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Stupidity of Intelligent People




‘Bright’ people head the queue for Covid jabs – oh yeah?

THERE is a scene near the end of Monty Python’s Life of Brian where the Christians are being led out for crucifixion or freedom as decided by Pontius Pilate. One prisoner is asked by a Roman guard ‘Crucifixion or freedom?’ to which he replies, ‘Freedom for me,’ and then, on the verge of being let go by the confused guard, adds: ‘No, I’m only pulling your leg, it’s crucifixion really.’ Clearly, a pretty stupid Christian.

Something similar is happening regarding the continued rollout of Covid jabs. Faced with the accumulating evidence for COVID-19 vaccine harms which compounds their almost negligible effect at preventing catching or spreading Covid, and against a background of excess deaths among the vaccinated, you would think that any sensible person faced with the choice of ‘Covid jab (aka crucifixion) or freedom (aka no Covid jab)’ would choose the latter or, at least, be hesitant.

Not so. Moreover it is not ‘stupid’ people who are not only taking the vaccine but are rushing, lemming-like, to be head of the vaccine queue: it is intelligent people. Intelligent, maybe, but definitely not smart.

Evidence for the apparent stupidity of intelligent people comes from a study in the Journal of Health Economics which is helpfully, and somewhat gleefully, summarised in CIDRAP, the newsletter of the University of Minnesota. The study comes from Sweden and was carried out among over a quarter of a million men and women who had registered for military service in Sweden between 1979 to 1997. Data on the intelligence of these people were available in the Swedish Military Archives.

According to the summary: ‘A total of 80 per cent of the most intelligent people were vaccinated within 40 days of vaccine availability, while it took 180 days for those with the lowest cognitive ability to reach that level.’ The reason is that ‘the complexity of the vaccination decision may make it difficult for people with lower cognitive abilities to understand the benefits of vaccination’. So, not at all patronising to those who took longer to decide. In the light of evidence regarding Covid vaccines the only useful conclusion, surely, is that the intelligent people decided to harm themselves more quickly.

The original study is rigorous and meticulous and the results are not in doubt. However, it is written from a very positive perspective on the Covid vaccines and is designed to provide evidence for how to hasten people’s decision to take them. But the study included only those who accepted, however tardily, the offer of the Covid vaccine. With such a database at their disposal I hope the researchers do not miss the opportunity to answer the obvious question: ‘Is there a difference in intelligence between those who turned up for vaccination and those who did not?’

The Lothian Birth Cohort study, one of the largest and longest studies of intelligence in the world, provides ample evidence that intelligent people make better health decisions and, as a result, have better health and tend to live longer. One of those decisions may well be to accept vaccination, and it has to be conceded that some vaccines probably work. However, intelligent people should also be able to discern good vaccines from bad vaccines. In the case of the Covid vaccines, it seems that they may need a little more time.

Captain Tom – all part of the great Covid con

I TELL you what, that Captain Tom saga is a real humdinger. That Captain Tom debacle is a gift that keeps giving, unless you actually gave a gift to the Captain Tom Foundation, in which case I would say, more fool you and do you require some time in the Hannah Ingram-Moore family pool and spa complex to calm down?

In fact, when I put Captain Tom in the Times search engine, this is what came up:

‘Captain Tom’s daughter was paid £70k despite charity’s woes’;

‘Captain Tom’s daughter accused over awards fee’;

‘Captain Sir Tom Moore’s daughter challenges spa demolition order’;

‘Captain Tom’s daughter claimed partial credit for his award’

What a turnaround from the media. Now it suits them to reveal the Captain Tom saga for what it was – namely that he and you were used as a government propaganda tool. The tale is symbolic of the entire Covid regime, namely that it was a con and you have been had.

The media hysteria, the government reaction, was not only a disastrous policy but a con. Instead of the media doing their job and examining some of the more outlandish claims made by the government, they not only went along with it, but they were enthusiastic government mouthpieces. A key plank of the Covid fear propaganda campaign was the ludicrous beatification of Captain Tom Moore, may he rest in peace, please give me strength.

I must admit that even I was too scared to call out the bullsh*t that Captain Tom, aged 99, ‘walks’ in his garden a lot. The only one with balls enough to do that was James Delingpole, published by equally ballsy Kathy.

James explained at the time (February 2021): ‘The reason for the cult of Captain Tom is that we are being played by a very cynical and devious political and media Establishment. Captain Tom has become a government propaganda tool. He is our equivalent of Alexey Stakhanov, the Russian miner celebrated as a Hero of the Soviet Union because he dug out such stupendous quantities of coal.’

I can tell you even I was worried about this piece, can I be doing with the push-back, I asked myself, and no one else in the media said the obvious yet the unsayable, that it is not even nonsense, but a dangerous media invention for the purposes of prolonging the ruinous lockdown.

James again: ‘Stakhanov’s propaganda function was to inspire the workers to similarly heroic heights of productivity. Captain Tom’s propaganda function was twofold. First, he helped promote the myth that the NHS is not merely our national treasure and the envy of the world but something so important that our economy, our freedoms, even our lives should be sacrificed to guarantee its survival. Second, his service record (no ex-soldier retains the rank of ‘Captain’, by the way) invited dishonest comparisons with the Second World War, heavy-hinting that Covid-19 is our Hitler, our Mussolini, our Tojo, which if we all pull together we can beat. Both are massive lies.’ Well said, James.

Three years in, the media are running a kind of, oh well that was then and this is now, we are back to doing our jobs. A columnist in the Times explains the propaganda war that was Captain Tom as follows: ‘This small, sweet story swiftly spiralled into one of national importance. This is partly because it happened in the early days of lockdown, when the national mood was completely bananas.’

Just pause there one moment: this is all a bit too passive. The reason why it ‘spiralled’ was because the media did the spiralling. The reason why the ‘national mood was completely bananas’ was because the entire mainstream media whipped everyone up into a state of fear, where most people did indeed go bananas. These things didn’t just happen by accident. It was intended to be that way. It was designed that way.

Today, three years too late, we have got to ‘Captain Sir Tom Moore’s daughter received more than £150,000 from charity. Payments were made to Hannah Ingram-Moore and companies she controls with her husband.’

Even the NHS is not so wonderful any more: it has taken a bit of a hit with the baby killer on the ward. Never good for one’s reputation, that.

What the Captain Moore story should bring home to everyone, especially the fools who were idiotic enough to donate to a foundation that donates to a socialised health system that can never go bust, is that, you were had. The entire thing, from Captain Tom and his Zimmer frame to the spa in the garden that now has to be pulled down, to the masks, the vaccine and of course the lockdowns was a con.

You should have engaged the brain before you engaged with the media-generated hysteria.

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  1. Much of it was coercion and immense pressure applied, one of the most notable that suffered consequences was Elon Musk.
    One would have thought he had the power to resist this, but had two had huge problems with the second one.
    The fear and coercion was immense, a stock and station agent in Colac in Victoria, took a massive commission from a buyer, the farm changed hands, the clearing sale of the seller was held on new buyers land, new buyer banned from his own land initially for not being jabbed.
    Every dickhead down to a stock and station agent became an expert.
    Every person in the world became obsessed and feared a virus they still haven’t been able to isolate to this day.
    No wonder they are running around destroying all the records.



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