not help.



  2. The NZ Labour Party have suffered a climate induced wildfire ,it got to hot for the pig Ardern so she burned the lazy smelly entitled lot to the ground unintentionally on her way out the door, my prediction is around 25 of the scum will get back to the sty in Wellington.



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