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Australia’s Massive Coalfield

Climate change was supposed to have won the Labor Party the Australian election. But after having been routed by voters, its panicked leaders backed the mining of a coalfield bigger than the UK.

Fearing a wipe out in state elections next year amid a rise in pro-coal workers, and a rebellion against its plans to halve Australian’s carbon emissions, the Labor state government in Queensland accelerated its decision on 105,000 square miles of coal-rich outback known as the Galilee Basin. 

The international climate movement argues that if the Galilee Basin’s estimated 27 billion tons of coal was extracted, exported and burned, the extra carbon dioxide released each year would be far more than Australia’s total emissions, and would set back the world’s chances of keeping the increase in global warming under 2C. 2

Really? The international climate movement should check some statistics. It’s impossible that Australia doing anything regarding CO2 could possibly affect the world’s temperature 0.0 C over 100 years. Australia currently emits 1.6% of the global CO2.

Others have also bemoaned this action. “Australians elected someone who once brought a lump of coal into Parliament urging us to dismiss the warning of climate scientists, and to dig up more coal instead,” Professor Stephan Lewandowsky said. “There is little doubt that his government will do precisely that.”

“We have lost Australia for now,” warned Penn State climatologist Michael Mann. “A coalition of a small number of bad actors now threaten the survivability of our species,” he said. Once again, a massive overstatement.

These alarmist are ignoring the fact that Australia’s annual man-made emissions are about half a day’s worth of China’s


  1. Oh dear, you mean the realities of energy production and steel fabrication are gonna ruin our Paris targets? Eat coal, green freaks. Eat shit, UN. Where’s that fruitcake Russell Norman? Kids waving placards?



  2. The Labor party really read Queensland so badly, their arrogance that they had the election in the bag was unbelievable.
    The consequence of turning their back on the workers they supposedly represent was one of the silliest political moves ever pulled.
    Consequence, Labor don’t hold a seat North of South West Queensland.
    Queensland Government would have been put into receivership years ago if it was a company, the main income, coal royalties.
    Albo still can’t utter the Word “Adani”, he is in a tight contested greens seat, but many Labor even from the left have started to see they were on a hiding to nowhere.
    When left Labor socialists like Shayne Neumann come out singing the praises of Adani, it is through self preservation, he nearly lost a safe Labor seat in Ipswich.
    Bob Green Brown and his mates turned the tide. Drove gas guzzling 4WD’s thousands of kms to tell people they should rollover and give up their jobs.
    He was run out of town.
    Malcolm Roberts who one a seat had the common sense to ask people their views


    Next thing Australia needs are half a dozen state of the art coal fired power stations.
    It is closer to reality now than it has been for years, reality is starting to bite.



  3. Hi thanks for the link. I was thinking about the debate on the saturation of CO2 wrt the atmosphere and then realised that if the world did have a 4000ppm CO2 concentration 540 mil years ago, and the temperature was not significantly higher than today, the atmosphere must quickly reach saturation or else the temperatures then would have been much higher… QED!



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