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Just retuned home from a couple of hours work. (at my real job) Leaving home, on the outskirts of Cambridge, its a 50 zone. Drive for 700m and it changes to 60. Another 50m and it is 70. This is the rural area north of Cambridge. Drive for 2 klms and it changes to 80. On the same road it goes back to 70. Drive for 1 klm and its 100. There have been no changes to the road conditions, surface or whatever.

In 4 klms I have gone through six different speed zones. I have been travelling this same route for 2 years and have never seen an accident or any evidence of any accident.

Can someone explain why these changes have suddenly occured?

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  1. Coming up and Sweden will be pushing the zero target on roads as already JAG has mentioned.
    A part of the “virtual signal” world, and showing that NZ though lagging, punches above it’s weight.

    UN General Assembly, the Government of Sweden will host – in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO) – the 3rd Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety from 19-20 February 2020 in Stockholm, Sweden under the theme “Achieving Global Goals 2030”.
    National delegations led by ministers of transport, health, interior and other sectors are expected to attend from more than 100 countries, as well as representatives of international agencies, civil society organizations and the private sector.


    This has leaked out a bit in the Australian news.

    It resolves to strengthen “law enforcement to ensure zero speeding and mandate a maximum road travel speed limit of 30km/h … in residential areas and urban neighbourhoods within cities as efforts to reduce speed will have an impact on both road traffic injuries, air quality and climate change”.

    The two-day road safety summit, ….. ….. focus on “sustainable transport”.

    The Stockholm Declaration calls on public and private organisations to purchase “safe and sustainable vehicle fleets”. It flags addressing “the connections between road safety, mental and physical health, development, education, equity, gender equality, environment and climate change”.

    Will be interesting to see how the Australians will make of this.
    NZ’ers will roll over, as it already seems to be “fait accompli” and they councilors know how to pass the buck, until it subsides.
    Perhaps some extra ‘sharp’ signs should be added, showing that is the Green Lab affect, 🙂

    I am sure how transport, greens, even councils, and whoever else will be on the way, and photo with Greta as well.
    They will all be thinking of your “mental well-being” keeping “sustainable”, and so long as a bicycle with a red flag is tootling along in front of your motorized carbon eating transport. 🙁
    All the while, demanding more money with menaces.
    Just another little tick for siding with the UN.

    Will NZ take UN advice and make it 30 kph for all urban roads? 🙁



  2. Who the heck knows what speed is expected on which section of road? The road rules say drivers have to be aware but the constant altering of speed is obviously meant to confuse. Easy pickings for the cops ticketing unsuspecting drivers. JAG and her controlling behaviour is an idiot and a menace to drivers going about their lawful business.



  3. Policing passing lanes so that slow traffic keeps left would do wonders for road safety. We made a game of it on our way back from the Manawatu; predicting whether the queue in front would speed up at the 2km, 1km or 400m mark. Then you’d hurtle past one or two who has suddenly increased their speed by 20km/h, only to get back into the queue for the next passing lane and back to the normal speed. I wish I understood why people who drive 70 – 90 km/h on the open road would go 110+ in a passing lane in the left hand lane. Is it some kind of pissing contest to not let others overtake them?



      • No they are scared drivers who should notb e on the road in the first place!
        The come to a pasing lane and it’s the same as a big wide open space.
        Suddenly they are not so scared and speed up. Till they get to the end and slow down.
        Same as big scary trucks. Oh no, can’t pass them, they require speeding up and they are scared.
        Which would be ok if they left 100 metres gap!
        Then you get the wznker that sits in behind them, because they are scared and so on it goes!



  4. I think NZTA has forgotten what a road or a highway actually is intended for. My view is the objective should be the smooth flow of traffic enabling goods and people to get to where they are going. That a highway that has been in place for many years, and gets a suburb alongside over time, does not alter the reality the road or highway still has the original function to enable the movement of goods and people.

    There are examples across this country where a community has expanded and then later arrivals start a fret about speed on the road or highway. My thinking is they need to suck up the reality they moved to a point adjacent to the road or highway and they cannot alter the value of the road or highway for those who have been using it for many years previously. NZTA panders to noise rather than taking responsibility to maintain the value of the route for majority users.

    There are some pathetic examples of dumb speed restrictions under the banner of “safety”. The current associate Minister of Transport does not add reality or value to the matter in my observation.



  5. As Simpleton has pointed out, this business of speed limits is part of the UN agenda .
    It is hard to believe but this agenda has been slowly implemented through councils with indoctrinated staff presenting papers to unthinking councillors who are too stupid to recognise what is going on and vote for the speed reductions like good little sheeple.

    The UN is infecting all our rules and regulations and we all need to wake up and stop this dictatorial bunch controlling our legislation.
    The cycling madness is all part and parcel of the agenda.



  6. Ed: On the basis of your experiences so far, you DEFINITELY don’r want to go through either the Leamington CBD, past the various schools around the town; or in the Cambridge CBD itself. In these areas the speed drops to 40 km/h in the middle of a 50 km/h zone. Very annoying, especially as Plod seems to take great delight in enforcing said restructions, which apparently emenated from WDC Headquarters in TA.



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